Whale Police & Mods & Hashtags

5년 전


Seems like some whales have taken it onto themselves to start policing hashtags. How much does it cost to be an effective mod on here? $1,000,000?

I always believed that it's in bad taste for whales to downvote. That time could have been used to bring a better post to the top which is a positive influence on the community. Instead it was wasted on negativity and affects future usage of the platform.


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I'm really curious to see how the voting system will work and effect the platform over time. Will it breakdown into small cliques? There's also the possibility of teams gaming the system, and voting their content up and others down. The good news is, the developers seem to be on top of their game watching for trends and abuse and are making adjustments accordingly. It's a very young platform, I'm really curious to see how it matures over time.