CoronaVirus Pandemic - Calling all Coloradans to Establish Doomsday Survival Community!


As many of you know the World Health Organization has now declared the CoronaVirus Outbreak a Global Pandemic! This even though the official reports are far less serious than this years H3N5 Flu - which tells me that we aren't being told the Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

News is reporting a few thousand cases worldwide and around 400 deaths.....I find that very hard to believe and am convinced of a few things (after doing my own research).

1.) There are over 18 million people quarantined (in China initial two provinces where the Virus started) plus the entire country of Italy is Quarantined. I am certain there are 200 million already carrying the virus (doesn't mean they have symptoms).
2.) I am certain the total deaths (so far) is in excess of 100,000.
3.) I am certain the virus can survive on clothing, surfaces, etc. for 7-10 days.
4.) The virus was created in a Lab in Wuhan, China that did biogenetic research attempting to create Vaccines.
5.) I think the CoronaVirus was created as a Flu Vaccine and was genetically modified from SARS and H3N5.
6.) Everyone who gets sick with CoronaVirus and survives still carries the Virus (and therefore can transmit it) just like a Vaccine.
7.) I am certain that by end of April 95% of Earth's Population will be infected with CoronaVirus.
8.) I believe that a massive and global population decrease is going to happen over next 60 days with the death toll from CoronaVirus rising to 730 Million (or more).
9.) I believe that CoronaVirus will lead to total economic collapse worldwide and the ensuing riots, violence and forced quarantines will result in an additional Population Reduction of 1-3 Billion!
10.) The lack of food and other resources will further reduce Earth's Population from its current 7.8 Billion to a measly 500 Million by the end of 2020!

I will be the first to admit "I MIGHT BE WAY OFF WITH THE ABOVE 10 ITEMS" but WHAT IF I AM NOT????

I currently live in the South Denver area called Sheridan, Colorado and am only 20 minutes from the Rocky Mountains and less than 1 hour from numerous places to build/survive a Doomsday Scenario. I believe that if a few thousand of us Coloradans got together, pooled our resources, money, equipment, tools, etc. we could acquire some Mountain Land near fresh water sources and then build a compound into a Mountain Range that could house us all, store 100 years of Clean Water, install Generators, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, etc. to power the community and have enough space to grow enough food to feed us all.

Yes I know such places already exist but they are all reserved for the Filthy Rich and Government/Military - there doesn't exist any safe place for large amounts of Common People - but there should be!

Myself, my sister and my two nephews would oversee everything and live on Property to Maintain the Community for any guests, visitors or in case of a Doomsday Event to have everything ready for those who come seeking a safe place!

I am a 48 year old male who is a Computer Geek, has experience in construction, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications/networking and grew up in the country and know how to plant, harvest food. My sister and nephews are very good at Hunting/Fishing/Foraging and my youngest nephew can fix almost anything (he is Autistic).

We would literally be the perfect family to build/maintain a Safe Space Community for the Common People. Anyone interested in discussing this, helping fund it or helping build it please contact me at and I will provide you with whatever information I can!


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