My Steemit Giveway To Universities & Colleges Round The World! I Will Give This Away, After A Steemit Discussion In The University Of Philippines, Baguio.

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I will be on a long trip later today, to visit University of the Philippines in Baguio, for a 30 minutes discussion about steemit, with their Mass Communications Department and for this trip, i don't have a steemit souvenir to leave them; so i leave them a full blown steemit gift instead.

My Gift To You, Student Of Mass Communication , University Of The Philippines, Baguio!

I am here to tell you that YOU are gifted. You are awesome! You are the best; the very best!

I am here for you, to remind you incessantly, that you have everything it takes. 

One thing you need to remember always: "You were made in Jehovah's image". This is a power sentence!

I was once like YOU! For me though, it was different. I was gifted and i found out really early in life and established this within the cores of my being, "that i had gifts". One thing for sure: "i had to find this out".

"Everyone is gifted!" Finding yourself takes an ongoing conscious effort and sometimes you need guidance. 

The entire secular educational system is designed to help YOU find yourself. And now, i am here to help as well!

In my case, my parents helped matters. They spotted me out early on. My dad would always say; "Terry, you have gifts". 

He would marvel at the time, at how i would memorize entire text books, "word for word" and he would repeat; "you have gifts" but as i grew older, he also noticed change. 

As i evolved and started to get a clearer picture of "real life", i was no longer memorizing stuff. Life started to happen! 

I started seeing things more insightfully and it wasn't really about x + y = z afterall; so i started to deviate a bit into understand underlying concepts, instead of outright man-made theories and i was no longer as effective as i formally was, in passing exams and my daddy would get worried. 

I wanted my own theories. I was a man too and i wanted my own theories.

Why can't people do exams built around my own theories?

My dad believed firmly that education was my path. He wanted me to get to the heights of secular education, at least till PhD and even when i was in best in my class but i had percentages lower than 90, i would receive a beating. 

Hahaha, he used to be the one to go pick up my result and i would stay locked at home, awaiting in panic. He locks the door.

Life kept happening! 

'Education it is', but there are different schools of study and one such school, that we don't get to do much of; is "school of life". It exists! I have schooled there!

I had "the school of life", to help me find myself. My mirrors were on the streets. I started out; my own journey; at 13, i started to understand fully, the toughness life holds. 

At 15, i was already on my own, carrying hefty dreams, wanting to bring about true change. I would hangout with much older boys at the time; champs and our conversation would always revolve around; "Terry, what's the way forward". From this streets, i complete University but i also was doing "the school of life". 

I saw myself on the streets out there and i started to form a longing to help humanity. 

To accomplish "fixing humanity", you need secular education but depending on the  curriculum of the school you are in; you may need a ton of extra-curricular activities and you get that directly or indirectly, from the "school of life!"

In some cases, you may acquire "school of life" knowledge, due to your human nature, love, special talent, empathy etc 

"Dear student", do your studies!

I want to empower you with new knowledge! 

I want you to stay in school but i want you to try out school in newer ways. The world is fast-paced, let's move along and not be left behind. 

Join me here on, let's work out ways for you to hone your education, till you are whirlwind of force, when it comes to knowledge and an understanding of life.

Steemit presents variety; "world standard" and that is where we want to be! 

"You are in Scholar in the University of Philippines?"; how would fare amidst scholars from other parts of the world? 

You can easily find out here on Steemit!

Steemit is a school; a social community of the world's greatest and reputable minds, that celebrates people regardless of nationality, status or age. "Everyone is a celebrity on steemit".

Let's prepare you for your exams on steemit. 

When i stopped memorizing books, how did i read for exams?

I would read my entire text book first in a speed-read. Next, i would do a casual, nonchalant reading, one or two times and finally a major in-depth reading. Then close to the exam date, i would write out all i have read in my own words, into a booklet labelled "keypoints" and i would read only this booklet before my exam. 

Regardless, of your methods of reading, if you apply yourself to writing out what you have read, using your own sentiments, perspective and words; they stick! 

