One Thing About Steem's Past That Will Help You Understand Steem's Now.

3년 전

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The Past!!!

Once ago, when i was a minnow i had a particular savings. I had started to establish the beauty of steem power during this time. 

At seven cents (steem), i hadn't fully established the beauty of steem power. I did, when it became 15 cents but at this time, i hadn't come to know much about "how to buy steem with fiat" etc or much about cryptocurrency in general. It took me many months to even start thinking about my steem wallet or how to use it. There was a lot to learn and few teachers or communities to teach these things; so i had to climbed the ladder first, by learning!

So, when the price of steem was around 15 cents, though i had established the beauty of steem power and i had the desire of using my savings to get some, there was need to climb the ladder some more, by learning.

I did some reading etc Some of my posts were question-filled etc. Etc

I found (a remittance app from which you can buy steem with a bank account etc) and i joined and went through the verification process and became set to buy steem but time had flown some more. Steem was still holding at around 15 cents but alas, i waited a bit more. I was relishing the possibility of steem going back to 7 cents and i was going to wait a bit more but steem rose instead and got to around 21 cents or so. 

Being that i didn't have that much savings, i decided to wait for a few days thinking steem may get back to at least 15 cents again. I remember discuss that with someone in person and discussing it too, with another steemian on, with whom i was asking if there was a way to buy steem off-market at a cheaper price; "more learning".

Hahaha, my savings was small and i wanted to maximize it. I was also inexperienced overall.

Days later, steem left 21 cents and jumped to 35 cents. Then, i decided to wait a few more days again, so that if steem got to around 20 cents, i can rush at it but it left 35 cents and quickly started to approach a dollar.

7 cents never happened again! Steem kept jumping and jumping till it became pretty unreachable for my small fiat savings at the time. 

Now, for those who had a bit more steem history than me, they may have valued steem during its low times; perhaps, even more than inexperienced me. 

They must have seen more of the beauty of SP at "earlier times", especially, with having seen steem at 4 USD and posts having earned up to thousands in rewards before i arrived on steem and they won't have had to do much intermittence etc in relation to have they would have approached "amassing Steem power" when it was 7 cents and when it was 15 cents and when it was 35 cents and even when it got to a dollar.

Applying a "real life" paradigm and you don't really need two testimonies of "a possibility", to know of the possibility of "this possibility"; you just need one! 

For those who had seen steem at 4 USD before me, that may have been all "the knowledge" that they may have needed to rush "steem" at a dollar etc. 

Well, in more recent times, we have seen steem reach 7 USD, so can steem touch 7 USD again? 

We may be able to answer better than those who arrive on steem today. 
Do we make this "knowledge" count; is another question.

I have bought steem since then; but never much or as much as i would have been able to buy with steem at 7 cents. 

At 7 cents; 500 USD (20,000 PHP) would have bought me more than 7000 steem power and 1000 USD would have bought me some 15000 steem power. 

Currently, to buy 15,000 SP, you will need more than 15,000 USD. 
Months ago, to buy 15,000 SP, you would have needed 105,000 US dollars

Notice, that i am talking about Steem Power here and not liquid steem. Recall also that i would usually say, that most of the INTEL necessary for success on steem, is find-able in its history and this history is an aspect that many who join steemit today amiss as they found steemit and forgot the ladder. 

At 7 cents (steem), you may have climbed that ladder!!! Earning wasn't that high then, there weren't many communities, there weren't many educators of steem, there weren't many curation guilds, there weren't many whales, there wasn't a delegation feature etc. There were many more bugs and many more flags etc. The conviction of steemians in steem and its future wasn't as solid then as steem was all new and it wasn't very close to sure if it would work etc

Climbing the ladder was a more popular route then and even a fun route. When the reward pool got empty for a month, people posted more. People used that time to truly find themselves using steemit. There were initiatives born to stir excitement and activity, even amidst the knowledge that the reward pool was empty and did i stay present on steem then? I so so so did!

Many did leave but did they really leave? It wasn't so easy to fully leave steemit then and now. If you were here in the past or are among those who arrived later but took the route of "learning about the history" first, you will grasp my small message better. There was something to steemit that didn't make people fully-leave. 

