CBI Token Update Day 78 (Is it worth it?)

2개월 전

download (3).jpeg

Circulating 990000
Bought back
Remaining 990000

Steempower 3413
Previous 3310
HivePower 2196
Previous 2323

Sp up over 100
Hp down due to powerdown should be back up over course of the week.

Is Steem/Hive worth the time and effort?

Currently steem is way better due to one simple fact posting.
Posting gives us the chance to earn extra and this is enchanced by buying votes which currently give a good roi.
People can debate about whether bots are good or bad, but they are there and can be used.
Bot votes are not cheap and this involves investment which is what we do.
If they were free it is understandable however they are paid for so that should result in some reward.
We dont bother posting on hive for a few reasons.
It doesnt really have anything to do with bots but without them it is impossible to make any type of return relying on upvotes from 'whales'.
These votes are gifted to certain circles and nothing beyond. This involves tagging people in your posts or having some deal behind the scenes which everyone knows happens but everyone ignores. Neither of these are viable options so we so the best with what we have.
Posting will remain on steem for the foreseeable future.
Happy Investing

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