We can do all that and more on steemit, even within your blog posts. 

School of life

Steemit gives you "school of life" in a box. You no longer need to go spend weeks in on the street to taste or experience it. It is all here! 

You can tap into new forms of knowledge, study techniques, interactions, behaviors, life etc right there on your phone or PC, just by signing up with us on

 Join us on steemit:

  • To find yourself
  • To define and redefine yourself
  • To practice your education
  • To hone your art
  • To teach and learn as you teach
  • To meet like-minds
  • To draw inspiration, motivation, fire
  • To find new knowledge
  • To practice your assignments
  • To prepare for your exams
  • To do some extracurricular
  • To stay busy
  • To do some #steemgigs and win extra bucks for books and pencils
  • To become a better version of yourself
  • To know how to interact
  • To experience real life, ups and downs and learn how to maintain calm in the odds life poses
  • To "not let a day emptily slip" by, "without reading or writing".
  • To stand out among your peers
  • etc..

You can also earn true money, success and wealth as you go along! 

1 steem is currently $1.20 plus, "Learning is the ultimate Earning!"

I am here to help

I am your boy Terry and i am here to help. I love youths, i believe in them, i am passionate about them. You have everything it takes, you simply need to tap into these amazing facets of you. I can help!

Simply leave me a comment underneath this post and i will reach out to you.

To read a special document about how steemit can help you with your education, download this Microsoft Word Document by @giantbear 

You can also visit @steemiteducation and leave them a comment. They are willing to hold you by the hand and walk you through!

Your Boy Terry


If you would want to vote for my witness, click here, then type in "steemgigs" in the first search box!

To contact me directly, look for @surpassinggoogle here!

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Education is the key to our mutual beneficial future. Since I have joined Steemit I am able to give more to the poeple then ever before in my life. I am getting paid to educate you guys. This is the greatest service I can give to the world and finally I am able to.

Good luck with your Discussion, Terry.


Yes, thank you. You are awesome example when it comes to educating


Thank you Terry, I work hard to bring content to the people.


Nice! Followed you and will be checking the memory techniques :)


Awesome, I hope you like them.


Agreed to this one! Education is our only weapon in the future :) thank you for your effort in imparting knowledge!

I admire you TERRY a.k.a @surpassinggoogle...
As long their family can give them support for their education, they must pursue that chance. Not all kids can have a good education or good school and universities; like me, I did not finish my school. I'm a high school graduate and I step only 1st semester at Philippine Merchant Marine School and Jump to Polytechnic University of the Philippines Course of E.C.E 1st semester only.
Reason, financial support. I hope kids in this present time must study well while their family has the ability to support their education.
thanks for sharing your article... I hope students hear your opinion and learn to use steemit for their future to help their self and family like @erangvee a good example of it.

Yes, thank you for admiring me too and valuing the info here. i do have passion to empower youths cos i was youth too and like you, i did university on my own, with parent support. 15 years old, i was already a grown man, till i finished university. I did #steemgigs and the community solely to direct people into their vision aspect, so that they can create things and build dreams and vision. It is not totally about school. it is more about life and substance. What i mean is, there is more to school even, than just the four corners of a university and steemit helps alot in that regard

Steemit is a school of life, a school of meeting interesting personal, a school where some of your thought could be 'judged' 'corrected' and accepted.

Steemit is a school where you find your hidden talent(i.e writing) I am not a prolific writer, I don't know 'jack' in writing. But here I am happy that I can write at least five hundred words that people would love to keep visiting to see what next I have in 'store'. I am still learning from this Amazing school can't trade it for anything. Thanks for sharing as always.

Inspiring others through great action is one of the most important actions we can do ourselves. Being a pleasant human being is another. Both two characteristics you show here. Education is key to great development. Way to be!


On point. Thank you for a great summary!


Thank you

We can learn a lot from Steemit and get some entertainment to. The best is the people behind helping each other and I also thank you @surpassinggoogle for being a part that supports people like me that are neck deep in troubles and worries and for that my sincere thanks to you.