Yes, people would do posts about their intention to leave and all and then it was more welcomed to leave. Like i said their were many flags. So basically, there were people leaving because of too many flags and yes, very valid reasons but did they really leave? Many simply went into-the-box to come back out of it anew. 

Steemit did have something, then and now, that drew people back in and for once among the crypto-spaces in the world, steem is seen to have never really been about bulls or bears.

Steem power has many beautiful uses.

There have always been humans involved too and in the case of steemit, great "reputable minds" who are incessantly mining with their minds" and this holds a huge attraction.

So have many people taken breaks from steeming in the past? Yes and that is bound to happen regardless as we are not robots.

This will help you understand the now better.

If you joined steemit more recently, "climbing the ladder" is a more conscious effort. Especially, with a more visible evidence of higher payouts with the value of steem high, "climbing the ladder" is a harder route. 

But still a very, very, very fun route.

Now also established in the course of our discourse is; SP has so much beauty and is why i many times say, "Steem success isn't measured in bulls and bears" as SP has so much use apart from the "spending it" and the world will soon know it. 

Too, notice how looking at history or how, if you were here in steem's history, you will understand events now better and not be too perturbed by them. 

And perhaps, you will understand this question better; "if people are leaving steem, like you may think to be the case, will they not return?"

The truth is, many do return and for many reasons, one being the "steemit effect" and when they do return, things have proceeded drastically and all over again they feel misplaced and have had to beginning building again.

During these times in the past (when price was really low), was when i thought of @steemgigs and started out on a movement to have us create 5,000 steemgigs posts to highlight steem in new ways. 

I was still a minnow then too and one reason @steemgigs was thought of then, was "the lowered steem-based activity". I wanted steemians who went into-the-box at the time, to have means to stay present on steem while they were away and i thought, announcing their expertise in a post and joining the community on discord, will help us know them also for their expertise and proactively link them to task-requesters, inorder to keep them actively earning steem while they weren't actively creating content. 

This was all done manually, so as to keep and know "a real community". Yes, it was hectic but the true lovers of @steemgigs, didn't mind the rigor. We filled up a spreadsheet containing the expertise of as many steemgiggers as we could and steemgigs and freelancing began hence. 

Beyond that, several who join steem at the time found a quick home on the steemgigs community and started out their steem journey by offering their services (freelancing) as these once where not too-into-blogging etc and several went on to bigger things really quickly. 

More recently, with the price of steem appearing low, can you say it is a good time to have friends etc join steem? 

Looking at the history that i have tried to explain above, my answer is "YES".

Again, in these times is when and #ulog has been born, to making steeming as difficult as 1, 2, 3 and to tell as many people globally to join a home of uloggers on steem. 

Overall, when the price of steem was low, was when i joined steemit. During these times, the potential to earn wasn't "an all" because among other things, earning wasn't much of a possibility and this among other things, helped my "climb the ladder". 

In place of earning and all, i did "learning" and i exhausted all other possibilities besides earning and this led me to people, dream-building, innovation, opportunities, apprenticeship etc, things that are all ultimately earning.

So, are these times (low steem price), a time to tell others to join steem? 

"Among the perfect times" and it is very easy. Simply tell them of #ulog; the fun, simple art of #ulogging and has a sign-up page too, that leads them to steem-signup, so feel free to use to introduce them to steem.

Besides, in this short time, i have conceived of more ways of attaining virality through #ulog and one such way is by creating UloggersTV, that will bear forth and incite #ulogging activities from @uloggers globally, designed to appeal to the soft-spot of humans globally, drawing them in on steem not for the bulls or bears but for the beautiful shine and light that we emit.

Please start by subscribing and liking the following:

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On uloggerstv, we will have videos like the one below from certified & verified Uloggers globally, that we will look to bring to virality over time, introducing steem using the fun art of #ulogging.

I am thinking of many things in relation to steem growth but it is a gradual process and bound to be so, for it to be testimonial and solid. This things will play itself out and now even more easily by means of and in the nearest future through etc

Now Back To Steem Power

Looking at human behavior and knowing of steem power and its beauty and of its long term beauty...........

