Sophisticated Solution to the "Trending Trash" Problem On Steemit

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Before improving any aspects of a website having an immense scope we need to know "Do we users perceive the implied vision of the website..?" How do we create a certain impression about a website because impression last a lifetime..

How is a website judged, how do people estimate the real value of a Social platform..

Obviously by the quality of content on it and especially on it's front page.. By reviewing the door of a house we get the impression for the whole of the house..

And as far as the door of steemit is concerned, it isn't creating any good impression on the new visitors..

Cause For Poor Organic Growth :

When I joined Steemit, the trending section was much more better than it is now, maybe it was because authors then have not much boosting services and that why they used to write better posts to get more exposure.. But now all I see in trending section is some useless trash, been upvoted by big bidding whales...

If steemit kept continuing like this, and number of useless posts remained higher than trending worthy posts than I am afraid the Steemit Doom is near.. New users will abandon this website long before even joining it when they will see this trending trash..

Some serious measures should be taken to ensure that only the worthy post appear on the front page of this Website, because the trending page is the first impression to every new user, and if the first impression is poor then nothing else hurt organic growth more..

Reasons For the Bad Impression :

Let us extrapolate some of the reasons, why new users and existing users are having a bad time steemit-ing, or why aren't they as enthusiastic as before on steemit..

I will be focusing on the pivotal problems for creating a not-such-a-wonderful-platform impression of steemit on newbies hence disturbing violently it's organic growth..

1- Trending section mostly contain Crypto specific posts :

I know that steemit personally is a crypto-backed site but it represent the a garden cosisting of flowers of all kind, people all with different tastes and interests.. So we need an optimized frontpage/trending page that could successfully illustrate the variety of creativity embedded on steemit..

2- Trending trash due to misuse of voting bots :

We all know that on steemit game, it is all about exposure.. Whether the post getting it is worthy of it or not.. There are many bidding bots with substantial SP.. They allow every user to get their posts more exposure but with every opportunity comes a disaster.. Many people on steemit use these bots to obtain big upvotes which inturn fill the trending page with unworthy trash.

3- Poor UI :

Visual interface is everything, as far as creativity and productivity play a role in a success of a website.. it visual appearance also have a prodigious effect on users mind.. And steemit lacks that attractive and streemline interface.. The UI is too ordinary for a website of such large scope..

Possible Solutions -

Regardless of some serious impression problems, steemit is still doing fine due to it's creative and intuitive idea on which it's foundation are laid.. But Such a wonderful website deserves a wonderful place on web..

The problems steemit is facing aren't irreparable, with some diligence and some tweaks we can still bring steemit to it's deserving place.. A more reputed platform will allow it's users to earn more and write with even more enthusiasm..

  • For keeping the trending page diverse, the whole community need to contribute. It is the responsibility of each and every user to upvote great and creative posts.. Not only the crypto related posts.. But the trending page should be filled with posts of every interest, and this garden should be filled with flower of every kind and scent..

  • For trending trash, steemit moderators need to fix a certain criteria for every post.. A team of regular users related to different interests should be arranged so they could keep an eye on the trending section regularly.. And through democratic voting, unworthy post should be removed from trending page..

  • And for the UI, we already have a immense amount of creative people at steemit, Steemit shoul hire a team which could work out collectively and create a stunning , attractive and intuitive UI, because in this world appearance defines everything.. Even shit packed well earn a fortune..!

That was all I had to say about the problems I observed and their possible solutions according to me..Like all other steemians I too had predicted a great future for this sophisticated platform and I still am hopeful that with some optimization this platform will once again rise to it's deserving place and will have enormous organic growth..

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