My First SBD Withdrawal Helps Me Buy a New And Better Smartphone...Thank You Steemit!

4년 전

Ever since i joined steemit late last year,i have been lacking a better phone to make my blogging fantastic.Thanks to the Almighty God and the entire Steemit Community for the support that has enabled me to buy a new and better smartphone than the one i have been using before.What i'm talking about is an LG G4, though it's not the best of all,but it's making my blogging on Steemit better than before.
The picture below is of the previous phone i have been using for blogging(imagine).It's a Huawei Ascend Y221 with 512MB of RAM.

People, it has been a hustle to either post or even just to make a comment on someone's post.That's how some of us survive in this era of information.
I have not been doing better on Steemit just because i have been lacking a better phone, but i promise this is the start of my success story on Steemit.I can now post and comment within a few minutes on my new phone.It took me close to 3 hours to make a post and it took me 10 minutes to make a single comment while using that old phone. I'm now relieved!!!
Here is my new phone below;

I was not able to take the real picture of the phone because i have no alternative phone to do so. My friends don't have smartphones,but i know they are also working so hard to own one.

Thank you Steemit Family for Upvoting my posts,if it weren't you, i would have not purchased this fantastic gadget.


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Congratulations friend, I have a Huawei too. I've only recently realized that Steem dollars are "real." Ha ha.


HaHahaha they are real


Steem dollars are changing people's lives seriously here in Africa. We are not going to rest untill we fulfill our dreams through Steemit.

This such as good post, it touched my heart, hope the success as you dreams will become true! :)

Good to know that Steemit is improving lives.

Congrats timothy. I am also planning to buy one!

I am happy for you this is great and makes life easier.
Thats all i use and the camera is brilliant.
Now you have something to help with your insperation.

Great, despite the poor performance of the old mul functioning phone, did not deter you from your vision. Congs brother and best regards in steemit.

You have proved it that excuses are for the mediocre s


I had a lot of motivation especially from my cousin bro @jaraumoses, he never owned a smartphone when he just started steeming last year. He used his friend's phone, but now he owns a pair of them. Steemit is real!

How much did it cost? Good luck. I didn't realize things were so bad in Uganda. It sucks it's pretty expensicve to ship to you guys. I got a quote of $138 USD. That's pretty high. Don't some missionaries go down to Africa?
They should bring some old cell phones down with them.


Things here in Uganda and most parts of Africa are alarming.Most of the people can't afford latest and new gadgets.
Steemit is making that history to some of us.


If I see any missionaries going down there I'm going to tell them to bring down some androids and iphones! lol It sucks that the shipping costs are so high.

Congratulations mate

Steem on bro,no more excuses hahaha....

Your posting/sharing your experience will no doubt encourage others.

Congratulations mate! You will soon get yourself a better phone than this as you keep on steeming. #cryptokay

Thats a great story congrats will your next one be apple or android?