What do you think happens now, that steem is cents again? Well, what do you think will happen if steem goes very low again? Do you think people will lose out on the ability to amass steem power? Do you think people who have lost out on the ability to amass steem power in the past, will lose out on it again? Do you think people who are inactive yet who know of the beauty of steem power, won't return to steem to amass steem power? 

And yes, steem power has many uses. 

Now, imagine steem with 1,000,000 real users etc. Now, imagine what steem power can do then. Now, recall this; 

At 7 cents, 500 USD (20,000 PHP) would have bought me more than 7000 steem power and 1000 USD would have bought me some 15000 steem power. 
Currently, to buy 15,000 SP, you will need more than 15,000 USD. Months ago, to buy 15,000 SP, you would have needed 105,000 US dollars.

Your Boy Terry



#ulog is a global movement

Kindly vote for the "steemgigs" witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

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Greetings, great surpassinggoogle.

I share an opinion similar to yours about Steemit. I am not as old in Steemit as you and others who entered in the beginning. If I'm not mistaken, I joined in February of that year. After I entered, the price of Steem gave a good climb and then fell enough for the price of now. I have a little money invested in SP and I think steemit is for medium term investment. I want to see the price of Steem at the end of this year. For now, I'm trying to accumulate Steem. Next year, you'll help me pay the bills here. Things here in Brazil are not easy.

I appreciate your posting and the motivation that comes up to keep our SP on the platform. Hopefully with the launch of the SMT it from a climb. Let's see how it goes.

The girl you said to vote is a candidate for Witness? If she's responsible like you, I'll vote yes.

I gave a vote of 100% that I imagine to be meaningless to you, but the help you gave in this post is very big.

Thank you and Good morning!!!!


Thank you for the upvote. you are whale to me and it is the act I value. We are bigger things than money.


uoww. thank you a lot man!!!!

One needs Not to Rush while reading @surpassinggoogle 's posts, because in so doing, you will end up missing on a lot of free mentorship.
If i was about giving up on steem today, then this post just revamped me., and for that, and always, hats off to you po.
Let me get back on the grind, lets steem on.
Gosh i love this man, let me just say it.
Thanks Terry for being a steering wheel, because to be very honest, things have kinda been slaggish around here lately., especially and obviously due to the reds on the market .

I love you, we loVe you. Be blessed.


One needs Not to Rush while reading @surpassinggoogle 's posts, because in so doing, you will end up missing on a lot of free mentorship.

@purpletanzanite you just said it all. Terry's style of writing is a #ulogacy. There are facts neatly woven in every line. Though with humour, he breaks every lump of complexity of his ideas into tiny swallows as simple as a.b,c.

As for #steem growth. It's only going througha rebounce. All we do is get ready as it'll project again.


Hahaha thank you alot bro. You broke me down


I love you too. Thank you popopo


That popo name though...

@surpassinggoogle, I think what makes me most happy about your sharing and efforts here is that you demonstrate the importance of looking at Steemit as a kind of "savings program" on the rewards side, not just a way to try to make money for next week's groceries.

For me, this is a "social" venue, but too many people just talk about "money, money, money." People can build a future, here! Just like ALL social media, it takes patience, and you have to focus on building connections and relationships with others. And it can take time.

For example, our small organization now has 6,800 followers on twitter. But that took SIX YEARS to build! Why would Steemit (and the other entry points to the Steem blockchain) be any different? So thank you for encouraging people with this community building approach!

Bright Blessings to you!


very awesome testimonies. the beauty will be seen. too, handtomouth has been taught in forever, the blockchain generation it is now, that should change

Hello friend I am a little new in steem and this story has helped me to understand a bit like this platform was before, I really noticed all the support you give to the users because I have been working on it for a few days now is incredible, I would like someday to be one of those people who receive your support, I will always be supporting you in the comments my friend, I hope you have a nice afternoon :)


You're right...


Welcome on steem. There will be awesome times


Thanks for the support, I'm sure that will be :D

I'm pretty new here and I'm trying to blend in and join communities, there are things I don't really know yet but from your post the major thing I got is Now is the time to invest in steem power so as to enjoy the reward later but what's the fate of someone that don't have that kind of money to invest in steem power yet
What's your advice for such person?


stay present. explore steem's beauty. gather steem power. take steem to the moon with your own beauty. tell your own communities to join steem and take charge. when you have 10 of you, that's a movement


Thank you for the reply, I will try to work on that.

