I just hit 200 Followers So... FREE STEEM POST!

3년 전

Thank you to the 200 people following my Blog that has FREE Steem Give away posts (that have gone up in value since I've started) and Investments/cryptocurrencies to watch.

free steem .gif

One lucky FOLLOWER of mine who up votes and comments on this post will get half the rewards as usual.

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Congratulations for the followers
Keep up the good work


@Skeptic! My main man how ya doing, I hate to see such a low rating on your account.


ehh it happens.
im just glad to be in the positive numbers.
awesome to see u hit 200 followers. next is 500.

Your posts are unique and funny. Especially with plus photos. Congratulations

  ·  3년 전

Congrtaz bro. And i will follow you too somedays and soon..