If You Know How To Spot Signs, Then You Will See And Foresee The True Expanse Of Steemit's Beauty. "Steemit Is Beautiful".

3년 전

Please start by looking at the video just below, from start to finish. If you want to catch a glimpse of me; it's towards the end of the video. Overall, i would you like to process this particular video differently. 

Try using this very short video clip, to grasp the full expanse of steem's beauty. 

Now i tell you, grasping the full beauty of steem is not an easy task because it requires the "mind's eye"

Use the mind's eye when you seeing the video, then see "steemit" in the full expanse of its beauty; for "steemit is beautiful".

Note; this video depicts only a part of the world. Not the rich part. Not the best part; but all that matters less.

video is a creation of @steemsummit

Steemians are easily growing into "a glow" and it is no coincidence. There is a paradigm in this "steem" that incentivizes "incessant mind-mining" and unknown to us, we are "shining"

Our "inside" is starting to show.

"I am not here to sell steemit or anything". To quickly show you that; please read each of these three posts written more than a year ago:

I can simply see! "It's glaring; "the colors"; the brightness". True steemians exist and they simply are steemians. They love it. 

I won't tell you what to see; i will let you see it! Thus, when you are free and after digesting this post, look at the above video again.

Hahaha, there have been way more things to look forward to, "since steemit" began and way more things to look forward to "since steemit". This is no coincidence!

See, even if you found the @Macrohard decentralized social platform today via a "steemit post"; then steemit led you there. If you found the @teardrops cryptocurrency token in another "steemit post" and it ended up becoming 1000 USD worth and made you rich; steemit led you there

It's not all rosey here but really, does it have to be? Really?

And has steemit not evolved; improved; been enhanced etc since its inception? Do you know the answers to that or are you concluding hastily because that's a more convenient route? 

Do you know how steemit was some 2 years ago? Do you know? 

Do you know how much better steemit is now, than use to be the case? Do you really know? 

Or are you seeing the dot and leaving out the entire whiteboard?

Then, what if steemit has flaws? Will the new tech you have found, suddenly not have flaws or won't it host people too and are humans flawless? 

Is "mere dust" flawless?

For steemit to remain as addictive as it is; as beautiful as it is; "it needs flaws"

Dirt is good; "ask Mr soap master". 

At the steemit summit event, we had a short conversation but we covered alot. A whole lot! 

"Mine the human into its awesomest version", then even tech can be reshaped; even the entire internet but like i say about the world, "we can't change it, we can only adjust it and adjusting it requires a curriculum, pacing, time etc It can't be abrupt, for abrupt can explode".
"It is the testimonial harder route for me!" Well, that's the route i usually tend to take.

A major reason i went to the steemsummit meetup is "the state of the steemit community". "To unshaken to some of its shakiness".

You may catch a glimpse of the discussion here:

Some of the context is missing because much of the video, were clips and highlights but please pay attention to it as it is. Look out for the laughs that ensued. Pay attention to where the laughter stemmed from. Pay attention to our flaws but sift these flaws for good in it. Pay attention to the true state of the steemit community (as flawed as you may have ever felt steemit is) and open your eyes just a bit more and see. 
Then, foresee!

Whether it is cents or millions, steemit has done so much good. Whether cents or millions; it has led us places. Whether cents or millions, it has helped us grow.

A "janitor janitor" is different from "steemit janitor", for while one is constantly cleaning daily, the other is cleaning while "incessantly mining with his mind" and beginning to the understand the concept; "dirt is good; ask the soap master".

When i first joined steemit, my very first steemit community and channel on steemit.chat was called "steemitisbeautiful". It still exists till date. 

I have not been there in a very long time but "steemit will always be beautiful to me" because it was there for me and it kickstarted several of my dreams. It was in my story and it stuck there and like in real life, it doesn't matter if i marry you today, people who were there and have stuck in my story/stories; i can't just forget them and throw them away because i found you. 

You will have to know about them and love them too because, they are part of me too. While you are wifey, they constitute part of me. 

Well, this is the case in my case because my stories are complex and intense and it is not easy to be in them and stick on around. It doesn't have to be your case because we have different stories but i tell you, if you have been in my kind of stories and you stuck, i will love you like crazy. 

Steemit was part of my story and it has stuck. It allowed me to play on it, evolve on it; rehearse my dreams on it; create my dreams on it; led me places; gave cents and millions because i grew; then gosh, it made me meet you; the many you(s) that have chosen to love me.

It was timely too. It came when time wasn't on my side. When "the world" as it was, constituted "an odd" and it created "a fresh world"; one with "steemians"

The night at Cebu didn't end very quickly. Alot of other tiny things happened that night touched me and re-inspired me. 

Signs. I know of signs, so i spot them

Something has gone on my case, even in my steemit journey and with finding steemit and with my mind's eyes, i so-so-so see these things; making "steemit" all the most special to me.

Look at this

Someone in the past; someone who hasn't met me etc took his time, sat down for hours and drew out my entire dream. That drawing unknown to him represented my entire definition, from "surpassinggoogle down to teardrops:

He is a steemian!!!

Recently, someone hasn't been able to be physically present with me, to be able to share a selfie memory with me etc but this person down for hours; hundreds of miles away and crafted out our selfie:

She is a steemian!!!

If you are very conversant with my blogs, you will notice this original quote: 

Take a pen, rehearse and hone your signature for soon, you will be signing autographs. 

I arrived Cebu that night and people who were gathered in room, came to me and so heartily want me to sign autographs. I have rehearsed my signature so many times but not with marker pens, so i was slow throughout the signing but alot of beautiful things played in my head as i signed each.

These people were steemians!!!


Signs. I know of signs, so i spot them

My mission on steemit is not a joke and these are a few signs but i tell you, there are so many signs. 

Like i said in a portion of the video just above, seated at the edge of the table, to all the dear steemians there and steemians in every nook and cranny of Mama Earth; "success is ours".

Yes, my mum died and popsy is sick but even these, i use as signs, that i must stick around for us and my mission must stand firm, unshaken, deeply-rooted.

Basically, i will keep on "YOUR BOY terry"

I tell you one more giant time:

Steemit is beautiful

Say it with me:

Steemit is ......................

Your Boy Terry


See you in the comments below


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I can't tell how many times I've watched those videos but I've read this article 6times now, not like a freak, but so I could digest the message in every word

Oh God... Steemit is beautiful!
Look how all those people are so connected and tied in one soul. Wish I could be part of that. I'm sure if we connect with it like we should, steemit will heal a great part of the world.

@surpassinggoogle, I've learnt so much from you. Sometimes you don't have to say anything, when I feel like you've said a lot.

