Steemit is a Brave Verified Creator ... But Are They Accepting Rewards for Our Content?


Bravo For Registering!

I think it's a great move for Steemit to register as a verified Brave Creator ...

But exactly who's content is Steemit collecting rewards on?

It appears ... OUR Content!

Please correct me if I'm wrong Steemit.

The Brave browser tip button only shows up in the browser, not on the users page, so it's most likely not you being tipped for your content, it's Steemit being tipped for your content.

Does Steemit make this clear to the tippers? No is the answer it appears. In fact, it looks as if they are doing the exact opposite and taking credit for our content on the tip page.


There was a discussion about this practice on the Brave forums long ago, threats of class action lawsuits were thrown around and Brave ultimately changed the wording on how rewards worked due to the legal threats.

This appears, at first glance without any knowledge on what exactly is going on, as if Steemit is now taking rewards for it's userbase's content.

There is nothing informing the Tipper that they are tipping Steemit and not the content creator themselves (if that is what is going on, and it appears to be), and I seriously doubt Steemit is going to give the rewards to the content creator since they will have no way of knowing, that I'm aware of, who exactly was tipped and how much.

Benefit Of The Doubt

I'll give Steemit the benefit of the doubt for now, but I'm highly skeptical about any of these tips actually ending up in the actual content creators pockets and instead going to Steemit themselves. Which would mean they are collecting rewards for all of our content and we'll never see a BAT for our work, even if the Tipper intended those tips to go to the content creator.

Maybe there is something in the TOS that gives them legal right to take money for our content in this manner, does that make it right? Not to me it doesn't. If this is what is going on, this does not sit well with me at all. But my opinion doesn't matter, because as I believe Dan used to say, if you don't have stake you might as well be a bot.

But do you have stake here? If so, then you may have an opinion that will be listened to. Looks @smooth's way. ;)

Generally on other popular social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, you will have a BAT tip icon on each users post or page and the tip goes directly to the user if they are a verified Brave publisher.

That option is not available for Steemit at Brave from my last check yesterday. I cannot register my blog here on Steemit to be a verified Brave publisher and receive BAT tips here from what I can tell ... yet ... Steemit sure is able to receive tips for my content.

This does not sit well with me, hence me taking off from my busy schedule of doing whatever I want to stop and post on Steemit about this topic. ;)

Disclaimer : This is just my opinion, I have no idea what I'm talking about probably. For all I know Steemit has invented a s00per sophisticated bot that tracks all BAT tips and stores them for your safe keeping and will pay you your rightfully earned tips one day.

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This is concerning. Although, power to the user... If those who use Brave are smart enough to know that Steemit Inc isn't going to share the rewards to the right people, then we're all set. Also, I wonder if the users of Steem(it) can submit ownership claims to Brave separately? Therefore creating a conflict with Braves ToCs and halting Steemit Inc's potential theft of content creators' hard work??!

  ·  작년

you have a very good point.. now I'm curious as I'm also a registered and verified brave publisher

I see no way to register my account as a Brave verified publisher on Steemit, or on Steem.

#theykeepingitall . :(

  ·  작년

Who knows how much they'll even take in from Brave. I see your point about tipping individual users for their specific content though, and that would be my first reaction too. On the other hand, Steemit Inc has operating costs including hosting They presumably are still making most of their revenue from sales of STEEM tokens. If they were able to make some extra revenue on the back of another token's market, it would (in theory) reduce some selling pressure on the STEEM market.


Everyone told me you died ... good to see that was just a brospiracy. =)

If my tiny ass websites where Steemians goof off at can pull in $25 a month in BAT, I can imagine Steemit might make a nice chunk of change off this, especially since this website is providing visitors (our) content that's being absorbed vs simply begging for help.

What's remarkable to me is that A) They either know they're being dicks and doing it anyway or B) they don't know they're being dicks yet claim to be social media guru's. Either way I'm not real impressed. I'm no social media guru, but I know they're being dicks by doing this and I'm aware of this type of thing happening in the past. It just doesn't look good and it should end before someone that actually matters starts spewing off about it vs some old ass anon bro on the interstate.

It's also a very simple fix, make it clear in their tip header who is actually being tipped and what is being tipped.

Good to see you alive, take care!

You got a valid point on the brave rewards. I've been wanting to have a deeper look into brave, the BAT tokens and how to register as a verified Brave Publisher for a long time but never really found the time to really do so. Last time I checked ad rewards were not available yet here in Belgium.

  ·  작년

Disclaimer : This is just my opinion, I have no idea what I'm talking about probably.

Hahah :). I miss talking to tuck on the steem poker discord or at the tables..

  ·  작년

If so, then you may have an opinion that will be listened to. Looks @smooth's way.

Listened to by whom exactly?

If you are referring to Steemit Inc, that is not my experience in three years.

That's a little better. I still think it could be spelled out a bit more, like explicitly stating the tipper is not tipping the content creators on Steemit.