Steem-Related Talks Still Happened On The Weekend And Was A Success. See Recording.

4년 전

So as rough as it was, we still covered close to 9 hours on the SteemGigs talk show. It was tough to go through with it that day (for me) but alot of things are. My life so is. 

We spoke and we were family. We played successful and that's giant especially, with varying nations and notions involved (on the SteemGigs community) but we gelled well as we gradually key into "nations are locations". 

Overall, we can never be all the same in a social community as we each have genes. 
It's all good!
Besides nations, we have all ages (during the talks) too. We gelled well still

It is awesome that we end up talking, playing etc but what's awesomer is that we are able to key into "sifting even the not-so-good to find good in it", even at times where we have gone off-key a bit. "Flaws allowed". 

My energy was very low on the day but i was there still. "Everyone" had room to shine. 

Many tried to be there however late and this are inspirational signs and things to celebrate. I AM GRATEFUL.

@edprivat joined in and did us brown sugar:

@quochuy visited too! 

@snook made sure to be there, @angelacs too, @mavericinvictus too, etc too. 

@shadowpub visited too. She has a show discord talk show each Thursday too.  

There are many names to mention but some skip my memory. I remember @towhid as we dedicated an entire session in after-party to serenading him. Then there was @irak, @abdulmanan etc

Altogether, there were many songs sang on this particular talk show. And many original songs created too.

@darrenclaxton came too. I noticed him on the guitar but i wasn't quick to give him room and before my brain woke up, i didn't hear the sound of his guitar again. I apologize @darrenclaxton; "my energy level was really low, so, i wasn't bright on the day".

See his recent original music here:

There were many first time singers on this particular talk show too. I can't remember all the names currently but @long888 was loud and clear with power vocals.

Altogether, i consider the talk a success.

To read the experience of attendees of the show and a overview as well in voice of many steemians. They have written on #snook

The tag for that particular was dedicated to #snook as "she dug" to be on there, even though her energy level was low. 

She hung on there for sometime, shared in the laughs, share her knowledge and didn't share the meal reserved for her husband.

@snook has a contest that i would be glad that you join in at. The contest is to celebrate fun more so than karaoke-prowess:

Round Seven Bad Karaoke- Round Ends June 20th - Midnight EST

@eunireal1 has one too. It has just one or two days left on it. Join in here:


@mdshain76 as well. Join in here:


I will be doing a very short post today. 

Your Boy Terry


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful.

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.   

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Greetings, great surpassinggoogle

I'm going to report something personal, because I know you have a good heart and is reliable.

I live here in Brazil and win money here being healthy is not so easy. I didn't hole rules. Respect them.

I'm a psychologist and I have sources of income from my job in a room to rent in clinics and here at steemit.
Invest money in criptomoedas here in steemit buying power steem.

The problem is as follows. For family issues, I have debts that were to come to me, but they came.

I want to clear all. I could sell the steem power here to settle. However, if I sell to pay off, I'm out of the source of income here and go into personal debt, unable to pay the Bills.

I wanted your help giving me tips of what I could do to get to work harder and increase my income. I have no idea what I can do. Please, give me a light, case knows and can help me.

Thanks for posting and your always help others here!!!!


you can join the discord talks every weekend, you will learn faster, cos one response here can't answer what you seem fully. build connections and you can gradually do so e.g in discord talks where you have chance to connect with other steemians


i will do it. Thank you for listen and help men, man!!!!

This should pass as the shortest show post you have ever made.

I clicked on the dlive link and it took me to the witness voting site, was that a mistake or is it delibrate. I got to listen to some of the songs as well and they were great. We really do have great talents in here.


gosh, i am so unwell. fixed. thank you


If you ever need anyone to talk to you can contact me: @surpassinggoogle I take medicine for depression and also for psychosis but thanks to the medicine, I am depression & psychosis free, and living a good life with my wife and our newborn son (Davao City). There is treatment for mental illness and you don't have to feel unwell permanently. You can acheive mental & emotional stability without feeling dragged down all the time. It is a little harder to find treatment in the Philippines than in 1st world countries like the United States but where there is a will, there is a way.