I've typed and deleted over and over, and spent time I can't account for on this page. I think I still don't know what to say, but I get a lot of sensations when I see posts like this, especially from you Terry. Your love for us is undiluted, loving you back is not enough. I'll do my best to act what you've taught earnestly with your heart "tearing apart". Since "my success is your compensation", I'll compensate you like I believe you deserve.

I learnt on steemit, especially in your pages Terry, that if we recognize the beauty of steemit, and accept it's precious gift, we can be anything, go anywhere, we only have to see it, and never stop believing. This is the binding cord- your love for, and believe in us.

I'll stop before I start going off point because this gets me thinking a lot of things... Lol....

But thanks forever Terry, God bless you every minute.
Thanks Cebu for acting what most of us think.
God bless Steemit!


@wakkylyon, you too got the feelings I have.

What more can I say?


Thank God for telling us to write down visions. The visions of @surpassinggoogle as penned in this platform is seen as becoming a reality and a testimony today. Steemit is putting smiles on faces and also drying up @teardrops form their eyes.
I call steemit a movement to bring succor to the oppressed and hurting in the world. It is another world of compensation.

I hope it's time to rekindle the #steemitisbeautiful tag to share our testimonies as @surpassinggoogle mentioned HERE and HERE. Posterity will not forget him


I couldn't agree with you more, that sounds like one tag that will never stop arousing our consciousness of this truth.

And thanks for spelling my username correctly, everyone else always misses the 'y' after the L, lol...


The pleasure's mine. Thank you too


one thing that makes me wonder is, Sir Terry, even in his busy schedule, even in his tight schedule, he is still available to give a listening ear. this is a rare quality in our society today.

he not only listens but willing to assist.

i wish our world would learn from this young man @surpassinggoogle.

blessings on you and your family


Steemit is beautiful.
It is indeed very captivating to learn so much from a person who carries the motivation of encouraging others.
I am so endowed now to continue my steemit journey.
Terry to the moon
I am with you in this journey of steemit beauty

My Brother Terry @surpassinggoogle I just realized something.

You are bigger than a whale

A whale seeks to enrich itself and be full while others are without. You are not that, you have the heart of a superhuman. A man that is after the Heart of God. There is no oceanic subspecies that can be related to a human like you. Yes sir your Heart s the Heart of God. What you express to us is not the wisdom of men.
I often wondered why your written words had such a profound impact on my soul. I now know that it is because of who He is, not because of who you are.
Yeshua has always impacted my heart that way. Now through you he is drawing me to another level of untalented unselfishness.

I feel the love that is so strong I can not describe it in words. I understand the vision. I once started a book and have written the entire outline for it.

Catch the Vision Reveal the Head

In the book I talk about how that the head is not here with us. That He is now with the Father and we must go by what He told us before He ascended.
Everything was and is about exposing the true Heart of our Father and there is no new vision that can replace that.

I must also ask you to reconsider one aspect of what you have written in this post.

Note; this video depicts only a part of the world. Not the rich part. Not the best part; but all that matters less.

For me the Richest country and the best Country is the Philippines. Every one doesn't know it because they have been robbed. For more than 400 years the Filipino people have been the victim of thieves. The Philippines is rich because of the people there, the landscape is like no other. There are natural resources, endless growing season. There is no people that thrive like the Filipino people.
I have always told my wife that the only thing holding the Philippines back is theft. So I ask you reconsider your quote on that one point.

Consider how many nations have fought over the Philippines? For it how many lives have been sacrificed? AH there are great riches there beyond the wildest imagination. The greatest of those is the Filipino people!

Of whom you are one!

May God Richly Bless you and May God Richly bless the Philippines!

I'm flattered and at the same time humbled for being part of this post. Hehe. It was really unexpected. I really wanted to have a selfie with you Sir Terry. Thank you so much.

I wish I have known Steemit a long time ago. It means a lot for me to be part of this community.

P.S. Steemit is beautiful at heart. My love is real too.


I am not sure if you would like Steemit when it started because I was here August 2016 nobody talked to me, I hated it so I left. I just came back created new account because of Filipino blogger friends @long888 @g10a @junebride etc. 😂


ganun ba ate hehe. Buti May nakapag encourage sainyo na bumalik. Iba na ngayon ang steemit mas gumaganda na. :)


Opo inis na inis ako dito noon magcomment ka sa posts ng banyaga di ka pansinin kaya feeling ko mga racists na perfectionists na ewan mga unggoy talaga sila hahahahah ang bitter ko talaga noon dito 😂😂😂


mas ok naba xa ngayun sis?


Oo naman marami na "tao" ngayon. Sabi ko sayo mga banyagang "unggoy" lang dati nakita ko dito hahaha 😂😂😂


Natawa ako ate @pinay
May kakilala ako na halos kasabay si sg. Hirap pa daw dati. magandan halimbawa si Sir Terry . :)

opinyon ko lng po yan Mam/sir
In short Never give up!


Maganda na talaga ngayon 👍😊
Wag ka lang pupunta kina berniesanders, haejin, at mga gaya nila idadamay ka ng mga kaaway nila dyan 😂 may dalawang babaeng top earners din grabe awayan nilang nabasa ko kaya nawalan ako gana dito noon hanggang ngayon iniiwasan ko sila shhhhhhhh Wala ako pakialam sa zero earning basta masaya walang away away :-D


Congrats sis!👍


Thank you sis. :)


araratan madam, hehe


Hehe. agko in-expect ya.


Congrats bes!!! :) Nang dahil sa drawing.. hehe :) :) And, ako din bes. Itreally also mean a lot to me to be a part of Steemit. :) :) sana one day, magkikita kita din tayo. :)


Thank you bes :) Oo nga bes noh..


Your heart speaks for itself and it shows in your words and actions and your art.


Salamat Sir @leeart


Congrats sis @sn0white :)


Salamat po sis @saskia . :)

Do you want to go to the moon?

Yes, I want to go to the moon with you Sir Terry!

The most important is "CONNECTIONS"!
Think that steemit is your real life. That's how you succeed.

I will rember this great of advice sir @surpassinggoogle. I inspired by your thoughts and wisdom.

May Jehovah bless you always.

Take Care!

To those steemians who perform in the steem summit, you are really talented guys!👍

Great Job!


Please i want you there by my side. Let's go!


Hello boy terry. Sincerely have not been able to watch the video and so I can't make any comment now. Just like you instructed that there will be a need to watch the video in order to get the message in the post. And since i want to give my honest response then I will love to watch.
But from the few comment have seen then I can't agree less that steemit is beautiful and @surpassinggoogle is awesome. See you soon bro.

I have rehearsed my signature so many times but not with marker pens, so i was slow throughout the signing but alot of beautiful things played in my head as i signed each.

