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 Incase you are seeing this and have not joined steemit, start by joining! You will instantly be given stakes in a technology that will take 2017 by storm. Now is the time! Once, you a signed up and logged in, contact me; i am on or simply leave me a comment at the end of my post!

 I will jump start your journey here on steemit to make it all easy for you to use and understand steemit. 

Yes, steemit can easily be said to be 'the first fully functional social media network built on blockchain'. It is built on the steem blockchain!

Basically, the blockchain technology allows you to post whatever thoughts you have freely without fears about it being removed or deemed unacceptable as nothing is censored. This is something you will not be able to do on Reddit or Facebook for instance, as it is controlled by a few people; who control a central server! 

On blockchain, information is stored in decrypted bits on countless servers all around the world, that not even governments have control or monopoly over it. 

That aside, you are paid for your content and have a really fair chance at having your content seen as location or the IP address of your country of residence, is no longer a barrier when you post. (Post = Pictures, blogs, videos, etc)

You get paid in the steem cryptocurrency; a currency that has the potential to rise in value in the same way as Bitcoin did and a faster pace. 

In 2017, social media network built on blockchain, will trend all over the Internet. You don't need to think twice about joining steemit now. 

Steemit opens you instantly to new knowledge and you are bound to meet amazing minds as well as building lasting connection with really dope people. 

(video credit to: @thecryptofiend blogpost and the YouTube owner: @winstonwolfe)

So here; once you are ready and have joined steemit, let me tell you a little story about me and my journey so far on steemit. Now, you will not understand a large bulk of what I am trying to say or you may! Whatever the case, you will definitely be able to reach out to me here on steemit by leaving a comment and I will guide you readily on what to do next, once you are logged in to your steemit account, so that your steemit success is faster than mine.

My tiny steemit journey story:

Well, I wonder why it took me forever on steemit to find steemspeak. I got on steemit in August and really struggled at the beginning. I had to read stuff and drain the comments section on steemit as many of the gems are in the comment section. I subconsciously became like an activist for the newbies on steemit, trying to make blog posts containing questions and trying to touch on possible questions that I feel non-crypto-inclined noobs of steemit may have.

 I did get answers as steemit and steemians do care but it really did take me time and especially the help of @sykochica; who offers herself willingly to talk to me and tutor me on She directed me on making my very first post that had a really encouraging number of upvotes and this was the 'todayilearned' format of post. In one question, where I had asked what happens to steem dollars as mine kinda disappeared, I mean the first set of steem dollars I got when I signed up vanished, she sent me some steem dollars to replace them!

@timcliff, @cryptomancer, @good-karma, will readily buy out opportune time to teach you and answer your questions in the comment section of your post in case you had unanswered questions in your post. Yes, these people have took part in comments, to answers my questions!

One day recently, I found steemspeak!

How did I find steemspeak? I saw @mrwang confidently flaunting steemspeak and its power and he sold it well in that blogpost, with an 'in your face' picture of himself.

But how did I find @mrwang? 

Well, I am on the discord app and have been there on for sometime with the 3 channels that I am in, steem pub, steem trail and steemvenue. Then, I thought perhaps there is some other helpful steemit channel on discord that I can join. 

I went on Google and it isn't very hard to search these things. To find steemit posts on a topic, just add the word 'steemit' to your search phrase! 

I ended up finding a post inviting me to joining steemspeak, after scrolling through some of the results from Google and got on there!

It was paradise! 

I was instantly on the voice/radio channel and who was there;  @fyrstikken!

 Well, for the most part, on my first day on steemspeak, he spent hours answering my questions and teaching me how to get more productive on steemit. I learned more in a few hours, than I learned in weeks of reading steemit-help post. 

NB: For some like me and especially because i didn't know too much about the blockchain technology, it was easier to lean in a to and fro conversation!

@mrwang gave his input as well AND THIS WAS JUST MY FIRST DAY ON STEEMSPEAK!

Day 2 on steemspeak and best bud @ats-david, came on board to walk me through on a new technique that will help me further grow on steemit!