P.S. I write about my experiences with mental illness on Quora but can address your questions personally:


okay, but lemme ask especially for my dad, he isn't very mobile. is it possible to get doctors who will agree to see him at home. was you meds all prescibe or where supplements included too. thank you alot


Hopefully you can convince one of the doctors to assist your Dad in his home. The medicine I take was prescribed, not a suppliment. When someone has a severe mental illness and even in some mild cases, suppliments aren't enough. I take an antidepressant (20mg's of Escitalopram) and an antipsychotic (4 mg's of Risperidone) but I am pretty sure my illness is more severe than yours, and maybe even your Dad's. That means both of you can get better if I got better. You can email me the general location of where your from and I can search for a doctor on the Internet or you can Google for a "Psychiatrist".

Psychiatrists are the doctors that prescribe medicine for mental health concerns and psychologists are the ones that diagnose and do talk therapy. But I think some psychiatrists also diagnose now too.

Talk therapy is not good enough for severe mental illnesses either, and sometimes isn't good enough for mild cases of mental illness. In cases like these, medicine made specifically for mental health problems should be prescribed (antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabalizers, etc.)


I am glad you got really better, I forgot to say that.

I sent you an email too


Thanks, Terry.

I am lucky to have recovered but I think most of us are capable of recovering. Your Dad is also fortunate to have you as a son.

I emailed you back but it's kind of long. I wanted to share my experience of mental illness so that you could look for similarities between what I experienced and what your Dad is going through.


Hello Terry,
It's been a while. I have not been too strong myself, but I am ever happy to see you doing so much for this community, for the awesome love you shower, for the beauty in your every action, every smile, every word, it dazzles my world. You continue to be a source of succour, and I wish you strong, I wish you well, for in you are many inspired, in you are many enlivened, in you are many infused with the strength to keep going, even in toughness. For all these and more, I remain your utmost fan, for life.
Please take good care of yourself.


dlive my boss is sweetable person.


You're lucky you can listen to the schedule.

I'm not sure if you heard me playing piano Sir Terry.:)


ofcourse. I mentioned you in the making of this post but I removed it. I was trying to spell your name. even mdshahin786. I memorize the pselling of these names but I am so unwell. first I typed mdshanhin86 and didnt find it but did so moreso digging and found it. yes I heard it. I think you played it too when garygabby sang


My boss @surpassinggoogle salute for your cordial support


i'm right! i heard the piano but i wasn't sure and even asked in the general chat, but no one answered haha.


Wow so many talented people come out from the shell because of Steemgigs!

Hey Terry! :) just awesomeness! i hope to catch u again at some live events.. ok, cool,

too bad you didn't heard me sing! haha thank you for all the hardwork and help to all your followers Sir.. :) God bless you always..


@melanie0625, no don't sing. You will surely entice men's heart if you do that. hahaha


noooooo they don't even notice me!!! hahaha

Hope Sir you are healed now..

Please take care of your self Sir..

May Jehovah give you strength and guide you always!

Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle,
and much power for your amazing work
Much love and best regards
@wonderlamp, the new project for undervalued Minnows on Steemit.

Ooh @surpassinggoogle I really missed I wasn't able to be around due to the tight schedule I had on weekend, of promoting steemit amongst my realatives but next time I won't miss out.

The show was very fine, however many can't make it due to heavy rains disrupting the internet connections.

Hope that the next show would be better, no raining and allow us all to party well

Yes there were many songs from different wonderful steemians with different voices

Please don't sick Terry, minnows really need you here and you can help only when you are healthy. Thanks for every time

It was so much fun this time with @josediccus and @japfive... And all the wonderful people already mentioned.

I see some love poems already...i just dont know who has them😂

Most happening things happening over steemit, #ulog, #teardrop and thanks @surpassinggoogle and ofcourese mr. terry. It the way it revolutionized many members in this platform is worth mentioning. My level of affection with Steemit also increased manifold after reading such lovely stories througn Ulog and I am too a Ulogger here.

Love the way people are celebrating with this and the talk shows. Wish I could join one very soon

Excellent this edition, I will not miss the next, I will be parting.

I hope you get better soon Mr. Tery, remember to always take a break to release a little mind. Thankful for the help you always give us.
May Jehovah bless you always and protect you from all danger.

Overall, we can never be all the same in a social community as we each have genes.

Yes we are never the same in the society even though we may tend to have similar attribute (s) but something (s) make us different entirely.
Seemingly in status quo, talents, behaviors etc.

I really miss your write ups and quotes. More strengths for you @surpassinggoogle.

So amazed to see this stuff sir lot of indepth explanation as a newbee its helps me a lot about new updates and features.

Never expected steem has this amazing features thanks a lot @surpassinggoogle for introducing it,you have made me to learn a lot about steemit.