Yes, people would do posts about their intention to leave and all and then it was more welcomed to leave. Like i said their were many flags. So basically, there were people leaving because of too many flags and yes, very valid reasons but did they really leave? Many simply went into-the-box to come back out of it anew.

This was me some months after I joined steemit, I got tired of the $0 payouts but I came back stronger and better after two months break.
So this statement below is absolutely true.

So have many people taken breaks from steeming in the past? Yes and that is bound to happen regardless as we are not robots.

This comment was made from


Very exactly. Onpoint testimonies. You are on my mind and I doubt I will fail you for this Friday


If it is what I think it is, it's Thursday. Thanks for having me in mind.

This comment was made from


Thursday i will meet up. I will answer on the spot

yo terry! :) great post. yea, at first I was like 'why wud anyone buy sp???' but now i get it.. i recently added a bit and feel dolphin status is within my grasp! yay! :) upvote and resteemed.


Yes bro, really within your grasp and encourage. SP it is that i see has soon to be the scarce one because it has many uses. Some aren't public and all but yes it has many uses e.g the recent byteball can have decided to distribute their token based on sp. When smts happen, some smts may used that as parameter for how they distribute and who knows what token will go on into places. I recently saw a post of steemhunt distributing tokens based on sp. you should go grab yours but these are only few of the uses. When you look very closely, you will see more of the uses. Then the scarcity is a kind of use too. Sp also earns dividend on its own, this may not be obvious and i can't remember the percentage but you can experiment for the fun. Check your sp now, then refresh the page after some hours and you will notice your sp has increased. I think it is like 15 percent shared among sp holders. I am not sure of the percentage and all. Well overall, one also needs to look closely to identify much of its beauty.

thank u for sharing always the story behind your success sir Terry. we're learning a lot from u


Thank you. Jehovah bless you in Jesus' name amen

Oh I'm glad we have the same thoughts, I actually made a post few days ago about what can we do when Steem is Low. I think the best thing we can do now is to continue steeming, Support Whales and Witnesses, Power Up and invite others to join Steemit :-)
I also bought some SP's thru and blocktrades(just few,hehe)

Thanks for this one brother, I hope many would read this one and get motivated for them to continue Steeming:-)

Terry, you know what?
At the moment, am seriously brainstorming on how to utilize my small savings(fiat) to accumulate steem power, though it might not near 15000SP for a start... lol, but for me, at all at all na im bad.
Thanks for the inspiration Terry.

a very interesting post. I dont have a lot of money but I deem steem to be a worthy invest and I'm buying little by little as the price of steem is low. I believe in the future of the platform, and I also want to contribute significantly to that future.
so, thanks for the brief history, and like they say, history always repeats itself. hopefully it does this time, but before then, I want to capitalise on the opportunity available to small account holders like myself, by creating content and buying steem.


Sweet comment

I wish I'd been around to buy Steem at 7 cents or even 50 cents @surpassinggoogle but Steem is the cheapest it's been since I joined last December and I have started buying.

I am not interested in the US dollar value but only in amassing a much Steem Power as I can as it is getting harder and harder to earn.

I didn't buy in the last two dips that happened this year because, like you I kept waiting for it to go down more. But this time I bought when it went to $1.17 and, I am sure, at some point in the future that will look really cheap. 😁

Wow, this journey sir T, isn't a small journey, but dedication is what matters in everything we do..
I know so well that you gave everything to the platform.... Your project has pave ways create alots of celebrity.... Baba thank you...


no be small thing and you are grooving with treasure, @mopeola @julietisrael @wakkylyon etc


Baba i swear you just killed me, to the extent that my phone keyboard refuse to type and phone was just lagging....
Mogbe oooo. This is implication
Not 1 nor 2 nor 3, but 4, chisos!!!! Grooving ke


😂 That is not my real name oo 🏃

  ·  3년 전

I know people have been talking about the 7 cent days a lot recently as the value of Steem is low. No doubt in my mind will it grow again, but I know you talked about investing fiat into it, but one of the things that I love about Steem is that people can grow organically through engagement.