The thing is people exist on steemit. Yes, steemit can give anonymity but you definitely want to get the feeling, that it is people with emotions, who are running this platform. You want to get the feeling that the superpowers of the platform are reachable! You want to get the feeling that you can reach the CEO, a the platform you believe it. 

You want to feel like you have some form of stake in steemit and you do! Nothing as sweet as feeling these things on our internet of today. Wait, do you know what Mark Zuckerberg is up to? 

You can accomplish the above things on steemit and being on steemspeak, will instantly make you feel that way! Yes, you may be taken aback a bit by the knowledge that people emanate on there, especially if you are not crypto-inclined but your admiration for them and your competitive genes will come alive and you will try to dig from within you, to bring forth knowledge as well or they will push knowledge out of you. @mughat did that to me to a large extent on my second time on steemspeak. He made me talk. He engaged me to the fullest by means of his thought provoking questions!

Steemit opens your eyes to new knowledge as it makes you delve into things you never knew existed. 

I wonder how @ned and @dantheman did drew the model of steemit up; if it coincidence or they it had all planned out but steemit can't fail and the reason is simple: people on steemit are made to feel among and part of the venture as we are given stakes in it, in form of steem power. So steemians run steemit! Steemians all have great minds and what more do you want; Great minds who feel they are all owners in steemit, will incessantly wrestle and reunite to bring out the best in themselves, which will easily translate into growth for steemit or at the very least make steemit indestructible!

If you don't understand what I am saying, join steemit and reach out to me. I don't know enough yet but I can lead you to the beginning of a beautiful easy journey on steemit, by taking your hand and bringing you on steemspeak for a start; to be mentored into the best version of you; which is your innovative and creative self. This which translates into the incessant growth of steemit!

What steemit does, is gives you stakes, which keeps you incessantly on your toes and before you know it you are becoming an innovator; inventor; creator!

I have always spoken of shareable killer steemit explainer videos that does it all. I mean, all you ever need to is share and does the magic. Like this video from  @the-alien blogpost:

Join Steemit if you haven't!



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Hi - the TYIM video should be credited to @winstonwolfe not me. Happy New Year:)


kk i will edit, i didnt know the video owner but i found the video from you post. i will give him credit as well. thank you for leaving a comment!

Don't forget about how your best bud, @ats-david, walked you through and voting trails!

Happy New Year and good luck in 2017!


you are great. i will edit. how can i have forgotten. hahaha! A great 2017 to you!


No need to edit! I hope the trail is working well for you.


i see it working. looks like we have similar choices, most of your upvotes are on my feed. it just feels like me upvoting. a bit funny when i scroll my feed and i go thinking, did i vote this? i am sticking to the rules. i trust you!

Good on you man, I like your positive attitude and willingness to help people!


encouraging! thank you for identifying that. it just tells me you are the same way!


I second what @justtryme90 said


Thank you for the effort! You Are a great person!


Oh no! I'm just doing what I can like everyone else.

Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks - I am new and would like some help getting around on steemit.
One of the reasons I would like to get familiar with steemit is to find out how secure it is to have regularly scheduled videos put onto my steemit.
The topic will be "finding earth" is it Round or Flat? This series will be done regularly with questions given before had so the teams can research and and present arguments on a given specific subject. We also want to be able to fund real world experiments to make determinations - The objective of this program will be to eventually come to conclusions that are true.
Please let me know how you can help -


i will ask questions, not to worry. for starters the feature to store videos directly on steemit isnt yet there but i believe steemq is being worked on to fix this. in the meantime videos are placed on youtube and can be embedded here. you have a huge plan or goal and it will fit steemit, thus you are prospective gem. i think you should start by doing a solid introductory post with your dream or call. it will engage people's interest in your project and that will be a nice start. we can talk on for a start. i am on there as @surpassinggoogle. you can get an account on there or if you have a smart fone, then you can click on, so you can be led to downloading the app and you can look for me there as @surpassinggoogle as well. your project has potential to be great on steemit. like i said for being able to host videos @furion is working on steemq
steemspeak will answer all this questions well enough. people are there to answer your questions nonstop, you will be surprised and the ceo of steemit gets on there as well.

Thanks homie.. once again, welcome to Steemit.. glad I could be of help


yep, bro! your simple acts does more good than you think. it fixes!