@teamoregon to help Oregonians

3년 전

Sunday is coming! Can't wait to see everyone again and the new people!

And will work at growing this account. Started boosting already and making moves to keep this account growing.

It's a beautiful day to be in Oregon!

Really excited to see the steemians here and always welcome to let me know if your an Oregonian!

We will be putting everyone up on auto-vote! There is plenty of room for the @teampdx and @teamoregon auto-vote list.
If you want to delegate please do.
Donations always accepted.

And thanks for all the votes! Your votes help the local steemians.

@ganjafarmer sent @teampdx and @teamoregon both 10 SP each to get started. And now we are moving faster.

Well if there is another ways we can help or support our local steemians let me know!

sunday is the day! Making the steemit banner!

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This post has received a 4.42 % upvote from @sharkbank thanks to: @teamoregon.


Someone sent in a bunch of bids, can't be helped if they don't check the round. I'll make it right and vote your comment here so you can try your luck and vote with @sharkbank a bunch more times!

Sorry for any inconvenience but it is the nature of the game when bidding for a vote. :)


And just never seen the 4.420... But smiled. And yep getting some friends using it!


Lol oh I'm not really rocking it to get rich. But throwing in on the growth...

But thanks. I know! But thanks anyway.