CBI Token Update Day 69 (MUST READ)

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Circulating 990000
Bought back 3000
Remaining 990000

Steempower 2596
Previous 2541
HivePower 2124
Previous 2082

We informed investors to start selling CBI tokens as we plan to close the dividend payouts via token.
Simply Steem-Engine doesn't work never has and probably will just keep getting worse over time.
There hasn't been 2 consecutive days where divs have just been paid out and everything goes fine.
We know zero about how things work so we rely on someone else to run the payment system for us. We findit annoying to ask someone to look at the payments almost daily everytime something goes wrong and i am sure they feel the same.
Every other day payments have not gone through so we end up paying investors instead of tokens and payout way more than the 50 steemp which is the way the token works.
Around 500 tokens get (should) issued daily thats where we got the figure of 50 steemp daily buybacks.
The tokenomics worked and we never let anyone down when they required to sell or get compensation for there missed tokens.
Not many tokens can say that if any.
Over time we have had less delegations as most people have powered down from steem and moved over to hive.
We plan on buying back all CBI tokens that were issued due to delegations.
Anyone that bought tokens will also be compensated.
Anyone willing to carry on there lease can arrange a weekly liquid steem payout with us directly.
Just contact us in discord.
Everyone we have contacted in regards to this has committed to carrying on wihout tokens which is super cool.
So feel free to give us a shout and we can sort something out 👍
Happy Investing

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