How to see all the people that UpVote your Steemit post

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1. When you go to Steemit post you only see the first 20 UpVotes e.g.

2. Change the url from "" to "" as

3. This is the Steemit Block Explorer

4. Scroll down and you will see all the people who have UpVoted you.

5. Check the STEEMIT Matters Facebook Group.

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Yes I loved steemd, is also a great explorer

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Really very helpful. And cryptonia is growing fast awesome tool for us

Very helpful. Since this is an environment that keeps on changing and growing we do not have a handbook where a newbie can learn it all. Posts like this are what we have. Thank you for helping!

From Kryptonia

Thank you VERY much for sharing this information and all that you do for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Very helpful. Thank you from @eng_chit_chat on Kryptonia

Too bad it's not the top 20 upvotes.

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Actually I think that the 20 votes shown are the highest in descending order.

thanks for sharing!

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wow nice info thanks it is very helpful

I came to this finch by chance two weeks ago when steemstats did not show me the names of the articles. I opened it over the steemd and so I found out that there was a list of all the voters to see ;-)

Wow thanks, that's awesome info to know! Learning new things about Steemit almost every day still lol I just found out posts/comments with less than .02 don;t get paid out, so I'm trying to be more "strategic" with my votes so they don't go to waste so much on comments, when my vote is only worth .01


Appreciate the tip. I can understand, though, why this platform can be confusing for people. It still is for me, andd I'm a very technical person.


Look into @dustsweeper. It’s a fix for that problem!


yes I like dustsweeper too, i think it is fantastic.

Thank you for the payment sir!

Steemd is pretty useful

Thanks for the clear explanation of this.@bon-nom

Why thia post upvote

a great piece of info and very useful
Thank you
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Thanks for the info!
How can you see the people who resteemed a post?
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Gracias por enriquecer los conocimientos sobre la plataforma @xintoe

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Oh that is how you do it. Thank you for the information. This is very helpful.

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Thank you! That was something I was wondering about.

Thanks so much most are not know how to check this thing likewise me also @bodmanual

This is pretty useful, I've always been annoyed how I can only see 20 voters on a post - thanks for sharing!

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Gracias por compartir esta información que yo creo que la mayoría no lo sabe. Muy práctico y bien entendible la explicación. La verdad yo me preguntaba eso ya que cuando se despliega el botón de los votos sólo vemos una pequeña parte, que bueno que usted lo explicó. Gracias @sydesjokes.From kryptonia @isabelpena

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Thanks for the info

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True, only the first 20 votes are seen, nothing more

Very helpful I have tried checking all the people that votes me, but it was impossible before now

Thanks for sharing this

Thank. i prefer steemworld

i came here from @kryptonia, same id

Thanks for the help!
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I'll explore that, its an informative and very useful thanks for the information.. God bless

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Thanks alot for this

this is very informative post....thank you
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Thanks every day you learn more in steemit

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Ah, that is a great tip. I always wondered how to do that.

joe@uvas23 from Kryptonia, spreading some love.

thank you

Upvoted @juoleuse from kryptonia thanks for sharing your knowledge

This is very useful @sydesjoke, Most of the time I do wonder who are my upvoter's. But it is clear now!

Thanks for the info! @damiana

best blog

One of the most helpful post that I have read...its important to know who are the fellow steemians who also upvoted our post...big or small in steem power everyone matter! Greetings from @nickjon courtesy of kryptonia!More power....

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Thank you for the info!! I didn't know it all these while haha

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Nice Info from the master himself.


this really help me. thanks!

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Soo many nuances to this platform.

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Thanks for sharing this

Thank you for this post, Sir @sydesjokes. Very helpful. ☺
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