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McAfeeDEX: The New Decentralized Crypto Exchange From John McAfee Launches Beta Version

McAfee antivirus security creator and long-time cryptocurrency advocate, John McAfee, announced the beta release of the McAfeeDEX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Ethereum network. According to a video embedded tweet published on his Twitter page on Oct. 7, McAfeeexplains the need for decentralized exchanges and the power investors hold by using DEX’s.

TipJar Micropayments Platform to Close Service Due to Low Interest from Crypto Users

A crypto micropayments platform called TipJar is due to be shut down soon. The service, which is built on top of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, will cease its activities due to low activity. The platform’s goal was to support ETH-based micropayments on Reddit using a bot.

Bitcoin increased by 5 times in 2018.

One of my friends from America, the author of the telegram channel @thebull_crypto made +963% on the cryptocurrency for September. But even in his profession there is one uncomplicated fact - he never asks to judge him by successful transactions, he asks to judge himself by his failures, because they are negligible.

He leads the @thebull_crypto telegram channel, which deals with the online trading of crypto-currencies, shares open transactions, and drops the most important news.
He set himself the goal of earning $1 million this year, putting the price of the word - to run in a bitcoin costume in Times Square!

​​SEC Says Bitcoin is Not a Security, According to Letter to Cipher Technologies

Cipher Technologies Bitcoin Fund applied to become an “investment company.”

Due to multiple concerns that have not been addressed, and the fact that they plan to put their assets in Bitcoin, their request has been denied.

Algo Capital Loses $2 Million From Their Hot Wallet; Algorand (ALGO) And USDt Stolen

The investment arm of Algorand recently revealed that they have lost close to $2million in Tether after CTO Pablo Yabo’s mobile phone was compromised.


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