Yes i can imagine @surpassinggoogle the feeling you must be having at that point in time.That feeling of a celebrity which you are. You are such a wonderful man. Please practice that signature very well because it will soon be on the nation's currency. Jehovah will make it happen. Stay blessed.


Yes Sir..I will, and we will...🤞


i am new in steemit sir, i live in philippines


And you want to leave me behind???


You also got my back too on this. My few months in steemit has brightened my hope that despite my hurting past, I can put smiles on people's faces. Am Happy I joines Steemit. One thing steemit has done to me is that it has turned me into a Happy Workaholic. Thank you @surpassinggoogle


There is so much talent here steemit. It's overwhelming.


@phantum04, you are not alone. We'll go with him, if only the moon will contain us. If you are Nigerian, then we are anticipating #SteemTourNigeria soonest before we go to the #moon


Yes..we will all go with him.No sir,I am Filipino.😊

Indeed, Steemit is BEAUTIFUL. :) And it has been more beautiful because you are here. :) The videos are just so nice.. It just really made me say, "i wish i was there to also experience it first hand." :( Terry, you really have to practice your signature more because you will still be signing more and more and more autographs with different kinds of pens. :) :) hehehe :) My mom is starting to also become your fan. She's been reading your posts too and reading other Steemian's post about you. :)




Yes, indeed!!! :) :) He's really a blessing to all of us. :)


I Think @Surpassinggoogle Sir Surprised for us.

am i right or wrong @aliayana

Who read sir's article i think he/she must become a fan of @surpassinggoole's sir.


Good work bro @sk-russell

I also Love sir @Surpassinggoogle Creative man Make Creative post.


Bring your mom to steemit, too :D


She is on Steemit :) She just got her account approved few days ago, actually. hehe :) Her username is @melvz :D :)


Oh? So that's who she is. I keep seeing that name somewhere around here. It seems familiar.


HAHAHA.. yup.. :D She;s my mom :)

It is really true that steemit is beautiful. Especially that the very generous man with a whale heart is here to inspired all the people. You know, I always tell my friends how good you are, and they were curious about you. They are now joining steemit and always following all your posts. We are hoping that yourself will multiply ( hehe) and still have a good heart like you. Many people loves you. Because of you, all of us were inspired to become a good person like you, willing to help other people. I really really salute you ! Steemit became more beautiful because of you.


That's the way it should be. Keep spreading the good news and share the benefits of steemit.


Same with me my dear, it is my desire that we would have more peolpe like sir Terry, steemit would be a more beautiful place where everyone is helping each other to succeed.

Where we are like family celebrating each other, you would even need to preach steemit to anyone because the beauty would be reflecting in all ramifications.

God bless you @surpassinggoogle, more grace!

i can't imagine how many people you lifted up sir @surpassinggoogle and thank you for your kind and unlimited generosity and services you have given to the people(especially Filipino) the Philippines where I grow up. I wish you more energy to help more people and God bless you. :)

We are so grateful to have you here in Cebu @surpassinggoogle and yes many steemians really wish to hug you,see you personally,talk to you more and most of all listen to your inspiring advice or message. One of those people who wants to meet you badly is no other ME @jaderpogi .

I really want to personally thank you for everything that you imparted to me especially the inspiration of making this STEEMIT BEATBOX COMMUNITY possible. Thank you very much and I hope and pray we will meet in the future.

Best Regards,



Dami beatboxers :) Congrats sa inyo!

More and more people have a reason to continue their steemit journey because you're here, sometimes people think it's just you it's not it's the hope you bring to them, the thoughts of achieving anything when you speak to them, autographs will even be miniature you've etched your autograph on everybody who knows you


I agree with you in what you said. I was inspired to post more worth while post. Hoping one day we came meet you soon and have selfie with you too @surpassinggoogle. :)


You are right dear. Lots of peoples want that, they have a reason to continue their steemit journey. @surpassinggoogle you with them at here. I wish i can get a autograph from @surpassinggoogle


I believe in that too @josediccus because he was one of the reasons why I keep steeming. He gives inspiration and values the people who support him.

Waaooohhh! Amazing video!! Awesome!!!

Steemit is big. Steemit is fun, Steemit is simply amazing beyond words can say. My brother, Ken Akure introduced Steemit to me late last year, and I joined casually at first, but delving into the community and seeing the love and wealth distribution was so inspiring. People are living their dreams, people are coming out of debt, people are paying bills they ordinarily wouldn't, minds are being improved upon, creativity is been rewarded, there's a place for people of all kinds and race, the community is beautiful in every way...words will fail me, but for now, I'll round it all off by saying:


Thanks a million @surpassinggoogle for such an inspiring video and lovely pictures, I'm lifted, and i feel fulfilled.




By the way, the statement "...all my dreams are in my blogs" really strucked me. Highly inspiring video bro!

This is the icing on the cake. All week long, I have been seeing posts and videos of different Steemians who were present at the steem summit in Cebu.

Something that struck me in the second video was the topic on "conversations".

Conversation breeds ideas and as you have said in the video we need to brainstorm and create some thing that is not in existence.

I love the first video. It got me so excited and I had goose bumps. The smiles on everyone's faces, the dancer and the girl who flips her hair in the beginning all look beautiful.

I am a CEO!!! I am in charge of my blog. I shall write my dreams on my blog and visualize it.

The video was short but I picked up on really important things. Thank you!!!


So yes


You are on point @chiama. Bible says "write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that them who see may run with it... ". @surpassinggoogle wrote down his visions on steemit a year ago and today, we all reckon with him and are supporting him. It's a good decision you are taking - Bravo!

Steemit is beautiful!! I so much agree and there are thousands of reasons and proofs for that. Steemit has done so much good and continues to do way better! And for me, Steemit is the best! yes.. no one can replace steemit in my heart.

I've been busy for a while, haven't posted for a while but doesn't mean I forget about Steemit. Steemit and Steemians, my second family, and this community, will always be in my heart.

I keep myself behind the shadows. Still reading some contents here.

This is such a wonderful community to stay. This is where I find "home".. :)

Thank you very much sir Terry for this wonderful post... I love the way how my fellow steemians gave you a warm welcome... and how they showed their love for you. We all love you sir Terry! We're always thankful for all the lessons and support you've given to us.

God bless you sir Terry! God bless Philippines! God bless Steemians!

The video is awesome and shows the love and unity of steemians.Steemit is indeed beautiful and awesome! its changes people lives. You will shine here in steemit and show to the world your hidden talent. Rich or poor are free to express their emotions/feelings here on this platform. You gained more friends here and abroad. @surpassinggoogle, you're indeed a true hero to us!You love and help us unconditionally. Without you here in steemit, maybe we will not be successful here in steemit. I love Steemit and and it is already a part of my life. @surpassinggoole, a big salute to you sir! Thank you so much...



did you design that?


