growing! 14 sp and going to go higher!

3년 전

Well this account is kinda dusty... Time to get it moving.

Well watch this.

Time to grow more support to the Oregon people.

Well I can do that! And besides more love is that.

Glad to be able to help.

Oregon let's see it!

If you want to be on the Meet-up list let me know!

Sharing this and let's see what happens!

Thanks to @aresheir @tilestar @cowboyblazerfan @elamental @hempress @justinashby and more but I can't write or think of the rest. But they are just as awesome.

And let's bring another steemian if you know them!

And will be on the voice chat for my room this time. See if I can broadcast the beat and say what's up!

Well this is a community support account. And growing it to help us all come together with the @teampdx so I'm growing them.

Sorry for the being busy bit of time but rocking @canna-curate into new levels!

Thanks all!



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Extremely high i bet!


Yep and getting munchies...

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