Announcement : New Project @TechnicalSupport | Free Technical Support For Every Steemian

4년 전

In the spirit of helping Steemians and adding to Steemits glory we are proud to announce a new project “Technicalsupport “.


What is TechnicalSupport Project?

Well as the name suggest we are going to provide technical support for every Steemian that too for free.

Most of the Steemians are pretty good author of contents, i.e. (photography, articles, generals, poems, stories blogs) but not all of us are tech savvy, some of us only use our desktop, laptop, tablets and phone for regular purposes, and have no Idea what to do if it goes wrong, this is where we come in the picture.

If anything goes wrong with your device there are three possible solutions to get it repaired, you will have to take it to the repair center, you will have to call some technician to your home to get it repaired or you will have to get technical support assistance online.

None of them is cheap and cost a lot of money, time and hassle even when the solution is sometimes pretty simple. So why not allow us to help you for free, save you a lot of money and get to learn a few things yourself in the process?

The devices we will help you with are.

All kinds of Desktops, laptops, iMac, mac air, iPad, iPhone, android phones and tablets .


What are we going to help you with?

We will be helping you resolving all kind of software issues and troubleshooting all the hardware issues with your device i.e.

Device not getting started.

Not able to connect to internet.

Virus infection, spam ware, malware, pops up issues.

Not able to connect camera, scanner, printer or any other devices.

Reinstallation, refreshing, restoring and resetting of the operating system or the device.

Any app or software not working properly or not configured.

Software issues with Microsoft office, Outlook, Quickbooks, Internet browsers, and several other inbuilt or downloaded app or software.

Diskspace issues, synchronize issues.

And many more.

How we are going to help you?

Every week we will be putting three new posts for Windows, Apple and Android separately.

You can ask for our help on any issue by posting the issue as a comment on those posts.

To help you we will need your help in informing us the issue beter so you have to post your issue in the below format

Device Type:
Device Make/Brand/Manufacturer:
Operating System with version (Windows/Mac/Android):
Issue you are facing:
When was the last time the device was working fine:
What where you doing When you faced the issue:

If you are unsure about what to put in any of these fields just put a D.K (Don’t Know).

And within 36 hours of posting your issue we will provide you the steps to trouble shoot and resolve your issue.

For most of the issues We will be providing direct links to external websites with tried, tested and trusted resolutions, for some issues we will be handling the issue over Discord Chat, and for some rare issues we will resolve them by using remote desktop control tool called team viewer to handle the problem remotely.

This is our current blue print for the service; we will modify it as per number of and types of issues we receive in a week.

Why Us?

With us it is all about Safety, Security and Satisfaction.

It is and always will be absolutely free. We will never charge you even a single cent for any help we provide.


No hassle of taking your device to a technician or inviting them to your place for getting it repaired.

No more wasting time searching endless google result and trying them all out to fix our issue.

We have been in the tech support industry since 2010 and have worked with IT giants like HP, IBM and WIPRO.

All the discord chats and Remote sessions will be recorded in case of any concern later.

We are here to initiate something to make our Steemit community much stronger, independent and resource full.

Even if you are not looking for technical support we could help you become a little more tech savy with our technical news, posts and every other day.

The Chief Technical Support Consultant for this project is @utfull who has been a friendly Steemian since june 2017.

How can you help us?


  • Comment now - You can tell us what you think of this project, you can also suggest us what to include, exclude, add or change in our current project.

  • The easiest way you could help us right away is by Upvoting, Following and Resteeming this post.

  • If you are skilled we would really appreciate you in helping us in getting a few issues resolved.

  • You can donate SBD/STEEM to @technicalsupport

  • You can Delegate SP to @technicalsupport

P.S - Each and every donation, delegation or reward will be used to make this project and steemit better.

Stay Tuned - We will put on the First Post to submit issues on Monday.

Together we can and we will, make a difference

All The Images Are Used Under Creative Commons CC0 Licence

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Great idea.

Greetings my friend!

I am glad that our community has increased with one more member!
I hope that you will find here a way to realize yourself, and to benefit others
Be yourself, be sincere, be honest and worthy of the place you are in.

I Upvoted your post and Resteem of your greeting in my feed, where you you can search friends and other minnows...

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yeah sweet Idea this surely can be implied for any similar project in the future

I like your post, I also always think how to be like you, help me to be like you because I'm still a beginner, thanks, best regards

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Oh ho every day on this platform there is great surprise hidden.
Looks like a great initiative,looking forward for it a big thanks to steemit.


Ha ha ... Thankyou for an awesome comment

Help upvote me pliss

Very useful information

Nice initiative ...

I want to be you friends,
Follow me...!!!! @milenia

Thanks for sharing.

This is very helpful mathod and this is good news for every steemen user


I hope we could do a little good over here

Good for you -- This is a very nice service. I hope you are blessed by it.

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Thank you ... I will make sure to check it later

Good idea n great thought .
Through this you can help alot

nice i like that

You had me at free
but after I read it this seems a pretty cool idea


Free and helpful

darn it i had the same idea are you guys looking for any help?


I thought about it for long ... and yeah an extra hand is always appreciated

Good luck!

Hai salam kenal semua, im from Indonesia

Helping friends support me and Upvote. It's my introduction.

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Been trying to find answers on steem and dmania i m hoping to watch @Technicalsupport succeed and grow


so true.

brilliant idea

That's a really a great idea
keep up with the great job

i need some upvotes for my posts

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Hoy por mi, mañana por ti.

excelente, hay que renovar y ustedes lo hacen tienen mi voto!

Gotta love practical posts

This is my first day on steemit so this is going to help us all out a lot. Thank you!

Hi technicalsupport!

I think that's a good idea and I did not have to think twice about pressing the follow button.

Good luck and fun at work.


Jawas Dennu


I also pressed the 'Follow' button, & I upvoted you.

I did ask for help, at the other url :

Here's what my issue is :

Hi. Thank u for having this . I see in some cases u USE Discord Chat & team viewer (i Have Team viewer, yet it's disabled right now )

My issue is that my Active Key doesn't show the BUTTON one clicks, in order to show 'hidden' part
I put the details at that other url.
Pls respond.

Jan A

I love the spirit
But I really need upvotes, that's the kind of help I need..
After spending hours to type a post, I end up being the only person upvoting my post, that's so painful.