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Hello to all my fellow Steemians!!

I'm going to share my top 3 reasons about why I love Steem.

  1. Cashing Out on Content

By no means do I think of myself to be some big time "crypto guru" or anything along those lines. I do appreciate that whatever content I share I get paid to share my opinions and thoughts! (that's huge) The beauty about that is whether you're a novice or an expert if you have something worth sharing there's someone out there that's willing to read it, upvote it, and you'll be cashing out on it.

  1. The Potential of Steemit

Not many people know this but when Steemit first came out it was in the Top 10 on it currently sits at 24 and valued at $1.99cad (to lazy to figure out the usd value) I believe that September is going to be a big month for Steemit. If your currently invested in Steem watch how your money grows !

  1. Networking

We here the saying all the time it's not what you know it's who know and this saying holds true in many areas of life. I've met some extremely knowledgeable of indivduals through Steemit that have helped my crypto journey immensely.

In closing, I could go on about great Steemit is but I stop right there. Take advantage of the resources that Steemiy has to offer and you'll be helped by it.


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#4. You working for yourself, not for Zuckerberg!


LOL Good one 😂

great post, i also think steem has a great potential, and the project is just great!

You can edit your post because number 2 and 3 is looks like 1.


I caught that when I went to go edit my post it goes in sequence 1 2 and 3 for some reason its showing up 1 1 1 ?