Thank you. Keep on strong! Life is one hard thing


Thank you @surpassinggoogle
I am just keeping it together as hard as I can with this progressive condition that I have.

terry is a gift to the world, such an inspiration to others, the world would be a better place if everyone is like you heheh

thank you for sharing your gift terry :) God bless you more ^_^


I believe so too. Thanks for looking intently and identifying these aspects of me


you are the best Terry! keep shining , continue to be awesome!!! :-))


What a lovely way to help your community, they are blessed to have you.


Still on the trip, Internet for a few minutes! Stay awesome!

'The School of Life' - everyone should enrol here early on too. Let us know how it was with UP-B students Terry!


Everything is just not in order right now. The days just flew fast and i always in my 24/7 pains. But i am here, waiting till its around 8. Nothing much. I will simply tell them to sign up. Only 30 mins of talk time. More like hijacking their gathering. So hours to Baguio for 30 mins of talk! Let's see

I want you to stay in school but i want you to try out school in newer ways. The world is fast-paced, let's move along and not be left behind.
So true are these lines and so motivational as well and i am glad that you pointed in this blog that we can take steemit along with our education as a means of it a part of it.....

Thanks for posting this blog....steem on & stay blissful....


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I agree with you @surpassinggoogle, lets studets focus tou your study!

Thank you for all your support at Steemit @surpassinggoogle
I also need your support right now.
May the Lord God help us.

Steemit for me, is like a library where different ideas can be found. This is why i drop my thoughts here so that people can read and learn about some philosophical topics.

One right step for SteeMit, you always try to broaden people's knowledge for SteeMit, I think this is very important work. I'm happy for your work, SteeMit society will be proud of you @surpassinggoogle


Thank you for encouraging words


Ok, you are welcome :-)
Have a nice days..

You are gifted man, I can feel your spirit. May you excel in everything you do.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for sharing this experience.

I would read my entire text book first in a speed-read. Next, i would do a casual, nonchalant reading, one or two times and finally a major in-depth reading. Then close to the exam date, i would write out all i have read in my own words, into a booklet labelled "keypoints"

I do mine by reading, jotting, practising with friends,and solving past questions, then at Unilorin. And God was helpful all through. Your posts are wonderfully inspiring.


Turpsy, i will talk with you soon, when i am settled. I am on the road in travel and limited internet but tomorrow or next i should be settled


No problem. I appreciate your response. Journey mercies. Steeming and travelling. hahaha.

I am from Baguio City, I personally thank you @surpassinggoogle for spreading steemit to the People from Baguio. Keep on doing great things, and helping others.


I am still there. Will be back in Manila tomorrow. Talk soon

You are a good baller. Preaching how steemit can add positively to student's lives is a mission of a steemit angel which you are one of them. I love the mission and I am so happy you are making a difference to the world at large.


World at large it is. Thank you


You are welcome.

This is awesomely Great. Great job Boss... this is an awakening for the next generation. Thanks for the great job you do


You are welcome

Very useful article, I enjoyed reading it so much
You are the best Terry.. Keep up sharing the best of you :-)

Wow, I love your work. Spreading the word and helping people. More power to you please...


Thank you for your presence here

Action speaks louder than words! Thank you for your inspiration @surpassinggoogle! I hope you can also visit the university where I graduated from. It is in the Southern Philippines, the Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology :)


Oh we spoke earlier. Will take time to check you out and talk about Iligan as well.


I look forward to meeting you someday my friend! God bless you :)

Awesome article thanks for sharing @surpassinggoogle


Thank you. I gave the article gift away already as seen in my last post


Wala po anuman. Keep it up the good work @surpassinggoogle godbless you po!😇


Jehovah bless you too. Salamat


Salamat po.

Great poste @surpassinggoogle thanks for this information

I enjoyed reading it so much , keep up sharing honey ✔❤

Great support for the future of tomorrow, you're as supportive as parent to their children thanks for supporting filipino and fellow steemians 😊😊


Sweet comment. Thank you

steemit is really doing good helps to people and college students like me! THANK YOU STEEMIT!