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we just need to understand where we've been to know where we're going , history always matter. There might be a lot who have quitted already but still a lot of us choose to continue the journey for we believe that steemit has morr to offer , people inside it and alll the beautiful projects within it ,like #ulogs
More power to you sir Terry , God bless you more and more

Take care always especially your health
much love ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you a lot and for the love


thank you too always 😘❤️❤️❤️

All things definitely starts at "one", and i do believe on steemit effects too to us humans, others will leave because of some reasons like low earnings, dont have good posting knowledge, no crypto experience, dont have time to make a post and etc... doing ulog is the perpect thing to do on steemit, just have fun and be true to yourself, dont mind the numbers coz it will drown you. Let us put our mind set to build our dreams together, not to be alone because it really wont work on steemit community. I admit that im also struggling but i wont give up, i wont give up for my family...for my love ones..


very yes. there will be good times


Thanks a million bro Terry for your support, caring and loving to all of us uloggers. What i wish and pray is have a better world with the help of steemit and very human like you 😊.

The value of steem should gain traction once we see more and more smts and dapps that will get built on top of the steem blockchain. The markets goes in cycles but mostly news-driven but steem is different because it just continues to grow as time goes by @surpassinggoogle so people must realize that aspect of how steem grows and collecting steem power helps to make others to get empowered.

This post is really timely, I believe a lot of conscious as well as unconscious steem-minds have been waiting for a stool like this to stand taller, and see clearer. However low steem value decreases, its value to me has not dropped a day since I joined.

Admittedly, I heard I could make a few more bucks when I joined, but I just really wanted an audience and a window to the world, so I thought, let's kill two birds with one sling. Well, it all changed, I ended up longing more for the sense of community, I reached out to people to read my posts, and enjoyed getting ignored and responded to, all the same way.

My point is, I wish I joined steemit when it was this or even more devalued. I wish I had the necessary investment to keep it, it's more beautiful and even clearer now. I don't post as often recently, with reasons, and all that will change soon because steemit has slowly become one of the details that forms my daily history. Now I simply say to people "bring your dreams to a community called steemit", and it always gets them interested.

Bottom line, I'm down with steemit for as long as it will have me, and I hope that we all find even the tiniest bit of our dreams here, and build a world out of this place, and I don't know what steemit creators wanted but I think that growing staying numbers here is the big beautiful picture!

(sorry Terry I always make it so long, it's either like this, or nothing... Still learning 😄)

This is the first time I read your article...I joined here about a month back and basically had no idea about Steem and Steem power...sbd I did not even hear about that...
You article clears a lot of doubts from my mind whether it was the right time to enter steemit and whether I need to power up or not...
There's a lot for me to learn here and I am learning little by little...
This article is one of my learning notes and would like to thank you for sharing it with us :)
I absolutely want Steem price to lower because I need to load up Steem for steem power and I do believe it will reach unimaginable heights in future...
Have a great day :)


So well said. Stay awesome


Thank you...
Have an awesome day yourself :)

Honestly I am a bit disappointed with the current low rate of steem. But I now fully understood the situation here. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for explaining it to us newbie.

  ·  3년 전

Woops! I wasn't Informed that there's UloggersTV channel, tsk tsk gotto subscribe of course.

My SP is now stocked at 59 my ghost! :D and I haven't posted anything for a month now. They said SBD is now hiding from the post payouts but I hope it will not be removed and I need to buy something for me using my saved cents. Hopind it will fly at least up to 20$ per SBD LOL.

If I just have spare time to do my ulogs after duty, I might have more words to say but I'd rather put my body and soul lol on my bed after taking my dinner. I have to relax my eyes and tiny brain lol that has been used for 11 hours.

Jeahovah will bless you and your family sir @surpassinggoogle

I invested Steem Power when Steem price 1.3 USD. Nowadays I am demoralized. When should I invest again to decrease the avarage of price?

