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We just need people to fill in some missing meta data about the Steem apps as that could make them rank higher. It's just great to see Steemit at the top.



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Can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such great news!!!!!! Show going so well. Where are you Looking forward and regards from my agent! Thflashing hash.gifB2N.PNG (88).gif

Interesting site, it would be even more useful if you could sort and rank human user activity but i guess thats not really possible?

As Steem is the no.1 "Social" blockchain plattform i really would like to see the stats of human activity rather than computer code transactions.

Congratulation 👍 the efforts paid off to make Steem a brand everywhere. ....

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good job, you're on the road to glory

One of the top achievements on Steem recently :) You're the rock star!!

Bravo Steemit

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OMG amazing the virus is spreading!
No better place then Steemit community!

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Yahhoooo we are the first! We did it! Let's move Steem to the moon 🌕!

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No less than we deserve though! We should be rocking it by a country mile

Steem is one of few blockchains to have that magic "adoption" dust.

I signed up @thepebblefactory yesterday. Steem will be the first cryptocurrency they ever use. Not many blockchains can claim that about their users


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Feeling proud.

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We should be. And those numbers aren't even the real user numbers, as we're not able to pinpoint voters and silent readers to specific frontends (Steemit, Steempeak, Partiko, Esteem etc.)


Yes you are right.

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This is awesome! Hopefully this will make more people aware of Steem, Steemit, and other Steem dapps.

What is included in the user count? Posts and comments? Votes?


Posts, Comments, Custom_Jsons.

Transfers (Incoming), but similar as votes, those don't have any meta-data, so I'm not yet able to pin it to any frontend.


What user action creates custom Jsons?


Steem Monsters for example


What a wonderful picture. :)

Great post - one of your best ever!
No idea what State of the Daps is, must have something to do with apps, which I don't use.

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Great to see it. There has been a bit of momentum building from the whole community since the prices crashed and everything helps the blockchain. Especially when prices pick up and the next wave of people start looking into the different options have STEEM sitting at the front of the queue can only be a good thing.

great stuff... steemit is really the thing

That’s really good, however I checked out some games on the list and came across something called lordless, try it out it seems interesting.

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Finally #1 somewhere!

Now we need to convince the guys from to include Steem as well. They had more than 660K visits in November

That didn't take long.. We are dominating already 😀😂

very cool!

A great acheivement indeed.

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