Yes. thank you. I work for SteemJet design. first time designing for SteemGigs
If Surpassinggoogle want design from me then I will ready for made designing for him & SteemGigs


I was here 2 years ago but never been active. Until now that I appreciated more on how beautiful Steemit was. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for making it more beautiful and fun to be here in the platform. You inspire many steemians!


I'm sure if you had, you will be signing autographs too

I wish I was even here just a month a year ago.

i'm still very much new here

Steemit is beautiful indeed and its even more beautiful because of you.You have helped many people who would have given up on Steemit! I will talk for myself,i was among or the first Ugandan to join Steemit....and guess what,had no friends,no community,but we connected instantly at the time i was new.

I cannot forget the upvotes you gave me and they way they raised my reputation instantly.The upvotes you gave me in the comments of your posts meant a lot to me and then the massive upvotes on some of my posts(i cannot describe the joy!).

The untalented contest of "who i am i* was epic for me.I really have a lot to thank you for.Yo are the reason the Uganda community stands now.I was the first and began building the community,without your initial help,i would have given up and hence there would be no Steemit in Uganda.Thanks a lot for the help .

Steemit is really a lifechanger for third world countries and am happy ivdicivered it and helping spread it now to our universities here.I recieved Steemit for free and i have to give it out to.Steemit still has many opportunities which many have not yet recognised. I am happy i saw the signs of beauty on Steemit and your the number on beauty on Steemit,keep rehearsing your autographs beacuse many people will need it.

Jarau from Uganda

Hi sir Boy Terry I would like to say steemit is the most beautiful blessings in my life. You are one of the instrument sent from God to give and share all the blessings. You made everything for us. I know whatever circumstances may come in your lives you should never give up. Stand and have courage. Stay strong because you really inspired us to go on and do the good things. We get the strength from you because you really change our lives into a better one. We are always here for you to support and appreciate all your efforts for everybody. We love you from steemit Cebu family. Take care always and thank you for everything. More blessings to come. I will pray always your good health and especially to your family may God give abundant blessing to you and once again good health.

Oh, that's @sn0white, my friend with the drawing of your.

With regards to the video, it was beautifully taken. It showcased the talent of our Filipino Steemians.

Whoa @surpassinggoogle you're so tall!! But I bet you have an even bigger heart. Thanks for the opportunity to watch you and hear your words. Special thanks to @steemsummit for the video!

Please stay benevolent and awesome!

Take care!

ps: You're right, it's all about connection. Discord helps a lot as you rightly pointed out, I've made some strong friendships based on mutual respect on discord.

Infact just of recent I was thinking how steemit has help a thousand of lives not only to make money but to meet celebrities like you

Very nice word of sir Terry "take steemit is your real life" and you need also a connections

Thank you sir Terry

Just a pure wow! Flooded with numerous comments just in one day. Thank you @surpassinggoogle forr this motivation blast to every steemians out here in the Philippines. Cannot say more words because it has already been said by the great minds who posted as comments here on your blog. Keep the fire burning inside of us.

  ·  3년 전

You are a true leader sir terry thank you for always there for us..and yes steemit is beautiful because we have you 😚may god always protect and guide you sir terry....we love you😊

What a great article Mr. @surpassinggoogle! ^_^ Your mission on Steemit is a serious one! And we'll follow your dreams!

El video simplemente me encanta porque se puede observar la felicidad de las personas siendo parte de esta gran familia que quisiéramos ser parte todos, me gusta ver esa editacion que motiva y dan ganas de meterse en el computador y ser parte de esa gran emoción que se siente con tan solo verlo, Es grandioso saber que usted con tan solo tomarse una foto le da alegría a los niños, en mi caso me alegra con tan solo leer esos post porque usted transmite este sentimiento, si se como era Steem antes y se todas las ventajas que tenemos ahora pero nunca lo había pensado de esta forma, cada día aprendemos hacer cosas nuevas y es lo grandioso que nos da esta hermosa red social, tenia tiempo sin preguntarle como esta su padre? ya usted se curo al 100% de los dolores corporales que tenia? sin mas nada que decirle solo le deseo mucho éxito mas del que tiene justo ahora.

Yeah, Steemit awesome! And using that Owl City song for the top clip is sheer brilliance since it's probably one of the top three most uplifting songs of the past decade!

Thanks for inspiring everyone!


This post somehow expound steemit in very different angle. Steemit is made beautiful because of the diverse steemians sharing and posting their passion and their heart. I watched the videos and I notice myself smiling while watching them having fun and at the same time investing something for their future. Very inspiring and at the same time overwhelming post from you again sir terry @surpassinggoogle. Thank you :)

Very happy to see this Steemit Summit. It's really great to see the enthusiasm of the participants. Everything like video quality, different pieces, energy and the discussion look perfect. It's teamwork but in its core, it's all about the leader. Great job @surpassinggoogle. Your talent of giving beautiful surprises to the Steemians never exhaust. Wish you more success!

Steem On!


Really Sterm On! @surpassinggoogle everywhere, every time every place. really he is a great man. that's why he deserve it.

Do you know how steemit was some 2 years ago? Do you know?
Do you know how much better steemit is now, than use to be the case? Do you really know?

Since I’m a steemien only 5 months I don’t really know what Steemit was like two years ago. However now I know for sure it has tremendously evolved. For example Dtube, Dlive, all steemprojects, @steemgigs... I can only imagine how Steemit will look like in the next two years. Perhaps being a bigger competitor to Facewhat? I’m certain of it! Your post is your expression of steemit and I don’t think you missed anything. Yes, Steemit platform has flaws, one flaw gets resolved then another appears. Just like humans, no one is perfect, and ever be!

Out on the verge of the rest of our lives
I ain't too sure what I believe in
But I believe in what I see
And when I close my eyes
I see my whole life ahead of me

Watching this short video clip, evethough I wasn’t aware of such a platform as Steemit at that time, I bet it brought your memory back. Everyone seems happy, creative and very friendly just like steemit is.
The second video you mantioned “connection”. I think it is very powerful tool being connected with the entire world. That’s exactly what Steemit is about. Connection and communication! lol 😆 When you start talking about steemit, you will always go too deep!
Nice selfie of your portrait and this beautiful steemien!


haha! Two year ago @surpassinggoogle have a steemgigs who use just only he is available here but now @surpassinggoogle have steemgigs who have lots of steemian & lots of crazy fan wait for him.

it is almost amazing...Just a couple of minutes before you upload this post i was thinking of something you once said and mentioned you in a comment.And the next refresh on home page ...there it is!Your post 1st
Universal forces:P @surpassinggoogle


Yes, i noticed it but i couldn't find it then ended up on your steepshot


From my next post i am thinking of writing a bottom line with the witnesses i think people should support.
Of course you have my vote(you probably know that) as a few others
But i should ask first if you want that shoutout @surpassinggoogle

The video is so awesome! Love that happy faces out there! And they are so grateful to meet you, Terry! All have something to offer and that what they showcased in the event. Thank you for sharing dear. More power to Stremit Philippines! You all rock! 🤘

You did make Steemit beautiful, Terry! Thank you!!!