It's been a tough time for steem for sure. Over 90% drop from ath is a pretty big crash lol I hope it recovers someday :)


I believe it will. not only steem crashed. overall, it didnt crash to me for you are here. let's lol


I'm never leaving no matter what the price is lol Crypto 4 life :))))

i joined steemit last summer when the steem price was about that low like it is now... i still think it was the best time to invest money in this planform! so, now it's also a good time for it :D

I wanna climbed in the ladder and I'll learn more.. Your Steemit history inspired me.


you are climbing. you are doing it with your pretty. Jehovah bless you in Jesus' name amen


Jehovah bless you too, in Jesua name

Subscribed the youtube channel and liked the facebook page. Talking about steem power, I think its the ideal time to increase steem power because the prices of steem is significantly down at the present moment.


Thank you for everything. Our very presence on steem goes a long way



people never learn from experience, if they do, then they should consider now as the best times to get it right with STEEM

Steem power has many beautiful uses.

Agree to this sir @surpassinggoogle. I make sure I buy steem even in small quantities every week to power it up. Even I am struggling to make ends meet and tempted to power down, I just didn’t because steem power powered up my account.


Yes it's a good time t buy again :)


Awesome as steem power has many uses

I am glad that I don't need to climb a ladder to learn. There are some Steemians including you Sir Terry that always guide me. And I am very thankful about that.

This comment was made from

Thanks for sharing your experience anf ideas with us Sir...

More steem power to you..😉

We all have a lot to gain from your experince, talking of #ulog, a new steemian just came onboard through me and he just couldn't find something to put up, i refered him to #ulog


Very commendable. Thank you

I still have a lot to learn but I am slowly getting there. I hope you are doing better and your dad. Pls take care and hope to hear you soon on discord. I have subscribed on most but still having a hard time on the others. Get well and take care.

We have missed you here @surpassinggoogle,how is your health now,i hope you're getting better?

You have a very keen history of steem and i like the way you keep pushing even after challenges,you're really a motivation to us here.


Yes, he really is a blessing to us all. One of my first real earnings in Steemit was from @surpassinggoogle, i had heard of his goodness and love but there was this great feeling i got when i experienced it myself... We love you @surpassinggoogle.

Please get well soon. Okay?😉


I pray. if you pray, my amen is on default


thank you. your boy Terry is a constant, bulls or bears

Steem's interface is crappy

Surpassing Google my ass

The scenery of 7 cents is already far away, so you can look back.
The $7 dream may still come true and you need to be brave.

However, the value judgment of any thing requires its own brain to think. Steem will award the PoB (Proof of Brain) medal.


但是,对于任何事物的价值判断要自己的大脑去思考。Steem 会颁发 PoB(Proof of Brain) 奖牌。

Thank you for the encouraging words. We need it that now.

Peace to all
I am newbie on Steem and I found this chronological adventure of ulgo very motivating.
Keep be successful.
I will follow your step.


Welcome on steem

Great Article sir this can be a great motivation and controls our panic i can see steemit will be much more bigger in long run still if we see it does not loose any value compared to other coins i love you @steemit @surpassinggoogle.


I am glad to hear. Stay awesome. Jehovah bless us all in Jesus' name amen

Your explanation of the history of the platform is great. With this everyone will be able to see clearly what efforts has been in place to help develop this platform to this level and ses ghe continuous support and dedication of its users. Nice one. Keep doing your thing.

Excellent article. I really liked it. Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви

yes sir it's done
i voted you and like your facebook page


magoo-2 found a series of multi accounts of a same owner is following your articles to cheat your generous rewards.

magoo-2 found these accounts are suspicious & can be multi accounts of a single owner. Conclusion is based on last 30 days transactions:


Check our latest multi comment spam update report

Very informative for us. Thanks sir!

Indeed, individuals would do presents about their goal on leave and all and after that it was more invited to clear out. Like I said their were numerous banners. So fundamentally, there were individuals leaving as a result of an excessive number of banners and yes, extremely legitimate reasons yet did they truly clear out? Numerous just went into-the-case to return out of it once again.

This was me a few months after I joined steemit, I became weary of the $0 payouts however I returned more grounded and better following two months break. So this announcement underneath is totally valid.