This is really amazing sir thanks a lot for sharing such cool stuff.

Really loves your support sir and thanks a lot for sharing.

The energy and sacrifices you always put in has been very commendable. You are a true definition of a leader. Well done sir @surpassinggoogle

Yeah, it was fun all the way. Trust my naija people, we also represent with our pidgin English. Hahaha. 😂

I don't know @surpassinggoogle can sing, you have a great voice bro.

You can all read my report of the show here if you miss the show


Yes, it was fun. The translation of pidgin English was interesting. Till I slept that night, I was wondering the right word for draw in @surpassinggoogle question. My ogbono soup de draw Though, I am not so good at speaking pidgin but I enjoyed it.


Lol. Draw Na draw nah

  ·  4년 전

Yeah brotha it was really fun. I love the show specially if sir @surpassinggoogle started his akon in disguise moment hehe.

I have some question to ask sir, can i talk to you personally?

Here is my first review about the 2nd i have attend

Kindly review my #ulogs and give me suggestion if any.


sir @surpassinggoogle why you always ignore my comments :/


Hello my friend in behalf of @surpassinggoogle sorry for what you felt. But he is not ignoring your comments he is just pre-occupied. Check my comments and others there was no reply or votes from him too.

It was another refreshing moment to be on the 7th episode of the show. My high point was when you did a song for the guy from Bangladesh towards the end of the show. I felt so much energy and passion through your voice @surpassinggoogle, keep inspiring us all

Won't miss it coz it's too fun to be there. Hahaha!

  ·  4년 전

Yeah it's more fun the discord talk show hehehe. You rock boss, what Filipino song for next week so I can prepare one.. hehehe


me too. though i'm not feeling well, I can't resist to tune in. joining the talk show has healing effect...i don't wanna miss a thing hehe.

  ·  4년 전

Yeah sir @long888 had his concert he sang sweetdreams by airsupply, that was awesome. Thanks to @garygabby also for he was there when I sang the Filipino song and they werent heard my voice coz if they do I'm afraid the rain will be more wild all iver the Philippines hehe.


Hahaha. Nice kaymo'g tingog ay.. Pa.voice lesson ko ha :)

  ·  4년 전

Hahaha sir @long lng ana kay wa koy yamo ana., maau gani naa to c pareng gabby.


Surely bibo kaau mu fri3nd wow!

  ·  4년 전

Apil next time maam ha para sadya ta.,

Glad that more and more singers (pro and non-pro, talented and untalented) are joining the fun, and you know the reason why? Because SG being the ultimate leader is a good singer himself and I can see he's enjoying it, just go on with it Terry its one best way to release tension and stress. Hopefully soon we could have a real life singing spree in the Philippines.

And thanks for the mention, I could not sound well when I sing if without the help of the real true singer @g10a! And I sing just to have fun, just a normal Filipino who can sing using a karaoke.

More power and see you all in the next #steemgig talk show!


@long888, you're too humble for saying you don't sound well when you sing fri3nd. You sing like a pro.


Thank you for the moral support friend @lebron2016 haha I need it to have the guts to go on singing. Kanta pud.

Hello @surpassinggoogle

You keep engaging the community in the most awesome way to ensure every one shines. I wish we have another YOU providing a similar level of support, how I wish. At any rate. We are happy for your support. Thanks.


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

I wish there'll also be a radio serye Sir. Haha. Wow I it's very entertaining surely and kudos to my friend @long888, he is a great singer!

Seems like you're really stressed all the time but you don't like to relax for the sake of helping many lives. We thankyou for your generosity, humility, and pure heart.

God bless you many times!

Matthew 25:35-40

"35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ 37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ 40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’'

talents of great voices

What a great effort dear friend.. go a head always waiting for your updates dear @surpassinggoogle

Steem meets every day to learn something. I get a new information everywhere

That was one of the best fun talk show ever.

As at the time I showed up, more than 50 were in attendance, not too long, I heard @mermaidvampire asked if anyone could sing a particular song, pardon I forgot that which she wanted.
Not too long I lost connection completely due to network related errors, as a result of heavy downpour that occurred over the weekend.
I hope to catch up with the next talk show.

I'm subscribing your youtube channel now. :) and I'm glad to join again tha talk show later. Sir @surpassinggoogle.