He has proven that steemit is for all.

He bridged the gap between minnow and whale. He gave all an enabling environment to succeed.

Steemit is not just beautiful sir terry @surpassinggoogle because steemit is "great".... For us, STEEMIT IS LIFE.

First and foremost we cebuano's stemians thanked you for your surprise visit, overwhelming for you did spent time.

You are trully a good leader, I salute you sir @surpassinggoogle .You've done a lot of things to this platform. And you're right steemit is beautiful.. Personally, It widened my thoughts and learnings. This is the community were many positive people gathered for one vision.

Let's continue steeming! Stemians!

Steemit is beautiful because people like you are here. People who are more committed in helping others. Thank you for being you. And, Terry, it appears you've added in height. I need your kind of diet!!!!😂

very beautiful.

I am recommending this article to my fellow steemians because it is full of substance that it will help us grow and enhance our knowledge about the steemit technology. Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle for sharing. GOD BLESS

I saw the laughter of the people gathered round you, and I know you must be doing something right. Continue on the good path.


Filipinos are happy people (^_^)

Wow. Im happy to be a part of the first steem summit.. Continue inspiring others @surpassinggoogle. Truly, you are our celebrity.

you are a true inspiration! steemit is beautiful because of you too! steemit is beautiful!

That video is really beautiful, love the sound track, the slow motion and everything. Just makes you want to fall in love with steemit and steemians the more. We are building something much bigger than just a social network here, we are building a better world.
You gotta love Steem, don't you?

The most memorable moments and never will be forgotten to be with @surpassinggoogle.
I wish one day I could be in that situation who's one of the listeners in that seat while looking at him and feeling the feel of your voice Terry.
Impossible is nothing, I know that time will come sooner or later. :D
Long live @surpassinggoogle.


Amen to your prayer.

Long live @surpassinggoogle
Long live steemit


Me too....
I wish so too

That's why I've been asking him when he's coming to Lagos....

The meet-up in Cebu was a great one. We will also love to have you in Abuja soon. Meanwhile, you said your sister is here in Abuja. How do we contact her?
Steemians here in Abuja will love to meet-up with her while preparing for meeting with you.


I love Terry creativity, always inspiring me.

good post friends.
the world needs you.

Awesome post. I agree with you on Steem is beautiful and will continue to rise and grow like a flower.
Steem price just took out sell orders at $3.00, my next target is $4.50, but this is just the beginning.

Get on board before the rocket heads to the moon.



Just like when you are launching a rocket. Nice concept bro. Steem is definitely soaring to the sky


Love symbol?
For my @surpassinggoogle.....

He is mine please


Definitely,we will head to the moon

More live to steemit


Steem is actually beautriful
i do pray it continues to moon though

Whether it is cents or millions, steemit has done so much good. Whether cents or millions; it has led us places. Whether cents or millions, it has helped us grow.

This is the best thing I have read in a long while. Ever since I joined this beautiful community, I have been growing daily, meeting people from different works of life and interacting with them on a global scale. #steemit is indeed beautiful.

I could boast of a blog of my own, but steemit gave me one on a platter of gold.

I see steemit as a tool for me to develop myself and become a better version of my previous self. I am already on my way to greatness on the platform I believe.

knowing you @surpassinggoogle has even made my steemit journey more beautiful.

thanks for this wonderful post.

An ever increasing number of individuals have motivation to proceed with their steemit travel since you're here, some of the time individuals believe it's simply you it's not it's the expectation you convey to them, the contemplations of accomplishing anything when you address them, signatures will even be small scale you've scratched your signature on everyone who knows you


His signature transcends race.

Indeed, he is the saviour of our times



His signaturemight be imprinted on a few items

But his selfless signature have been imprinted on the heart of many

Hello friend, I'm sorry I can't see the video, I wouldn't understand anything, without the translator I wouldn't understand the language, however I read your publication and I could catch the message that goes beyond every word, I have no idea what steemit was like two years ago, I don't even know what she was like when I met her, I was so confused that until now I have come to understand its essence, bad and good in steemit there are thousands of them, I go for the good ones, for those who write from the heart, for those concerned about their community, for those who contribute their ideas every day for us. I came across you by chance and just to see how much love and respect they have for you I decided to follow you and meet the person they admired so much, so I saw the signs too!
steemit changed my life for the better, I've learned and known places, things and people that have left a great mark on me, so I've been able to see the beauty of the net through the people you share with even in the distance, although I'm from Venezuela and only speak Spanish I share my affinity for beauty beyond the visible, happy late friend, thank you for your support.

Absolutely right steemit is beauty and it more beauty for some awesome people like you sir @surpassinggoogle... For this reason i love steemit .Obviously Steemit impact my life....Because , without steemit, i can't thinking anything. Sometime steemit server working( stop) , In this time i sleep..In steemit i communicate with others and acquire more knowledge rather than other social media site... So Steemit is all of my life..


Exactly, steemit deserves our best time.
We need to invest more time in steemit on other build the connections.


Absolutely right @mrposyble


You know one reason I love steemit sop much is because of @surpassinggoogle

When I think of giving up, I think of him and his advice to me and get back up stronger


Absolutely right, @surpassinggoogle is my first steemit hero..dear..

The photos are so amazing I just saw a picture like this that very good thanks have shared @surpassinggoogle

I am very happy and happy to see my friends are very loyal to his family, I am very thrilling as friends are always compact and loyal. I upvote and resteem yes.

I have been using steemit since a couple of months and I'm absolutely in love with steemit.
If you try to take shortcuts like writing low quality posts, copying others’ posts on the Internet, using Google Translate to translate your content or others’ articles, it’s not going to work well very long for you.

In the contrary, if you are committed to write good content on a schedule that you set, like once a day, twice a week, or whatever, then you are likely to see results over time.

I have been consistent the same way on two other blogs and I haven’t seen that much engagement, and earning potential with them as I have seen with Steem.

Using Steemit is a bit like a love-hate relationship. At times you may love it and at other times hate it. The bottom line is that the number of Steem Power keeps accumulating, and the more you have, the more you can grow. @surpassinggoogle

This is insane over here in US atleast where i am steem is just a cryptocurrency but after seeing ur videos i realize steem is a culture steem is a whole new world steem is out of this world i am in shock @surpassinggoogle

@surpassinggoogle, each time I see a piece of you, your write ups or videos such as this.

