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 In the last post, we spoke of the coming series under unMEAN sTWEETs, by which means we'll want to expand our learning experience solely with steemian comments. 

We also want to traverse more places around steemit and fetch out these comments. We want to tackle the hashtags and give you one hub for the best 10 unmean comments, derived from around steemit daily, one or two from each of the popular hashtags. We are hoping that by looking at our posts henceforth, you can instantly have a glimpse on what is happening on all the other hashtags or communities, that you may have missed out on, while doing your normal steemit reading and curation.  

This series is still experimental thus, for this post we will be featuring just 5 top comments covering 5 different hashtags until we stabilize at our usual 10 unMEAN sTWEETs.

10 unMEAN sTWEETs Under 5 Popular Steemit Hashtags


Every steemians wants to at least read something about steemit each day, be it news, upcoming events, drama etc, so we picked up one solid unmean stweet under this category that happened in the last 24 hours and here we go:

Remember @timcliff is one a mission to have 10k flyers distributed to accomplish more steemit growth and here is a comment that displays how this movement is progressing:


@timcliff I am going to do this. I am in Mobile,Alabama and I think going to the local college here would be great for these flyers. What college kid doesn't want to talk on blogs and make extra money ;) I am in. Will work on getting flyers done this weekend and see about hanging up next week


In the most recent times, many have stayed uncertain about the fate of bitcoin; "August 1" as they aren't sure about whether Segwit will be applied and even more recently the prices have surged upwards adding to the speculation. Bottomline is; there is going to be uncertainty even by experts as to where bitcoin is headed until after August 1, so perhaps, we should add this resourceful comment to our list of readables, before making trading decisions prior to August 1:


Segwit is DOA. Real Bitcoin, the way satoshi envisioned, is forking off on Aug 1. 


Under the crypto-world, EOS made records lately, even in its ICO and perhaps, understand why will involve insight into the man behind the technology in the person of Dan Larinmer, the same person who built steem. People say the best things about his genius and i am pretty sure this is a huge reason behind EOS' success so far. Hear what @barrydutton had to say in his comment here:

I like Dan. I think he is a genius and a lot of people feel the same.I was at a Blockchain Canada official meetup last nite with 180 people there, wearing my Steemit t shirt, talking to people about the platform, and a couple dev's were there too, saying the same things about Dan.I hope I get to meet him one day.I love how he translates things from paper to the real world and gets things done for Life-Liberty-Property -- as he says.


Psychology is one aspect of health that we tend to deem as negligible or perhaps we don't look at it as an aspect of health but it is. So how would you answer this common question: Does money buy happiness?


As a VIP host for some of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas over the past few years, i can tell you that some of the richest people, are the loneliest....


I wonder how many insane people in the streets you have paid closer attention to but i have lived in a country where many insane people seemed to have a genius past. It is not uncommon to see an almost naked man walk the streets insane, yet always fund of writing stuff or reading newspaper and just if you decide to buy out time to converse with them, even their insane thoughts made huge sense. So, is it possible for too much books to make one turn crazy?

Perhaps this experienced unMEAN sTWEET  by @geechidan will help:

There's a street called Pine Street here in Atlanta where there is a large homeless shelter and where you can find many mentally challenged and homeless people, especially black as Atlanta is a majority African American city. I know people go through their individual experiences and it can really take a toll on them. I always say that mental illness needs to be healed through spiritual rehabilitation. It is in a sense a loss of the spirit.

 Stay tuned for a new variety of comments! Disclaimer: This post is very resteemable!  

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