Great testimony

  ·  3년 전

Hi @surpassinggoogle best regards for you. Good job, you are awesome.. nice to meet you My friends. Best regards from aceh indonesia. May someday I can to come to your beautiful country.. happy a nice day 😋😋😋

very nice thoughts ,i love this post ,God bless you

your idea to encourage the students of university is great. students are the future of any country... keep motivating.. thanks .


thanks for your appreciation...

This is going to be a great gift for many of them who will know about it for sure :) have a good day @surpassinggoogle

We are bleesed to have you on Steemit,thanks for the tireless efforts you are doing to spread Steemit.
I have even written a post thank you the incredible guys who have made steemit blow up in the last 3 months,thanks again.
This sentence below about ourselves is really Powerful.
People need to keep hearing this to bring out their greatness.

One thing you need to remember always: "You were made in Jehovah's image". This is a power sentence!


I liked the line you picked. Knowing those words solidly in your mind and you will be made anew


Thanks for the inspiration.
I even wrote a post thanking you,Jerry Banfield,Stephen Kendal and Dragon Slayer.
You 4 Incredible Guys have made Steemit grow rapidly in the last 3 Months.
Thanks again.

The best gift for learners will really be the gift of knowledge. Great to include those useful links on this post cause there will definitely questions needed to be answered when joining this site.


Most certainly! Thank you for joining!

Education is the most important in all proffesions. We have confidence in our future..

This is a precious gift you have shared even to us. Thank you, Terry!

Have a safe trip to Baguio. I'm so excited for the kids who'll meet you tomorrow. Their lives are about to change.


Giant comment. Thank you! I will post about it. Things go as plan but there are positives. Basically, we were going there to hijack an event, to accomplish a steemit on a budget. There were odds but positives too

Take care on your way to Baguio! Eat lotsa veggies when you get there. Then next week, we'll distribute the gift cards. :-)


Hahaha funny woman. Veggies, i so need those things. You will distribute dem cards, i will be your videographer


Lol okay deal! You need more energy! Eat those Baguio veggies!

education, Your idea is right. University is you thinking right This should also happen.

More power to you!!! This is awesome and very inspirational! One of our dear friend went to Baguio University. I'll tell her to check out this post and join Steemit :)


Yes, please do. This post did work in Baguio. It is actually university of Baguio. I was lost there as i was mentioning university of PH Baguio and the Taxis got lost

i agree with you 100%. learning is the ultimate earning. it is knowledge known, that makes people earn = L + earn.
i really like the fact that you remind everyone daily that they are special, awesome and being the best at all we do.

Education is the most essential tool we need to use if we want to live a better life among other people. A well educated person is a rich person

you are amazing bro @surpassinggoole
Its awesome gifts those who got they are really supprised
Well post bro keep it up
And education is very important thanks dude


Mate, If you can not add anything useful to discussion then refrain yourself from commenting.


Commenting is my hobby 😂😂 haha .
I just read your posts again and resteem

That's a priceless gift Terry. Surely, they will not forget it.

this is really great. the human being has to be reminded that he is vital and unique. thank you for the great job that you do


You are welcome

Woooaaah! You are really kind and generous, @surpassinggoogle!
I wish I could visit my birthplace again. Haha! I miss Baguio so much!


Really? I am here but i won't be spending time here. Wish i could. The school area looks good plus everyone trying to do winter attire. You will visit soon, no doubt


Yeah, I hope so. :) Take care! :)

Smart move! Students are the pillars of this world!

Dear Sir @surpassinggoogle.
I think this post very valuable for all steemers.
Good lessons.

Very nice post I like the way you attributes the students Great!

Whatever you say @surpassinggoogle, sir you are absolutely right. In fact, here in steemit, I learn things that I never learn at schools. This is more than just a learning, fun, and earning. Steemit is life for me.

'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans' :)
it's a nice article!

have a nice trip :)

We must always believe in ourselves and never let anything go.

