How i earned some Bitcoin & Steem using this Arbitrage Trading method within minutes.

5년 전

Spent all night trying to figure out the platform... i must say it's impressive.

I'v had fun doing some arbitrage thanks to the market platform (try it out if you haven't).

Wait... did you say profit?

Simply created a buy order below the market price for Bitcoin-SteemDollars on Poloniex & Bittrex, once the order get's filled i just transferred the Steem $ to my Steemit username. 

It's basically arbitrage, and there are loads of it! i made 0.04 Bitcoin on one trade on an occasion.

I can explain the arbitrage in detail if anyone is interested. Excuse me for the unorganised post i hardly slept.

#steemit, #steem, #bitcoin

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lol i haven't slept in 48 hours wish i could complete it... Found out about steem on poloniex and threw several bitcoin at it's peak, more than i could afford to lose. Didn't sleep to make my loss's back, nearly there.

Interested @steemit,@steem,@bitcoin

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Thank you too. Just made another post Hope it's of some use to any of you (speak up if it is).

  ·  5년 전

Please do elaborate on this arbitrage method. I have discovered a successful arbitrage method of my own i'd share if you go more in depth with your working method.

I wrote an article that explains the math involved in a simple way to arbitrage across cryptocurrency exchanges. Important to know what you are getting into so that you will not be trading at a loss.

Nice,, Thanks post