More upvotes than views? Yes, it is possible!!!

3년 전

Welcome to Steemit where bots will vote for your "quality content" without even viewing what you wrote!!!

I haven't been here long, just a little Minnow don't you know, but I can do basic math. I notice there are high earning posts where there are more than twice as many upvotes as there are views. I guess that it must be nice to earn over $50 in less than 2 hours of upvoting with only 30 views. How do you get 75 upvotes that turn into $50 with only 30 views? I don't know, but it doesn't look very legitimate to me.

My prediction is that this post will not earn $50 no matter how many views it gets. I guess that you need the right friends or an army of bots. Oh well...

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I an eager to see the final result of that prediction.

Yes, the bots (and the boosters) seem to be key to getting successful on this platform.

Unless you can produce some amazing content (and even then), you've got your work cut out for you to get properly noticed.

Don't fight them, tho. Get them to work with you and for you.

Then you can achieve some Steem Success.


Hello Thundersam. When you say "don't fight them" are you suggesting that obvious scams should just be ignored in order to perpetuate the scam and, hopefully, participate? Is that, in your opinion, the real purpose of Steemit?

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I think it might not be as illegal as it sounds. The possibility could be that people (mostly newcomers who don't understand how Steemit works) keep on upvoting just from the home page without even opening the post (page) and thus upvotes>views. For instance, I just wrote a post and it has got 5 views and 43 upvotes :D