I think I only have two major activities now every Saturday's @steemgigs family talk shows and the rest

The talk show was really fun!!! :) Though i wasn't able to sing. Haha :D But i might be joining the bad karaoke contest :D

Yippppeeee I got mentioned
Not too worry buddy Terry we keep praying to God to strengthen you, your gonna feel much better in this life. We know already God has a whole lot in store for you and we cannot thank you enough for all you do to be at your best each and every day.
More Nations are gonna hear your name
Thanks for last week saturday
Through your wise words you have made a lot of steemians celebrities
Much love from Eunireal1 all the way from Nigeria💜💯

We are really luck to have someone like you @surpassinggoogle, you are a blessing.

This was actually my first time but it was such an awesome experience.. Especially hearing @surpassinggoogle voice for the first time. Bro u really need to do an album launch. 😂 and I also wish you quick recovery b4 d next episode.

But notwithstanding, the "heart 2 heart" episode was so touching due to the several experience that was shared..

Wow it's really fun and entertaining at the same time. I can imagine how tired you were but the Joy and fun is your strength. Hahaha.

I was there too, but as usual happy audience player😊

Wow Sir @long888 you had a concert last Saturday. Hehe. Its really sad that I missed it. There was a signal problem few days ago, glad LTE is back now.


hehe just want to join the fun, I dit it with the real singer @g10a

Congratulations sir terry
That night I was there and listened to all my friends can communicate with you,
I just tried to talk to you but I felt a little alienated, I did not blame friends there, it's because I do not know when I should be in the conversation ,,, I tried to call you not once twice sir, I had a song, with my friends for you there, but that makes me sad, it seems no one listening to my song, the communication continues,
Sorry this is my fault in speaking the language, but I really do not intend to interrupt your chat and other friends, but I just want to join, because I idolize you and want to bring a song there, but the reality is not on my side ,,, sorry sir if ignorance I speak in disturb you there ,,, once again always always sir ,,, thank you,
I will faithfully support you

How are you now sir Terry? Hope you are fine now. I really appreciate your effort in reaching us even though you are not feeling well.
You really motivate us to grow! Thank you sir Terry.

Nice one boss... Thumbs up

ooooh, I really missed yet I had informed my colleagues in Uganda next time I will make it a point to attend

yes this looks fun, I see some great tags you say and maybe this is my appeal to use it and how with your permission @surpassinggoogle.

hopefully who are here will get comfort and a new family of fun.

Hey Terry!
I was around to play but saw that you were all busy in deep conversation.
Thanks for the mention and for promoting my new music post.

When you talk of a good leader in this platform @surpassinggoogle is sure one of them
Many of those who calls themselves leaders do not engage the members as Terry does👍

I am so sorry bro that I could not be there the entire time.

Having been rained on the entire day and some disappointment that we could not go to Banawen because of the Storm as @giftinkindph was stranded but worry not as we spread the love and giving twice in Sagpat as we gave school supplies to over 300 kids.

It was awesome seeing their smiles and although we were tired and sick we smiled because of them and vowed to comeback again.

I heard some and joined in the afterparty and heard that nexrules did an awesome job moderating.

I heard the songs and love people showed you and was happy.

When we are feeling low in energy know that other people will be there to give you energy and inspiration for we are Uloggers.

Thank you bro Terry for always being there.


SOOOO proud of all the work you are doing with @giftinkindph, @maverickinvictus! Amazing love, dedication, commitment and purpose. Sorry you got rained out and couldn't go to Banawen as planned... but I'm sure you'll make it up to them for the next round.

Rest up and recuperate a little please!!! And I hope @surpassinggoogle rests a bit while his voting power recuperates too. ;)


I kinda felt bad though that I missed majority of it. We got home before 8pm and I said I would rest for a bit and set my alarm for before 12 am but woke up 1:30 am for the after party haha.

I found myself getting serenaded by people like Ed and the rest goldbaba was awesome too!
Then I fell asleep.

The mind and spirit wanted to stay but the body was weak and old as I slept and woke up around 6 am with the earphones still attached to my ears.

I hope that my push to talked was not pressed or else you all would have heard me snoring.

I was so tired but it was the good kind of tired from doing something good.


I kinda felt bad though that I missed majority of it.

I understand. We all do. The plans of mice and men. ;)

You were tired. That's allowed. We're supposed to be celebrating the human and that means allowing ourselves to be human, including being tired. ;)

I slept and woke up around 6 am with the earphones still attached to my ears.

I hope that my push to talked was not pressed or else you all would have heard me snoring.

