Thank You @whatsup!

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Yes, yes...YES!


Some weeks back I happened to read a post by @whatsup. The post was titled Steem's On Sale and you can check out that post here, if you like:

In that post @whatsup stated that she had exchanged some fiat for crypto with Steem being a part of that exchange. That sentence resonated with me as I had just bought some Steem a couple hours prior to reading her post.

I made a comment about my purchase of fourteen steem, thinking in my mind how insignificant the amount was when mentioned side by side with purchasers of much greater stature.

Through that exchange of comments, mine and others alike, I had a sort of mind shift away from passively gathering Steem to actively hunting it. I set a goal of 1000SP and today, through posting and purchasing, I attained my goal.


Thank you @whatsup, for your encouragement and for not laughing at my fourteen Steem!!! lol My goals will now be measured in thousands as opposed to hundreds. Onward and upward!

Here is the screenshot with my 1000SP noted and if I could have figured out a way to stick @ned's hair on it, I surely would have.

Screenshot 2018-09-15 at 3.08.46 PM.png

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howdy tamaralovelace! congratulations that has to put you into more rare company, they told me that only 1% of steemians have reached 500 sp so if that's true then I wonder what the percentage is for those reaching 1,000sp?
great job!


Thank you! Really? Only 1%? That doesn't seem like very high percentage lol


ha! yes I know but I heard that a couple of times but I don't remember where but I thought it was very credible, I don't know where to find those kinds of numbers though. but anyway great job! lol.

I'm so excited you hit 1000, I still remember that day! It starts going faster.

Excellent job and thank you very much for the shout out! Nice.


Thank you! I believe that day will stick with me for a good long while, as I now think about it as the day I truly committed to making it on Steemit lol. Thanks again, you truly have been instrumental.

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Wowsers, that's quite the milestone! Well done!


Thank you! You make my time here quite enjoyable and I so look forward to Beer Saturdays, Thursdays With Uncle Boom and all the other escapades you get into lol

Congratulations! Now let's hope that all those saying things are going to pick up are right!


Thank you! Yes I have fingers, toes, legs and even eyes crossed that they're right. I feel deep down that they are right, that I'm right and you're right..let's go get this thing rockin'!!

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A paradigm shift! That's awesome, Tamara. 😀 Congrats!


Thank you so much! Yes, exactly..a paradigm shift. I still haven't forgotten that one of these days when you come to O town we will get together lol.

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Cheers!! Thanks lol