I am moved, challenged to do more....

The way you talk and act with so much emotions is overwhelming....

Steemit is really beautifula nd I want to be here because of people like you.....

P.S : You seem to like girls a lot, why do you always start with girls? Lol

And yes, I remeber this very well

Take a pen, rehearse and hone your signature for soon, you will be signing autographs.

I think I'm perfect already as I have been practicing since....

I'd love to go to the moon with you Terry....

Please come to Lagos soon, let us also have a feel of what they had at Cebu....


Your girl, Juliet


Postscript made me laugh hahaha 😂😂😂
If he always starts with boys I would think he is a gay 😂😂😂


Let him start with girls then....

At least, I'd be at an advantage....lol

@surpassinggoggle, watching this video is one of the best thing I have ever achived this month because you just reminded me of the book #thesecret which taught about envisioning your dream and also going to the location of anything you need to price it.

hearing you repeating this strategy is a boost and proof to me that what I read in the book #thesecret is true and working.

I can really see that you are a man of the people, just look at how those youngsters are gathering around your table just to hear you speak, my dear, this alone is a very deep fulfilment on your path, the satisfaction you derived from this surpasses golds.


Truth be told steemit is life in blockchain, I also learnt this today, steemit has all the people, connections, relationship and resources you need to build your future and dream, so bringing your dreams to steemit will not only make your dream a success but will also make it materialise swiftly

I.like so much your post @surpassinggoogle.and i agree with you..i like so much this platform.its give me many things for feel.i just love this place. its a best place for us..and.i.visit your many post i.like so much your thought.thanks for.sharing.this post...steemit is beautifull place.We love steemit.♥♥♥
Love for steemit...😍😍

Very good post @surpassinggoogle, I really salute you, because from every article you post it can always be a very good motivation for all the people in steemit. Especially for those who just joined in steemit. You also have a very high social life, hopefully you will be more successful in steemit than all you have done. Thanks for sharing... :)


I Agree with you @reynakarina
@surpassinggoogle sir Really write best article for us and we are motivated from @surpassinggogle sir.

These are great videos. You said it all, we need to think outside the box and create ideas that has not existed. The meet-up in Cebu was a great one

Right I feel sorry for so many outsiders who still doubt the power of steemit as they have being founded by previous schemes. Thought of ??

@surpassinggoogle, thanks for sharing this video. We who where not at Cebu has been able to get some wisdom from what you shared with them. God will continue to grant you wisdom.

How is your health? I hope you are stronger now

You are a great person sir, hopefully teardrop can always help a lot.
Hope to continue working to help them all sir ..

@surpassinggoogle you're a real leader i feel proud to see how steemians support steemians. Regards


Right. @surpassinggoogle support to lots of stermian's that's why he deserve it their love.

@surpassinggoogle you are totally right. Steemit change our life like you. i think you are a great example for steemit. Look at that your own self. Lots of peoples are your fan, not only steemit, also your fan available here is your country place. You go here for some work & just tell them you available here right now, then lots of steemian's are go bere & meet with you. That's really great. I wish i can meet with you but its not possible because i 'm not here dear sir.

Steemit also change my life. I'm a little singer & we have a musicial team. The name of angels groups. We all are join with steemit community then we exolain our perfomance here also share some of music video. Lots of peoples are respo nse for that.
Its a great turnning poin for us.

Anyway lovely photographs & lovely moments in your life. I think its a great feelings for you. Look that all guyz, They are too much happy for meet with you. Very good feel to see this.


Steemit is most definitely a life changer o

Steemit is not just beautiful but so awesome, a life changer, really restored some kinda financial hope to a lot of people and spread much love among it's community members.

most steemians has done a lot of good work towards encouraging the growth of minnows here but @surpassinggoogle is a rare role model.

Sometimes, people might want to see testimonies as mare singing of praises but to whom much love is given, much appreciation is expected and that is what we see today.

Steemit is indeed beautiful and @surpassinggoogle is a blessing. More grace to your elbow Sir Terry, we are strongly behind you.

It's a great video success story
I will vote for you as a witness because you are a very wonderful person
Help everyone here
Really great article


really its a great video. When I see these video I feel proud be a steemian.

Wow! Super nice post.. very helpful.. i already voted you sir as my witness.. godluck and godbless sir @surpassingoggle ..your one of my inspiration why i loved being here in steemit. you make people beleived of their selves. thank you so much sir!

I'm so envy to this guys meeting you in person! They're so lucky! Hopefully you can visit Davao City soon too and give us some of your encouraging words! more power to you @surpassinggoogle

It's always great meeting with a great man like you. It was an opportunity for Steemians in Cebu to tap from your wealth of knowledge.
Thanks for also sharing this video with us

@surpassinggoogle, I have signed up on steemgigs but yet to get anyone to sign me up.
Is there something to be done?

Like I have said before, you are a real leader and I am learning

Sir @surpassinggoogle i first heard your voice through this video 😊 Your speech is so inspiring sir. After seeing the video i'm feeling really sad bcz i was not there. 😖 But seriously sir it's really amazing to see how you interact with people whom you didn't know but you spoke to them how cool & calm. That's the sign of the leader.😊 Sir after hear your speech my respect to you is increased redouble.☺
Sir, i liked a lot that you told that our dream should be in our blog...😍 Thanks for the great energetic speech sir Terry ☺ & one more thing sir you won't talk that much. it's obvious that if you find much good people around you don't have to think anything.☺ God bless you sir.😊


Agree with you. i'm very inspired when i see his life. just imagine! really a great life to be a steemian.


Yes obviously... though his ups & downs he still very strong & doing a great work for steemit community & needy people. For him my respect is increasing day by day.😊

Steemit is absolutely beautiful! I hope steemians would be participative in all aspects that may help to boost and develope its capability to show its precious worth all over the world... Thanks @surpassinggoogle for your untiring effort to extend your help and show your love...more power!

steem will touch the stars and i wanna go to moon with you @surpassinggoogle keep it up

Thanks for the visit you are GOD sent GOD bless @surpassinggoogle we love you here

Wow,this is really awesome and nice,@surpassinggoigle,your work rate in this platform is second to none,your work in the Philippines is also amazing,you are really a great and inspirational guy,nice pics and video,great work.

Since Steemit is such a new and innovative system a lot of newbies are not aware of how the system works and probably have no idea what it has to do with all this, Can you steemit beat facebook one day ?.

thanks for educating us boss and thank for giving us
#steemgigs and
God bless @surpassinggoogle

The very first video is tha bomb!!!!! I haven’t been to a Steemit meet up before. After watching the s cons video, I am excited to be in one soon.

