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One more holiday this fall!

I have congratulated @familyprotection with its 2nd bday, I told you about my wedding anniversary and now +1 bday!

This time it is my Steemit bday, friends! I am here for 2 years!!


Actually, I am a little bit shocked, because it seems it was some months ago... Time...time..

I remember my thoughts, fears, hopes, doubts when I came into Steem world...
I was lost and not sure this place would accept me, but thanks to my Steemit angels I found my corner here:)

I am not tired to say thanks to these people: @canadian-coconut,@lynds,@nainaztengra, @krnel, @kotturinn and others.
And now my new friends here: @smasssh, @tobixen, @gooddream, @cryptopie.
And unfortunately many people have already left Steemit:( but I still remember them.

Well, 2 years have gone..

Am I happy here?

New knowledge, new interesting people, new experience.
I love this platform very much, it really has become my teacher in many spheres.

Am I satisfied with my results?

Yes and no. I am thankful to have what I have, but,to tell you the truth, my plans crushed..

I put my all eggs into one Steemit basket. Maybe it was my big mistake. Not because steering is bad, no! Just because we always must have another way.

I was so sure it is an unbreakable cup, and I am here to get results to realize my plans and solve problems.

I was sure in 2 years I would be absolutely successful in my income, so I didnt do anything except Steemit posting.
I was too confident or maybe naive. Steem price depends on so many factors, as I see know, and there are no unbreakable cups...

Steemit has its future, I am sure it will be sunny, but again words" future, will be"... Again time, again waiting.

Suddenly I realized I wasted time in waiting. Yes, I enjoyed steemit, it gave me much in my personal growth, but I need definite income to develop my life.

I have definite family questions that require money, I had current needs, and...I have a dream - a big house with a big garden where I will grow my own eco food for my child and enjoy nature.

A good dream? warms my heart... I hoped Steemit would help me to realize it. And I don't lose a hope, it will, it must, but maybe later;)

So I decided to change plans and put some eggs to another basket:)

I want to make an online healthy food store. What do you think of it?;)

I was thinking long what I can and want to do now.... I was lost very much... Youtube, instagram, my own site, freelance - where to find myself and income?

A healthy food store combines my passion to healthy life and vegan food with money earning.

AnD I like the fact I won't lose anything because I can eat all food I will buy by myself if I don't find customers:)😂

So now I need money to buy some food for selling.
I have some btc, and now its not the best time but I have no way out, only this money is free, so I plan to sell some of it.
I was waiting for good price for 2 years, and now I sell at the bottom.. Sad and funny simulteneously...:)

Friends, when owners of btc and steemit will be rich at last??:)


I will not leave Steemit!
Just less time for blogging left:( but I am into my Steemfam still, and I love it!

I don't want to leave this place ever, 2 years is a long term, and it is a part of me now.

I do believe in Steemit and its future.
I was so proud to tell about it to my family, I was so proud I am a part of this project, and I do not want to finish this dream ever!

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All the best in your new endeavour!
I wish you all the best!
And I am glad that you are not leaving us.


Linda, thank you so much for your priceless words! 💕

And it is absolutely impossible to leave the place, where a piece of your soul lives:)

I want to make an online healthy food store. What do you think of it?;)

I think that's an awesome idea! And also it will give you something to blog about as well, I'd love to follow your new mission, to see its ups and downs, and all it requires of you. I like the bonus of being able to eat anything you don't sell.

I like that you are always finding ways to earn a bit of extra income so that you can be home for your family.

Happy 2 year anniversary Talia, I'm always so glad that I found you SiSTAR!!


You are my love, Sis:)😍😍
My sunny Canadian miracle!
The main is that my idea won't die at start:)) but at least I will not be hungry:))))


You are going to rock it!!! I believe in You!