It's been an extreme time for steem without a doubt. More than 90% drop from ath is a truly enormous crash lol I trust it recuperates sometime in the future

Subscribed the youtube channel and liked the facebook page. Talking about steem power, I think its the ideal time to increase steem power because the prices of steem is significantly down at the present moment. We are with you forever @surpassinggoogle thanks for your support and generosity...

Consent to this sir @surpassinggoogle. I ensure I purchase steem even in little amounts each week to control it up. Indeed, even I am attempting to bring home the bacon and enticed to shut down, I simply didn't on the grounds that steem control fueled up my record.

I figure a couple of individuals will abuse the opportunity and some will miss it, it's basically human impulse... I beseech I can totally utilize this uncommon open entryway since I know Steem will rise afresh.

Avery fascinating post. I dont have a great deal of cash yet I regard steem to be a commendable contribute and I'm purchasing little by little as the cost of steem is low. I put stock later on of the stage, and I additionally need to contribute fundamentally to that future.

in this way, a debt of gratitude is in order for the short history, and like they say, history dependably rehashes itself. ideally it does this time, yet before at that point, I need to profit by the open door accessible to little record holders such as myself, by making substance and purchasing steem.

One needs Not to Rush while taking a gander at @surpassinggoogle 's posts, in light of the course that thusly, you will end up missing on an extensive measure of free mentorship.

In case I was tied in with deceiving steem today, by then this post essentially re-try me., and fkr that, and reliably, complete off to you po.

Empower me to get back on the pound, lets steem on.

Gosh I respect this man, let me essentially say it.

Appreciative Terry for being an administering wheel, in light of the way that to be amazingly sensible, things have kinda veen slaggish around here starting late., especially and obviously in context of the reds accessible .


you are bigger than this

There may be a great deal who have stopped as of now yet a considerable measure of us proceed with the trip for we trust that steemit has morr to offer , individuals inside it and alll the delightful undertakings inside it ,as #ulogs

If steem price would be in cents again , I will bought much steem power . But I don't think it will happen .

There is just so much to digest reading your post (those calculations and all) that i have to re -read it again. Finally, I am starting to see the beauty of steem. Thanks sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for showing us that we should appreciate tje beauty when no one else does.

This comment was made from

Thank you for this motivation. We are here because, Steemit is beautiful.

Great post. I joined when steem was around $4 so I started buying at $3 thinking I was getting a bargain! Of course I bought more at $2 then at $1. I’ve now hit my original target so won’t buy more unless for some insane reason it really did go back under 50 cents. But it’s all perspective.

It’s good that you are providing this perspective to those joining now.

Also, so much value comes from the community we get to be a part of here. No matter the price of steem, that still has amazing value.

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very good your post @ surpassinggoogle I'm glad that every time we learn new things in the steemit community and learn about steemit's past.

As a beginner in steemit sir @surpassinggoogle, upon reading your post, questions i have kept in my mind were now multiplied🙈. Got to learn lots of things though that's why posts like this is of great help. Like how to buy what? And how's it possible.. blah.. blah... blah.. really need to read, watch, observe and learn. Thank u for this mindful post of yours.

Thanks for these guidelines...

Hello friend I am new in this wonderful network, I am delighted to surround myself with nice people and to obtain great knowledge of different cultures. I love your post is very helpful for us who are starting in this community, thanks for your support I see that you are fundamental for many thanks to your content. Have my support at all times, greetings from already following you.

I am in full support with you I will and subscribe fully you are a couregous man to follow, You are a good mentor kudos to you @surpassinggoogle

Ulog is the best. From which we work smoothly

I am new to steem and crypto currency but i have continued to study every post i have seen on this subject to try and get a glimpse. I know i have missed a lot already but i am prepared to catch up only problem is very few are willing to teach us newbies and the teminologies are still aa confusing as hell

I appreciate post like this and hope to see more in as simple terms as this was made


there is a talk everyto weekend. you will learn fastit there. link is under the post. you can start your journey on or #ulog, then it hets easier

Es impresionante el salto que han dado las Criptomonedas en los últimos meses, aunque me acuerdo cuando empecé en Steemit el precio del Steem y los SBD superaba la barrera de los 10$ y en estos momentos no supera el 1$ pero estemos tranquilos que de seguro se recuperará en lo que resta del año @surpassinggoogle

Friend, I joined Steem in March of this year, because I really did not know anything about this great platform, but I thank God that it exists, because it is very helpful for everyone. really thank you for your support that always gives us all! let the successes continue!