I was confused about steemgigs so i had to do a quick research on it. I must commend you as it is an ingenious idea. I am new on the platform. I want to grow! My dream is to impact positively in the lives of others. I intend to make my blog reflect that.

great post.. hope soon you will comeback here in cebu and i can meet you sir. we learn from you, and also you are helping people to succeed here.. thank you so much sir @surpassinggoogle!

Now i tell you, grasping the full beauty of steem is not an easy task because it requires the "mind's eye".

Great one sir.

Thanks a million @surpassinggoogle for such an inspiring video, I'm lifted, and i feel fulfilled. I'm just approved last week. Thank you! Steemit is a great blogging site.

Awesome post. I agree with you on SMTs...Smart Media Tokens should increase demand for Steem as well.

Thanks for provide us your valuable knowledge.

"Steemit Is Beautiful".

Steemit is indeed beautiful. Thanks to great steemians like you. I've learnt so many things on this platform but most of all is love. I've never seen a platform where you will see the kind of love that exist here on steemit.
@surpassinggoogle, you are one to the leaders of this great platform. Thanks for always been there

This is really worth it to read!! Finally, I heard voice loudly. I shall say it again, STEEMIT IS BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the hopes of every steemian! :)

oh sir
its really a great post
you are so also a great person.
your video are so marvelous
dear @surpassinggoogle
steemit is so great because of some legend person as @surpassinggoogle
you are so high personality based person ,

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @surpassinggogle

Follow my blog @powerupme

Okey..that's clear guys..steemit is NOT SHAKING! as Sir Terry clear up in the summit.😊

Great stuff, and I wholeheartedly agree!

More so, I found Steemit to be an unquenchable source of inspiration for my own articles, in way I never experienced it before!

What I found to be the case for me on Steemit is that others' articles inspire me in a roundabout way. When I read an article which I find myself capable of adding a decent comment to, I finally find that my comment is written in a form that I can turn it into an article, with some minor changes here and there.

Yesterday I too wanted to write a new article (I have about two dozens left accumulated over many years), but I found no inspiration. Then, I had this idea of skimming over my comments, and one hour later I had 15 new articles that now add on to the two dozens I had already.

I released one yesterday, and I really guess it is the mind barrier which always wants to make it perfect. But what is perfect in our view might be received differently by others. So I just dropped my article without much expectation or thought, and it doesn't perform any worse than my others.

Thanks for giving all your Love, so will I! :)

I really love the video compilation.. I could say that I missed a half of my life that I wasn't able to come. You guys are all awesome and each steemians have their own special skills and talents. I've seen some singing, do the beat box, pole dancing and exhibit their photographs/poetry's. I am so happy seeing you guys really enjoying and I could definitely say that there is no other steemit.. We are not just a community coz we are a family... thanks @surpassinggoogle for sharing your insights about steemit .. I can feel that outburst flaming passion inside you..how you love and exert too much effort for the steemit family most especially here in the Philippines.. mabuhay ka!!!

thats a wonderful and inspirational post sir terry @surpassinggoogle .. and thanks a lot . your a good leader to steemit community


Steemit really is beautiful sir @surpassinggoogle
How I wish we also have summit somewhere in the northern Luzon:-)

The girl, who sketched you is our friend @sn0white
we've been talking about it, to bring that in case we have our first meetup in our province so that we have @surpassinggoogle wth us, hehe

thats a wonderful and inspirational post sir terry @surpassinggoogle .. and thanks a lot . your a good leader to steemit community


Really from my own perspective, steemit can become our new world , where we can meet with different people from around world. To share our thoughts. May the steemit grow even higher, where no one could reach before. Thanks for your pep talk. :)

Yeah Its a lovely moment. You are the boss here. We Love You @surpassinggoogle.

Everyone Love you Terry

The amazing your post,very nice post,good job my friend,@surpassinggoole

Steemit is beautiful

Will say over and over

Steemit is beautiful

Steemit is beautiful

The beauty of steemit is in connection, you might not have money today but it is the connection... Great STEEM summit.

Steemit is really beautiful! and you are also looking smart and awesome in the portrait which the girl is holding!

Breaking the entire beauty of steem really is not an easy task because it requires "mind's eyes" The video really got very good.

This is only my 2nd day here in Steemit, but I can say I will love this platform. Like @surpassinggoogle said that Steemit is beautiful. From the comments of fellow steemians they can attest that it is really good platform. I never regretted joining here.

I can simply see! "It's glaring; "the colors"; the brightness". True steemians exist and they simply are steemians. They love it.

Very much inspired by you @surpassinggoogle :) someday somehow i could bring steemit up to whole of my friends! Steemit is beautiful! How I wish you could somehow visit us here in Mindanao sir @surpassinggoogle. We also want to create a steemit community where we can shine! Would really hope something big is coming in steemit! LET US FLY TO THE MOON SIR AND BRING STEEMIT THERE!

@surpassinggoogle sir very good moments in your life. I wish i can get your autograph & also a photograph. You look so happy & also your all fans. they are so excited for meet with you Terry sir. They are so lucky because they are meet with you. Please tell me sir When you come in our country dubai. We want to meet with you & want to autograph from you sir. You height is too long sir, very nice it. How is your height?

Thank you for sharing the beauty of steemit with us @surpassinggoogle, you really inspired a lot of Cebuano writer's. I might missed the opportunity to meet you personally at the steem summit I know someday I will finally meet you!!

IS inDeEd beaUtiful!!! Connections and reaching out makes it most beautiful as per @bellatravelph told me before we separated our ways after airports wonderful moment what is important being in steemit is to reach out and keep touch to the people inside especially those your invitees for that's what community all about and thats what makes it strong even if they have some questions you can't answer and I agree with that the community won't grow if you go on by yourself. Where will you get the inspiration and strength you need in going through?? And will others continue in what their doing in here if inspiration is out of sight?? That's a big no for me and thanks for this @surpassinggoogle for this

my mum died and popsy is sick but even these, I use a signs, that I must stick around for us and that my mission must stand firm,unshaken, deeply rooted

A model of reaching out and inspiration.. I remember when you told us what is steemit before from the value of steem to flagging war's (good thing you stand still for we all have you now backing and helping us all) if I was there that time maybe I won't be able to make it till today and left the platform. And one more thing your now one who makes steemit most beautiful and that's how all of us see things here.

P.S. your never broke and let us all steemians who believes, support and loves you makes you whole for your our strength and inspiration here. Together will soar high and keep the power of steeming, reaching, supporting and helping one another. God bless

Thank you for being part of steemit Sir. You inspires us and I hope haejin is like you. It was such a nice thing to have you here. Steemit is beautiful because of the people like you.