Your presence was felt all the way through. Maybe the 'live' earphone connection helped. ;)

And we definitely didn't hear you OR anyone else snoring. Snoring would have been so funny! ONE more crazy thing for us all to laugh about and enjoy. May just be a matter of time before that happens though.... since it's the dead of night for everyone on that side of the world. Something to look forward to? ;)

I was so tired but it was the good kind of tired from doing something good.

Exactly. Day well spent making children and families happy and in stormy weather too. Well deserved sleep, so you can 'wheel and come again' as we say here in Jamaica. ;)

I joined late due to loads of work on my table. Really wished i joined earlier. I would have loved to sing a song even though i dont have the best of voices, but that is what the thing is about ; having fun. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for making steemit fun. I was inspired by you to start a series of small lecture videos on excel on my blog so everyone can visit and learn or brush up their excel skill.

Great update man

wishing you a quick recovery Terry and I pray for you to be in good health.
We love you 😍 😍.

Never a dull moment with the Steemgigs show and time spent were memorable as many life lessons, experiences were shared and advice given. This is the only show that cuts across all boundaries and no limitation to what you can do if you put your mind into it.

Met some amazing and funny people on the after party
@surpassinggoogle, the world is stage and you gave a room for talent hunt. Well done Sir Terry

I was listening the whole time. Terry, you told us, your night was rough. When you started singing, it was full of love...combined with great singer friends in the room!

This is great.
Not many can do what you have being doing. Creating 9hours availability to listen to everyone is not an easy thing, but you did it and still felt inspired for another time.
A big well done to you @surpassinggoogle

This was great. I am checking out the DLive now. I guess this is getting better every week

it is very successful sir because everyone of us is enjoying the show. hope sooner i can join singing.

a very good moment, Sir Terry always makes things I do not think about

congratulations on the success of this weekend! May it always be like that, Terry! God bless you!

I want to try this contest .... my question is whether it is required through dlive to make a post!? @surpassinggoogle

always great moments with @surpassinggoogle.

love the way you always make yourself available
great job terry

It was so sad that I missed it, I'm on steemgigs on discord but because I'm very new on discord I really dont understand how it works. I hope some one can put me through so I can witness the next discord talk show.
Nice work @surpassinggoogle

With this, I see the discord show was amazing. I missed it because of tears. Hope to be a part of next Saturday's edition. Thanks @Surpassinggoogle for the update. I'll soon share my lessons from this video.

i like your work. Great Job

Thank you for treating us as your family. We treat you also like our own brother..
I had so much fun last last night.

I'm grateful you initiated the discord talk show. I makes me feel comfortable with fellow Steemians. Listening to your voice, makes me happy

It was really fun! Sir Terry please know that whatever is that you are experiencing now, we got you. ;) Smile now :)

Hope you feel better now sir.
wish you success on all your projects this year :-)

9 hours being in tbe Discord channel needs a big effort, considering it is a time to rest. So grateful to @surpassinggoogle that even if he is sick, he stilk manage to joined us that night. We really are family.

the discord talk show, can showcase the different talents of the steemians. Got to listen to some of the nice singing voice, of course the voice of @surpassinggoogle too.

Wow! That was awesome, Great talents I hope soon i can share my talent too (Someone like you) Male version in the Talk show.

I will always try and be there to support you and Ulogs. They have brought much joy into my life and I am trying hard to spread the word about them to any that will listen. :D

Thank you for talking about the bad karaoke :D I hope people will have fun with it and join in.

I think we were all slow that day....but we do what we can as we are only humans and not perfect :D

I will try and learn some reggae for next week :D

It was a nice experience
I was there live

Thanks to all who participated

I sure wish I was part of it, seems like it was a lot of fun based on the positive feedback from all the comments here!

Thanks for the support!!

Much love bro @surpassinggoogle
You keep engaging the community positively. Thumbs up. It was really great. Keep it upsets

That was fun, like really ,some moments i couldn't help laughing because the mood was so light, and there were a lot of great singers it was very entertaining! Thanks for the invite!

Terry bobo, i was online and talking but no one was able to hear me , but it was fun, @josedicus and @japfi almost killed me with comedy and @yungchief with pidgin rap. That was fun i wish u guys could hear me , have a special song for you that night... Thanks for ulog @surpassinggoogle

I was silent throughout the talkshow because I'm down but the beautiful songs from different people uplifted my mood.

I was very excited to join but I when I woke up ,the talk show was already done and Goshhh!!it was already 1:30 a.m I only heard those someone who sang a filipino song.

