Trying to be patient with the platform, but frustration is gaining ground

2년 전

I wish there was an easier way to subscribe to topics that I want to read about on here, I hear it is coming, I hear that other sites are trying ( but it just doesn't feel there yet.

I have tried to add people that have similar interests so that my feed is relevant but lately it seems like a lot of them have stopped posting (for now) and I am left with a lot of Steemit this and crypto that....

I know, this is a blog community built on a blockchain, I should expect nothing less. Just dreaming of a day when I can click a category and view all of the top rated content for that topic.... course the bots are going to f that up because you know, its worth real world money. I guess once more people are here and community topics grow the bot skewing will be lessened so that searching by topic is worthwhile.

I just want to be able to contribute to some conversations without everything getting buried ....

I guess its frustration, I want to gain rewards for my "quality input" but I don't want to play the bot upvote game, which I guess means I should just go back to reddit and beg for Dogecoin ....

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Yeah, until we have communities introduced by the Hive project, we'll have to manage with what we have.

One of the people I trust and follow presented a new app which you may find useful for what you're interested:


cool ty ill check it out!

I agree! We need a better system to do this. I’d also like to see a favorite list or something for the top people we follow. Steemit will keep getting better👍 But we do have to make it happen