You are not only helping them but more importantly you are empowering them. Congrats in advance!

What a motivating post. I love it you are so full of enthusiasm and positivity.

I wish you had spoken to me when I was at school - I probably would have ended up doing better than I did!


It is not late even now. We are still in school. Stay awesome

Very good initiative! I appreciate that you help the youth! Resteemed!

Education is very important. But I agree that the search for like-minded people is even more important.

Where have you been hiding that gem of a picture!!!

Man you are always so busy. Another amazing thing you are creating here. I wish all those best of luck that take opportunity of this.

Nice motivational words, but why the "Jehovah's image?"


Because He created you. If you doubt it, look at the awesomeness of you more intently!

Good luck with your journey today and thank you for choosing the absolute BEST way to promote Steemit. Education is the key to everything in life. Travel safely and keep us updated please. May God bless you on this journey!


Thank you! Will return tomorrow and will tell you how it went

Education is the best legacy

  ·  3년 전

Job well done for baguio University of the Philippines @surpassinggoogle ,you realy put your hands on it..the vision to encourage and inspired youth's is one of the best vision, education,moral,future was in it though!

may you have a safe and comfortable travel later, Terry .


I agree with you @decsterity we are also here for you @surpassingoogle.This can also be an inspiration to our future campaign to invite other people and friends to join steemit.


Thank you for encouragement


Thank you alot. I should use the card you gave. 24/7 pains is not easy


i feel you...

That was great.... Study kids!!!

  ·  3년 전

Wow this is great, keep on giving and the world wil give to you.


That's how it works!

  ·  3년 전

Great to see people giving!

Thank you for being such an inspiration @surpassinggoogle

Happy great journey! @surpassinggoogle i salute you for helping my fellow filipino especially students 😊. Upvoted and resteemed! 😊.

you are doing great. motivating youth about the power of the internet.
changing lifes through steemit


I see you starting to enjoy steemit as is obvious in your regular comments these days. I tried visit you

👏Thank you for your discussion, I was touched, it motivates me to walk in search of the fulfillment of my dreams. It inspired me deeply, continue being that incredible person. And really school is life, it is living and learning the results will come.
I will repay you with my vote in your witness. You deserve. 👊

best of luck my friend @surpassinggoogle <3 thats very great project helping others is what i found here at steemit <3 so motivating inspirational

Hii terry your ideas are very kind and i am also happy that you are promoting education,keep it up buddy,you are doing very well :)


Thank you alot. Really encouraging!


Welcome Friend :)

people like you who who give so much will receive aswell! you are the best!


No doubt! Thank you

Powerful message, as always @surpassinggoogle. Safe travels!


Thank you. Will return by tomorrow i believe

You are a role model to our local community and even abroad. Just don't forget to have some "me time" sometimes, cheers :)


I wish. I have lost that part of me for years. It kills

  ·  3년 전

This is a great undertaking of yours! Hope some more guys will join us on steemit... Thank you for helping others. You really rock!
God bless you more!


Yes, they will. The aim was to hijack an existing event and cut down on budget. Will post soon about how it fared

  ·  3년 전

Am anxious! Most students in the Philippines are always into what's trending and any promotions made on a site like Steemit would surely bring commotions among them. Your mission will surely be a hit, am crossing my fingers! Cheers!

You have such a wonderul gift and appreciation for life. I wish the whole world had your views. May your friends be plentyfull and ememies few.
Health love happiness and endless success in the process :)
Keep the inspirational messages flowing...

Wel done @surpassinggoogle sir...
I think you are one of better people in this platform...awesome and vert helpful work...
I think "education" is foundation in our life and our society...we always try develop our education chain...and promote via commiunication steemit..
Thank you so much for your great work..
I respect it...
Upvoted and resteemed..

Not everything is learned in school..and not everything it teaches is meaningful.

I Love you post.
This is amazing post..


Thanks for this post sir @surpassinggoogle! Not only you help others today but you also built their future! welldone sir :) sana umabot kayo dito sa Laguna :)


Laguna is possible. Talk soon