@ surpassinggoogle. Thank you for the sharing. People especially like me who are minions (joined this year) knew very little about Sp, Steem and Steem power. Although we can read in FAQ. But when you are new, whatever mentioned in the FAQ, is like an alien, you won't understand all the term used.
Luckily, I found this post, you help me to understand more on Steemit in a very easy way. and you highlight to us, steemit also is a kind of saving and earning. You know what, after signed up, I left this as inactive account. Until I start to involved in comment, participated in contest then only i start to find the beauty and enjoy it.. And now.. i have started my first post. (I seriously cannot believe it myself) and now.. I start to think what to write in my next post.
It really a good experience for me..

My savings are also small. Now steem price is down but it's still high for me .

Thanks for your explanation about steem ups and downs.
I have upvoted your post and witnessed to steemgigs.

a great leader per excellent, please get well in time

wishing you more strength and power

I have read @junebride's post on buying steem and I was glad I was taught how to buy steem with your simple words.

Now this post of words just motivated me even more to stay here in Steemit. Because honestly, when my post gets only a few cents, like 0.03 it discourages me.

Now there is just so much to learn yet. Thanks for the guidance I receive through posts like yours.

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They are very lucky steemians, who have collected good steem power in 2016 , in 2016 steem price is very very low . I listen about steemit at the end of 2017. But now time has been changed and steem price is not very low .

Nice post, I think some people will take advantage of the opportunity and some will miss it, it's just human nature... I pray I can fully utilize this great opportunity because I know Steem will definitely rise again.

Thanks for all your contributions to the Steem platform and also for your upvotes.

informative post
steemit is a big and great platform

Awesome! I like to pay attention that the entirety this still going as deliberate and people are nonetheless working difficult behind the curtain even though the marketplace is down! it is reassuring that the humans in the back of this merchandise are continuing to enhance the platform to help grow the community!

I concur with you on the important of investing in steem. This is the right time to invest in steem, Our people says that "The firewood you fetch during the dry season...happens to be the one you will use in raining season"
Your absence is felt by all and sundry....hope you are now hale and hearty @surpassinggoogle

Hello friend, I hope you are well, in steem it was incredible the rewards that you could have every day, most of the people had a great power of vote, I remember that I arrived at 12 $ the steem was something incredible, today the steem only It is worth $ 1 but there are still people who say they have hopes that this value will rise and I trust that, what do you think?

It's hard to imagine that Steem was ever worth just 7 cents!! That's a really huge difference. I'm not a veteran on the platform and even though I am starting to understand how everything works around here, there are still some things that go above my head. But articles like yours really help when it comes to explaining complicated things in the easiest of manners.

Thanks for such a detailed article and sharing your minnow experience on Steemit!

Hello sir great explanation from you i beleave in steem all due to us lot of my career will depend on steemit as december is my target hope that steem atleast reaches 5usd. Thanks for the history of steemit.

Steem under 90 cents now but you guys know what is the history of steem you are the great inspiration for me as i am thinking to take steemit as my full time career.

This is a beautiful insight about the situation of Steem at the moment. It pays to know the history to have a better understanding and decision making.

This is really awesome post sir this is what the support we expect the best thing is that you always will be ahead of others.Great motivation sir.

Today's my birthday and I decided to take it easy. I decided to check out to see what's popping on Steemit.

After going down a rabbit hole (which I'm still in) I found your blog and holy cow 🐮...

I love what your doing on Steemit!

It was fun reading about the early days of Steemit. I wish I would have known about it early in 2016 - but truth be told I probably wouldn't have stuck with it as who has time for another social media site?

It's going to be interesting to see what's going to happen and I'm off to see what's up with ulog based on your recommendation!

Have a good day! Peace ✌️

Congratulations you have gained 1 more subscriber and 1 more like ;)

This condition some people will get benifits and some will miss it. I am happy to find about you cahnnels on youtube and facebook. Steemit is first experience wher i get earnings.


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