What We Must Do to Save Steemit Platform

2년 전

Hello everyone,

I don't know why but i haven't been able to post content, let alone quality content on steemit.
Maybe my writing creativity and my ability to clothe my thoughts is diminishing.

Or maybe it's because I see no future in steemit, as an individual.. It's not only me which is recessing from Steemit there certainly will be hundreds of people retiring from steemit just because of no promising results..

Steemit when started broke the internet and spread like fire in the jungle just because it's idea was very unique and productive.. An idea of rewarding the great and creative minds on the internet on the basis of the quality of their content..

But due to poor tweaking and and overloading of trash on the trending section { The front page of Steemit } the impression steemit was making on the internet started getting poor gradually..

The Atrocities Of SteemIT :

- The Trending Trash :

The biggest impression of a productive website is it's product which it represent.. For steemit it's trending articles which are nowadays not qualitatively maintained but quantitatively boosted.. This very atrocity of the steemit users led to the doom of Steem blockchain..

Good writers started writing less good and boosting more.. A fertile platform which was once a representative for the creative minds from all over the world had become just another bidding market..
The more you bid the higher you rise, no matter your content quality..

You either post a trash or nothing, if have bid enough you will profit enough and will probably end up on the trending page..!
And this is not a negligible mistake of this platform, both the contributors and the supervisors are responsible for this atrocity which is leading steemit to chaos..

- The Poor UI :

And the UI of the steemit is also not very alluring nor much intuitive.. And we all know to survive in this superficial world appearance must be as good as the governing idea embedded into the platform..

The non appealing structure of the steemit is reducing it's organic growth and the morale of its quality content writers..

- Crypto Specific Exposure :

The third disturbing thing about this platform is that only the content related to specific categories get to have the maximum lime light. While other worthy and quality posts go unnoticed..

This platform was to unite the diverse talented writers.. A place where every worthy word is rewarded but as this platform revolve around blockchain, hence attracts crypto interested audience more. So the users with other interests often get less exposure. It's not the fault of the steemit users, but due to poor organic approach to diverse kind of people these type of problems occur..

What should be Done to save Steemit { Possible Solutions } :

In the receding 6 months steem and SBD has shown unexpected performance, not because this blockchain platform is not worthy but because of the poor tweaking of the website and the trending section of this website..!

First we really need to improve our main impression on the internet which is ofcoarse the trending section of steemit. The face of steemit which represents this diverse garden.

Some serious measures should be taken to ensure that the content that displays up on that section is trending worthy and is eligible enough to represent the Steemit talent..
A consistent committee should be assigned to jugde those posts by their quality so no unworthy boosted post make it's way up there..

Here is the link to the article specifically focused on the Trending Trash Problem..!

Secondly the steemit managing staff really need to upgrade it's UI to be more appealing and intuitive at the same time so that it could cope with todays well fashioned internet.. Steemit got a very unique and bright idea at it's back but its appearance is a bit old fashioned and not productive..!
A great UI will lead to better impression and prodigious organic growth..

And last but not the least is to provide equal opportunities to all diverse writers and all different tastes present here on steemit. Some possible measures should be taken in order provide every post of each category equal exposure and importance.,.
According to me the trending section should have posts from all categories so it could represent the diverse community of steemit better..!

And about advertisement, steemit should let the world know about there idea and approach as much population. Substantial measures and ad campaign should be commenced to ensure maximum organic growth..

For eg. a social media page where most influencial posts are shared would have a very positive effect on steemit growth.. I might myself start this initiative with the permission of steem supervisors..!

Much more could be done to improve this very beautiful and fragile platform, Right now it needs our help and it is our responsibility to participate in the renovation of Steemit..!

Let the world know about this community, let the world know about us..!

Thats all I had to say, but if somehow my advices got acted upon.. That would be an honour for me and a turning point for this platform which I personally love..

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I agree with much of what you say here.

Whereas Steemit the social platform is perhaps a but sketchy, Steem the project seems to be doing pretty well.

I've started using SteemPeak ( @steempeak ) to do most of my posting; much more modern and usable while being just a "wrapper," not a separate project like Busy or Dtube.

As for Steemit, we now have bigger fish to fry than just the worry about the Trending page; we have a number of new SMT-based apps like dLike, ActiFit and others who will be serving their respective functions perfectly, but each dumping their own "feeds" into the Steemit stream.

The user interface here needs to be at least updated to allow users to filter/filter out separate feeds for each front end, or it's all going to be a giant mess. Alternately, serious bloggers/contributors need to be "re-trained" to treat an app like SteemPeak as their primary entry post, with Steemit becoming more like just a straight "blockchain viewer" and less of a posting platform.

This is not an easy challenge to solve...



You are very right too.. But still the main focal point of steem blockchain is this community and Steem's future mainly depend on it..!
And yeah also this certainly is a great challenge but to achieve great one must challenge big..!