Good evening Big Bro Terry.

Truly this is one of the shortest posts you've ever published. I wasn't sure it ended and I had to refresh the site again and wow it just showed again. Sorry about your health situation. My prayers for you are the best, get well soonest Big Bro.
Take some @teardrops token.

Everyone has something to offer

great talk sir 💯👍🏻

i feel so good to be part of team @surpassinggoogle

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

My internet is always on and off! I may hear the voice of @surpassinggoogle in a while then connection will be lost.

Sukses selalu untuk para pengguna steemit,semoga kedepannya lebih baik lagi.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle

  ·  4년 전

Our boy Terry.

As you are our sir.

May b we have nothing to say about anything related what is seen and unseen incidence in your life.

We just get knowledge, inspiration from you and nothing more.

If I tell about me then,
I just saw a bundle of events in my life.

I saw who cried out, God respond to them.

I saw, Nothing stayed for long time. It can be anything like happy or sad.

Life as it is goes. I just let my life, let the life to go. Let me feel the pain. Let me see, how much pain I come to capable to get. I just let myself to see, how much I can tolerate.

Anyway, Everything those happens in life, God is reason behind of those. He just do all things for us for the betterment of our life. We muslims believe that. The reason of current events, God knows them well. But may be He kept something better for us.
All the events those are happening in life just because of him. Let him do the thing. We have nothing to do with the things over those we don't have any control. Let him control events of my life.

All these things everyone knows better. I am just repeating as an example of my life.

Whatever condition you are leading now, doesn't matter.
You just created too many conditions in human life. You just let people to dream. You just make them happy. You spread your love, and returned back got a bundle of love from different nations. I think, nothing can be much more successful than this. This may be one and only reason to bring a smile in face.

You took us as your close as well as your near and dear one. We just announce here we are your nearest and dearest
and we all love you so much. People just hang around on Discord not to get benefit but just because of they love you. They know, without you Diacord live is just an empty place. They just become busy with what can make you smile.
Hope your soon recovery Sir. Wishing the best for your life.

Its Irak Mahmud here, If I have mistaken anything let me correct myself and see me with your kind heart. Thank you.

congratulations friend for your publications

Wao! Thanks for the update of the radio talk @surpassinggoogle. I missed it and i've been beating myself about it since yesterday. Won't miss the next one for anything.

Thanks a lot @surpassinggoogle, i pray you receive more strength to help this beautiful initiatives of yours and to help make your dreams about a better world come through.

It was still splendid, even it was apparent that you didn't have so energy level, I must say, it's certainly fun to have spent those hours that and those moments and yet it seemed as if there was no passage of time.
The talk show was very emotional too, I mean hearts were poured and life stories were told as well, we were opportuned to have so much time to feel the vibration of the power of connection through ulog, I can't wait for Saturday


Your speak pidgin fluently. I had to listen to the translations.

Well said boss God bless you @surpassinggoogle for all the good work

Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad everyone had enjoyed. I look forward to join soon. Lovely idea!
Bringing the community together in one.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I Want Follow You. Follow me first @Cryptoloverm

there are always emotions involved there
people speak with their hearts out
it is really like a family
thanks for promoting love

Despite the fact that you were not feeling too well, you still had time for us. What a sweet heart you are and have towards steemians. I was so happy to be part of it. Especially the part that you asked me to sing. It was trilling.

I hope you feel better now. I pray for more and more strength for you to carry on the more. Love you

You are a big boss of steemit community,your every works work as a medicine for needy.Your every programme means a lot for every ages,I wish you all the very best for sound health and bright days aheade.

I always enjoy reading the post after the talk show. Actually I got the link by adding Sir Terry on my Fb through @towhid post. It was nice to hear his testimony and experience on the show.

steemit that made it all a success

@surpassinggoogle Wanted to let you know that @dipoabasch featured you in their Entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. This week our optional 3rd featured spot was someone "who is positive or helps others" and you were chosen.

Was a really good choice in my opinion. Appreciate all that you do on steemit and have you set as a witness.


Hey @surpassinggoogle, I just want to reiterate what @thedarkhorse said here! I found this post in the same way, and have to say that all I've heard about you, and from the looks of these endless comments, you are a perfect choice as a "positive and helpful" steemian! Thanks for all you do :)

The last show was a blast Sir Terry. We’re all glad with your presence despite that you don’t have much energy that day.
Thank you sir Terry.