I'm ready to go to work, but just enough time to quickly say: congratulations with your 2nd birthday here. CU later.


thank you that even in a hurry you have found a min for me:)


You're welcome. It's the least I can do for someone who visits my posts, and more than regularly leaves a comment also. Have a great day.

Yeah it has been a tough 2 years that is for sure. I've never really concerned myself with the ins and outs of what drives a value of Steem but i just try to reassure myself that it is heading in the right direction and try to justify this by looking at the drop in value of nearly all altcoins. Years ago i decided to diversify out of BTC into a number of altcoins and all of these alternates have performed poorly.

As far as your health food store is concerned: I think you should do it for sure. If it is something you are passionate about, and because you can eat all the food should it go wrong, i can't really see any sort of bad thing that could come from it.


Thank you, I was waiting for opinions from my steemfam;)
So being a btc holder is always better?
It seems to me steemit started to have problems when I came here. Am I guilty?:)) I remember it cost 5$ for 1 steem, so it's not me:))


well, i don't know the answer to that. Everyone looks at their financial choices after the fact and wishes they had done something different.

I hope you reconsider selling any of your crypto. As you say, this is the bottom. It is a 4-year cycle. This is the time to buy more, if possible, but at least hold. Not sell.

Money is a substitute for action. And action is a substitute for clarity. If you have it, you don't need much of your own money.

Clarity means organization. Organization attracts both actors and money. How much have you actually developed your business? I mean the theoretical part: its design, vision, model, strategy, and plan. These need to be written and made graphical. You must have presentations: your elevator pitch, your 5-minute pitch, your full presentation. These don't cost money but time.

Then you have two plans for funding. Either you will attract it from others because your plan is so good. Or your crypto will be mature.

It is no fun to wait years to do something. I have a similar problem. But the truth is, if you are selling your investment principal, you aren't ready for money. You are mishandling what you already have.


A very wise thought...
"You are not ready for money" .. It's very thoughtprovoking...
I have my online store in the social web. It was successful 5 years ago, then I stopped its activity because I was tired, and I was pregnant soon:)
Now I wanted to reanimate it. Just change the direction, it was a clothes store before.
I need money to buy food for selling. Finding investors is a poor variant. It's not widely spread here,and I don't want to feel responsibility for other people. Just don't see another variant except of selling some part..though I really don't want to touch them. It cost 15 and I didn't, now it is 8. Stupid. But I need development..

Thanks for your advice.. 4 years we are waiting for the rise?


Ok. It sounds like your need is small and your operation is immediately profitable. That's good.

You don't plan to sell all your crypto. That is good. And perhaps you can begin with less than you first thought. Or, you can plan to repurchase crypto before it starts going up fast. That won't be for at least a couple months, probably a year.

Yes, we are waiting for the next peak. It will probably come in two years. It will be similar to 2017.

You have the Christmas season to make money. It is a good time to invest in food to resell. It is not a bad plan, Talia. Best wishes.

Congrats on your second steem bday you've been smashing it! Don't feel too bad about selling your crypto you can always make it back in the future none of us know where the price goes. I think it's important to hedge your bets and have various forms of income

A health food store sounds like a great idea and with content online you could also turn it into quite the revenue generator. people are desperate to find real answers on what they should be eating

Good luck and wishing you all the best


Thank you!
Yeah, it's always better to have several ways of income. I just was too much crazy about steemit, when it's too much in anything it's always bad:(

Happy second birthday :)


Спасибо, Анюта!
Какие-то адищинские два года, но я пустила корни:))


Время пролетело незаметно! :)

I like your photography. Simple yet really good.

Wow, 2 Years my dear and I am so glad you have kept the momentum. It is tough at times but we both have our goals and it is so important for us to keep going no matter what. I wish you all the very best and will keep seeing you for a long time I am sure.
Loads of Love and Best wishes
Nainaz 💖💖

Happy 2nd cakeday! :)


Thank you, guys!! 😍 and thanks for attention and vote!

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Happy birthday and 24 month journey good

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