2.40 SBD shared with 215 people so 0.011 SBD each for Daily Faucet for 22nd May 2018

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Daily Steemit Faucet post payout for 22nd May 2018

@abbak7 @abhisteem13 @abu.bakkar @aceace @albanyg12 @aledania @ambarabby @amico @anasuleidy @andreja @annabellebatho @annatefo @aracieli @armandofd @aspenrose @authorcolinbmw @avtoledy @awosode @bellasyde @bermudezloida @bernadettecc @bigsambucca @bio00 @bojakcates @brosol @bucipuci @cjsean @cobran @coinchek @corteskulot @crmilazz @croxdragnel @crypto.bob1976 @cryptocheta @dan16 @darlyrin @decaptain @dhaneshpk @dhanu4u @dianadvsalcedo @dicepticon @digi3d @dizzyapple @dracoblue @eagle42 @eduagf1 @elider11 @escarlata @esmerallda @eurovision @exploretraveler @extraterrestrial @fatherfaith @fhstralow @firstamendment @flaviusbusck @fleurinna @flordi @franmir @freewritehouse @gabo321 @gabrielkrupaz @galifrey @gamernoob @gersson @gilres @gingbabida @godlovermel25 @grace234 @hangin @happyhairdays @hayomi @hillaryoki @igienistamentale @inlakech @itsjessamae @izaid @jadeidol @jamescrusader @jdbs @jdbsotillo @jjqf @joanstewart @joel0101 @johngentry @johngentryjr @joseasotillo @kalejandra @kantzone @kcherukuri @khaani @khiabels @kraitahex @krisha25 @kryptonia @kryptoniabot @kurs @ladyoftheundead @lauracguzman @leetahsar @lykaypajaro @machv @mariainesff @mariale07 @mariamzr @mariannewest @markusmichael @maryresp @mawit07 @mcplexer @meepsy @meme.elena @memo01 @millerjtaipe @mindark @mirandafr @motordrive @mps01k @mrjohn01 @mrjokar @mrzurkon @mydivathings @mytechtrail @nahupuku @nathansenn @naturealwysright @navaneeth @nawye @nexit @nina29arias @ninjawolfe @ninzendo @nrich239 @nypho @ofili1 @omarlybenitez @pandasquad @petervroom @piccola.valeria @polilf @pravinnandanwar @princesave @psyceratopsb @psychkrhoz @puskas @quotes-haven @radioycamara @rafaelaquino @rahul111 @raorac @ratul2003 @reinaldoverdu @remotehorst @reonlouw @richie211 @riyuwe @rlt47 @robhimself1 @rosanngely @rosemaritess @rubelynmacion @ruul @salomonca @sam1996 @samosw @septimus @sexy-princess @shariagu @sheilamenher @shoukath @simplemrakpor @sinlg @socialmediaseo @solangeh @sotillojoser @steemfire @steem-reward @suanky @summi @sunday21 @superexplorer @sureshtembhurne @sustainablelivin @swastecha @swaze @sweetjoy @tantrum @tenaciousjay @teresah @thachthao @thewitchdoctor @tiatu @toniettieeee @traylorjonathan @tspink @unataldani @unicron @usman119 @vacilator @veronicasmb @vijbzabyss @viralweb @vsmb @wahidurrahman @weestree @whatumeme @whitelite @wilson4life @wonderwop @yahoobot @yann85 @yelbosco @youarehope @zanoni @zmagaz

Check the Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Faucet/PendingPayments/

Current Daily Faucet Post http://csyd.es/Faucet

Please leave comment that you received your payout to show others this is real.

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That's really a good job sir.You are a great person.Keep inspiring the newers like this sir, keep it up.God bless you.

This sounds great. I'll try to sign up to this. I've done your task on Kryptonia. Here's my id: @eng_chit_chat

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Thanks VERY much for sharing and helping so MANY People! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Most of your payouts in this platform are greatly appreciated @sydesjokes.... Such rewards are of big help amongst us newbies and minnows.... Thanks again and more power! GOD bless!

Hurrah. I'm among the rated ;-). Thanks.

The feeling of excitement when you see your name on the list.

verry nice

Thank you so much @sydesjokes!

thanks for everything

Welcome Back


Hi Joan
Please help me get back on to Teamsouthafrica. my soninlaw explained when i first started that I need to upvote someone if I tag Teamsouthafrica. I absolutely forgot and was tagging away without realising the mistake.
What can I do to get back on Teamsouthafrica?
Please help


Not a problem, will check for you now @allandharvey sorry for late reply.

Your account has been reset, I have also sent you a Direct Message here in Discord to connect should you have any further problems or questions.

Thank you

Muy agradecida, lluvia de bendiciones

Thanks Colin, for the information

Thank You

Excellent stuff and once again thank you
Kryptonia ID socialmediaseo

Wow am on the list

Cant really say much but keep going

2.40 SBD shared with 215 people so 0.011 SBD each for Daily Faucet for 22nd May 2018 thanks

Muchas gracias @xintoe

Thanks a million

Saludos @sydesjokes, muchas gracias por su apoyo