The Secret to have an Iron Fortress. Part 1

3년 전

I am a martial artist, I trained 3 times a week the techniques and 2 times with weights, but that was not something fixed, depending on my mood, I could train much less.

I trained because I wanted to be stronger, that was my north, to be stronger so that they would respect me, like Vladimir Putin and even then I was not even close to that, they always got involved with me and that made many training matches what I needed. gave some confidence in my abilities.



One afternoon of those in which I did not go to train, I went with my friends to play some football games, there played all kinds of people, what you can imagine, there was a guy who worked unloading trucks, that is, he used to To take down very large bags that weighed about 60 kg full of vegetables and things like that, he was very strong, apart from that he used to smoke marijuana before playing.

To my horror I had a run-in with him, because he was very rough playing, we went to blows, I defended myself very well, but my blows were like a fresh breeze for him, when I had the chance I attacked him, but I could not make him go back, I could not get rid of him, this guy wanted to kill me, fortunately my friends intervened and stopped the fight.

After that I felt like a jelly, I could not stop shaking and I realized something, if they had not stopped the fight, it was likely that I would have won.




When I got home I thought a lot about the matter, the days went by, weeks and I kept wondering why he had defeated me, I dedicated myself to investigate how the subject lived, his parents had died, the house had no comforts of any kind He lived with his brothers and their wives, apart from that he had other women.

His work began at 3 am and ended at about 10 am, they also told me that he was dedicated to stealing shops along with his gang, he was a dangerous man, I was lucky he did not kill me.

Knowing all this, I did not see why I could not beat him, my fighting technique was superior, hahaha I was deluded, the answer came to me one Saturday morning, my mom made us breakfast and told me to look at your plate, I had prepared hot cakes and with the melted cheese he painted a happy face.




BANG! I felt like a shot in the head, in that moment I could see it clearly, the subject had defeated me because I was a weak man, I was a spoiled child, I had my 3 meals assured that my mother prepared me with a lot of love, I got up to that from 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m., I always fit my schedule at the university so I do not have to get up early, my father would take me when he could, I had hot water to take a bath.

My way of living away from all discomfort, from all pain, that was the problem, I did not have the mind of a warrior, I was just a son of daddy and mom, but I decided to change.

I began to study the samurai warriors, the shaolin monks, the most successful boxers of yesteryear, Taoism, self-esteem and assertiveness and I found the key, I could find a method to be stronger, but I wanted to go further, that just looking at me, anyone would think many times before challenging me, that is, I wanted to win without having to fight.

What did I learn? Well, in the next part I tell you what were the changes I made in my life so that you also learn and benefit them, greetings.

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