Steemit is beautiful! Wonderful. It is more than just a platform, it is more beautiful friendships connecting people in ONE. So much love, knowledge and inspiration on this community. And it makes it even more beautiful because of whales like you. Such a love!

Steem summit was indeed successful and no wonder the community is growing very much and I am very glad terry that you are doing the leading that is indeed an inspiration to all of us.

The video and the faces of steemians tells that they do love and how they feel about being in here.I myself am loving it in here.Without a doubt it will change in the future and will be another milestone for all the Steemians.

We do indeed have power to make changes that i strongly believe.Working and giving it all is the real success out in here.Money will come & go but the relation that we build up will always be there at all times.That is what we are beginning to get in these community.Making it like a family.

Steem Summit was indeed great.Thanks for sharing these beautiful event.

This is a good post for learning people. So I like this post and it is important for developing my life.
I always follow you.

You are so right! Steemit is beautiful
Steem on everyone!

The video was so amazing. So amazing!

I like the spirit, success is ours. thank you, may you always succeed

Steemit is indeed beautiful. SteemSummit...i like that. Steemit brings everything together. I saw the lady on the pole, the boys rapping, the excitement which Steemit brings. It is indeed beautiful.

@surpassinggoogle sir please read my these post. My grandmother sick & fighting with died sir. She lost her two kidney. We are trying to save her life.
I wish you read my post.


I wish @surpassinggoogle see your post & support to you for your grandmother wellness.


There, I've said it and will say it again and again. The most beautiful thing though is you and the people, the community as a whole. You bring smile and laughter, inspiration and and determination. You bring people closer together. You bring connection and relationships. You are a strong force. We will be supporting you.

Congrats to a beautiful and successful summit!


Hindi nga... hehe hinahanap ka namin dati kung nasaan ka na kaya wala kayang ganda kung wala mga makukulit haha ang panget kaya pag masyadong seryoso mga tao 😂


Ha? Xempre di nyo ako nahanap haha!


Oo nga eh pero nong nakita ko username mo dito naisip ko parang naalala ko Twitter mo yata tapos naconfirm ko sa mga photos mo parang familiar sa mga mata ko to ah nahulaan ko agad na ikaw yun haha si @junebride iba hula akala yata si jiKz (?) ka 😂


Haha! Feeling ko naman kilala na ako agad. Di ko naisip iba pala user name ko. Akala bit pa din dito :D


un talaga feeling ko.. kasi leeart parang close to feminine .ehhe

Steemit is very beautiful because of your beautiful heart.. You give us your time. Steemit is really beautiful because it can fulfill our our dreams. Your success in steemit will be our success. We find steemit beautiful because of your hard work and unending support to all of us. Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle1524564233392.jpg

  ·  3년 전

There is no gain saying that steemit is the community that a lot of people have being waiting.

Steemit will absolutely shine to the whole world by reaching its massive hand of beauty to every community. It will manifest and gradually known and loved by people.

Every of your post is like a course that should be studied.
Thanks for not only believing in steemit but in those who live here

Or are you seeing the dot and leaving out the entire whiteboard?

So many people are always complaining that steemit is hard, that if you don't have a whale upvoting your post, you will not make money. Then they don't connect with their fellow whales in the waiting as they only chase after those they deem worthy because of high SP.

Yet everyone is important, everyone is worth it because we are humans. We need to connect to people and see the beauty of Steem. of how Steem unlocks our potential, unlocks our awesomeness, unlocks the best version of ourself.

And when we do we need to care for other people. To connect and have deep relationships because people matter not just steem power.

I found some of your old blogspot and youtube videos and as early as then saw that you were the same person you are now. Seeing people for who they are, building their dreams and caring for them.

Your journey has nothing been short of amazing Terry and I hope to be there along with you.

there have been way more things to look forward to, "since steemit" began and way more things to look forward to "since steemit". This is no coincidence!

Great one

@surpassinggoogle has always beenna name that has given hope to the hopeless via steemit, a name never to be forgotten. I'm proud to be steemian, i'm proud to be nigerian

Thanks for the opportunity to watch you and hear your words. Special thanks to @steemsummit for the video!

Very inspirational post... The meetups was very amazing and wonderful, Steemians u met in Cebu was very blessed in having a chance to see you in person.

Wonderful video creations from @steemitsummit, congrats for that!

Steemit is really beautiful... you only have to see the inner side of steemit and not only the outer side of it...

Do not see it as a career and business only... have and feel it as a passion...

”Be an INSPIRATION to others rather than ADMIRATION...”

Do not WRITE if Steem/SBD is HIGH only... Do not STOP writing if it is LOW! Just keep on Steeming and Love what you are doing...

I tell you one more giant time:
Steemit is beautiful
Say it with me:

”Steemit is BEAUTIFUL!”

Thank you sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for all the support...

@surpassinggoogle done his job perfectly.
Made a big community in steemit is a crucial part.
Best of luck.

Steemit is beautiful! And I am here to stay. I dont know how it was 2yrs ago but im pretty sure it will be bigger, bolder and better in the next years! Thank you Sir Terry for keeping us all embraced by your passion and love for this community. In SD we promise to fulfill your dream and pass it on.

I can proudly say Steemit is beautiful, Norbert because I’m a Steemian, not because I have some steems but beacuse value had been added to my life and ive equally added value to people life via This beautiful platform. People grow daily on this platform, in knowledge and money and I’m one of them. Thanks to leaders like you for encouragement and support. Keep steeming and touching lives

Steemit is beautiful

Each time i read post written by Sir Terry, @surpassinggoogle. I can't but confess that i'm inspired.
Its good to have people like you on steemit.

You are humble and a great person..God bless you always sir.

@surpassinggoogle I am amazed that you discuss about steemit, please help me @mimam

Yes steemit is really growing fast.

Am proud I found myself in this community, Terry, I do much love your creativity you inspired me enough, keep on doing the good job. @surpassinggoogle

Right I feel sorry for so many outsiders who still doubt the power of steemit as they have being founded by previous schemes. Thought of ??

I totally agree with you... Take steemit as one of the important things in your life and you are close to success....

After watching the first video and reading these words, It literally brought tears to my eyes. How you spoke in such a soft tone and yet left impact on the lives if those beautiful souls.

And towards the end of the video, when I heard the words, "no shaking", I remembered your roots and I realized how real you are and how real you've also made steemit to be.

Well done @surpassinggoogle, keep inspiring nations. I'm behind you all the way

Steemit is life!

The best place anyone can be

We are family here.

@surpassingoogle I wanna tell you that tomorrow is my birthday. Yaaayyyy💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

I just can't keep calm. #Lol