Tub Cat's It's Almost Christmas Curation Update - 22/12/2019

2년 전

It's almost Christmas, and time for a curation update from this Cat Whose Fondness for Tubs Knows No Bounds

The Well Washed Cat has been relatively quiet on the Steem Blockchain this month. The Cat has many gifts to select for his Food and Gift Providing Service to deliver after all.

But, even though there have been few activities performed on the chain by this Impeccably Groomed Feline, He has earned a reasonable return on his investment.

Observe, poorly cleansed humans!

That is right, humans of questionable odour. This Cat of Excessively Bathed Status earned more than 3 Steem in one day through curation activities alone. This is impressive, yes?

But what about all time curation earnings, I hear the stinky humans question. Direct your moist eye sockets towards this image!

Earning close to 70 Steem in a single month through curation alone is quite impressive in this Glistening Feline's books.

Of course, if you choose to, you may follow the Tub Cat's curation trail via @steemauto. It matters not to the Supreme Cat of Cleanliness whether you do so or not however.

Make all Effort to Please the Cat in a Tub (by delivering him a Christas gift)!

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@tubcat is my favourite caturator on the blockchain.


He is not surprised, human.


This post has been upvoted by witness @untersatz. You've done a great job!
The @untersatz witness and manual curation is under the guidance of @contrabourdon and @organduo.
Current VP: 99.79%

....not everyone will have the same result as I think (you may correct me if I am barking up the wrong tree) the return is based on one's level of steem power. You being a dolphin will get more of a return then those at plankton or minnow.

That link doesn't take someone to your curation trail.

Merry Christmas and may we find ourselves blessed to be honored with many appearances next year of such a royal fine washed feline as yourself.


You are quite right that the return you earn is based on the amount of Steem Power you hold. The more you hold the more you get. But the percentage of return should be similar.

The link will take you to the Steem Auto account. I got lazy and couldn’t be bothered linking to the website itself. If you want to follow my trail all you need to do is log in to Steem Auto, search for my username under the curation trails and set your vote to match mine.

Have a great Christmas friend. Enjoy your time with family.


Happy Holidays as Christmas has done gone today. May your new year find your tub full of fresh, warm water and your bowl always full of the best for felines!

Shame on u to be on esteem , u are have mental issues for sure !!



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