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Converting to Steempower and letting it ride, because steem is heading to the moon ☝️👍


Same here...doubling down!


Me too...just bought more.


Thank you. I don't want to be the guy that used a couple of BTC to buy a pizza!

Really it all depends on your perspective of the future. If you believe Steemit provides real value to users and has the potential to grow to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, then you should hold onto Steem and Steempower as equity. If you don't believe Steemit has the ability to grow since everybody is abusing the system, then you should trade your crypto for USD.

Also, it really depends if you need short term cash too. There are many other factors that need deep consideration for a seemingly simple binary event.

At the end of the day, it really all depends on what you want.


Thank you! I agree that it is a personal decision based on too many factors. Stay tuned. I will be unveiling my Steem powered plan soon enough!

Let it ride, easy come easy go. If you can make something big out of nothing by leaving it alone, do it!


Thank you for your input! I appreciate it. Stay tuned! I will be unveiling my Steem powered plan soon!

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