I got the STEEM license plate for Indiana

3년 전

Personalized license plate

Most places offer them and each place has their limits to how many letters or numbers you can have. In Indiana it is 6 so since steemit is 7 I decided to go with STEEM since it is the currency backing my favorite web platform.

When I came in from checking the mail I was excited

As I knew from the evelope what was inside. I ripped it open to find what I expected my STEEM license plate for my car. I had to take a photo right away.


Then I thought you guys need to see how stoked I am


I was gonna go put it on the car but my husband wanted the pleasure

So he went and installed the STEEM license plate on our new car. It is funny how he takes over simple tasks because it is a "man's" job. Love how chivalrous he is even with the simple things.


Now my plate is attached

I am thrilled I hope people go what is STEEM when they see it and google it. Or that people ask me about it like they do my decal.


So if you ever see Rio driving around with Indiana STEEM plates say hi

I love meeting steemians and it would be totally awesome if you recongize my car while I am out and about. Most likely you will see me driving.


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Wow...lucky you!! I'll see if I can get one.

YAAAAYYYY!!!! It looks great! I know you are stoked! If the people only knew how much steem love you truly have!!! Ok, well maybe they do lol. I absolutely love it! Awesome job on @tecnoblast's chivalry, he's always been that way with you! Glad his momma raised him right!


If they don't they do now lol

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Good for you! I snagged up STEEMIT in Ontario, but for all I know STEEM is still unclaimed.

ReSTEEMed ;-)


If I could have had that many characters I would have had steemit but it was one too many.

Wow, this is so lovely. It will command alot of reputation for you by those that knows the value of steem.

I can safely say you are the steemit ambassador for indiana.lol

Keep it up and let us know how your ride with the plate on feels like.

Ha thats awesome. Now you need the follow4follow bumper sticker :)


Who is selling that @steemitadventure cause you know I want it. LOL


I'd like to know too. Are they still around?

Although my upvote is small I am happy to share it with you.

Whoa that’s some dedication right there! Good work 🙂


I love this platform

That's awesome! Definitely one of the coolest things I have come across today!

Sweet! Upvoted and resteemed!

♨️✌😁♨️You go, girl!

Oh man that is so cool! When I drive, I want one!

Oh wow ! That is so awesome , I love it ! Upped !💕✌👍

That's inspired @tecnosgirl! I love it.

I hope you get to meet some fellow Steemians because of it. Wouldn't that be fun? 😊


It will be cool when one day someone says hey does that have anything to do with crypto or steemit. I would totally dig that take selfies and do a post if and when it ever happens.

Very cool! :D

Thats cool, I got a MONERO plate for over here in the UK :-)