Flagging Is The New Trend ! Gotta Flag Them All !

4년 전

Remember those days when you where jealous of someone but couldn't do anything about it?

Those days when you wanted to punch someone in the face but couldn’t?

Those days when healthy debate was a thing?

Well! Don't you worry anymore because now you can just flag them, and flag them as many times as you want with all your power.

And don’t just flag their bad post flag all their post. You might ask why?, Just because you can and just because you disapprove that person.

You must be thinking but what about the ethics of flagging only abusive, bad or plagiarized content? But let me tell you flagging has nothing to do with all of that it is just about disapproval of another Steemian.

you don't believe me ? Have you seen a flagging whale war? I have been to Steemit for only 2 months and I have witnessed it thrice.

And if most of the whales are doing it then it must be doing something very good for the community. If all that Steem is wasted down the drain for flagging then it must be for something really beneficial for the Steemit community.

Don't even worry if you are still a minnow and think your flagging won't do any harm to any one, Because it is Steemit you will find someone with a weak or equal Steem power than you, may be you could practice your flagging skills on them.

So what if it demolishes this beautiful and amazing place Steemit is at least you will have your satisfaction, your ego will be fed fully.

If burning money and using it to light somebody else’s place on fire makes you happy then who is anybody to judge you?

As long flagging makes everyone happy it is cool, as long as it brings growth peace and prosperity.

Cheers to my Steemit community. And my salute to some whales who still understand meaning of a community and growth.

And always remember
Together we can and we will flag them all!

International PACE Flag ("peace from every balcony")

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Flagging is really immature


I don't agree. We must flag scam & plagiarism...
But I agree that " this war of whales " is immature.


Flagging is something which is good when used wisely :)

Flag is the new Hello !


Hello my queen minus the flag :)

utfull I havent seen more post from u where are u at? :) I hope u are ok.

I just unfollowed you :3

Do you think they should ban flagging? I've witnessed whale wars on here as well

I recently saw a post of someone who posted a picture of himself showing the middle finger and adding something like "if you don't like my post, f* u". I thought it was gratuitous violence and flag. I've never done it before. Then I read somewhere that in Steemd peole see who flagged them and they flag you back. Anyway, I don't regret my flag, I don't like anyone to show me their middle finger.

Flagging is a good tool meant to check plagiarism and abusive tendencies of some foulks. It is bad and outside the founding ideals of steemit when it is used to fight competitors.

I believe that we all eat from the same plate being steemit and the more we are in number, the better for us and our 'mother' steemit program.

Competition in life is good because it engenders success and discourages monopoly.

Thanking you for sharing this post; it is highly thought provoking...

I agree that this is the wrong mechanism for registering an objection to something someone is doing. If you see that someone plagiarized or put out something calling for violence or something like that there should be a way to show an objection so that others that come along can see it. OTOH, you are right that it magnifies the imbalance of power here between whales and smaller accounts. One person's opinion shouldn't be enough to keep me from reading something. If it is truly a community consensus showing "we don't tolerate plagiarism" or the like, with enough downvotes I can see that having an effect. Maybe not block the content but have an "objection area" on the page where people can officially object, but again with the caveat that this is is to be used sparingly and only under the most clearcut ethical violations.

The whale wars are enough that they could end up destablizing the community.

It's really a really cool post for me, you're right!
I really like your post
thank for sharing @utfull

ohh yes been blogging all week about it.

One of the biggest reasons why the whole flagging thing doesn't work here on a pay-to-play platform is because little voices could literally be silenced by one bigger one.

They really have to review this, and should get rid of the flagging option. I think if they are going to go 90% Reddit, they should just go 100%, and add down-votes.

This way, if a post is overwhelmingly dis-liked, than it's safe to say the post is shit. If 1 whale flags something, it is pretty much dead in the (pun intended) water.

One of the biggest reasons for flagging, is because a lot of financial discussions take place on here in the way of crypto-currencies.

When it comes to peoples finances, they are very passionate, and could very easily get pissed over something negative mentioned against their particular favorite crypto-currency... hence the reason why the flagging system has to go!


hmm .. I agree with some of your words ..... I definitely loved the reditt reference ...
Some time shit happens .. and they will keep on happening in the future :)
Crypto has little to do with it

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Hello brother @utfull
You unfollow me ? What's wrong brother ?
I have resteem and upvote your posting



Tanks buddy .....
Mukhtar I have unfollowed every one from my follow list .....
i will follow you once again just give me few minutes :)
I will follow everyone who is following me ...
Actually I was following around 10000 random people .. now I will follow those I know :)


Very nice, Thanks brother:-)


I follow you now :)


Thanks brother

Best regards from aceh indonesia

Thanks for sub my new post 😊
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Upvoted. Fuck flagging. Maybe change the variables.


:P yeah .... Once ou and me turn whales we will do that :)

Did steemit say anything regarding this?
Pretty sure flagging is not downvoting but telling steemit what content is copied or simply bs and full of lies or offending or something along the likes. So flagging a post just because you don't like it seems very... silly to me.
If I show no interest in some content I just won't upvote it and ignore it, but no reason to suddenly flag them o.O

Amazing post, @utfull!

Originally, I had thought that the flagging idea was amazing. Then I saw it in action, and how people actually use it.

I find myself often saying:


Thanks for posting!


ha ha ... yeah true .. I thought it was a nice thing to do ... It istill is some people are using it badly thou :)

You have more followers than me... People must like what you say. I'm going to flag your last 3 posts!


Wow !! 3 ? ..
I already feel like a whale ... :)