CBI Token Update Day 81

2개월 전

download (3).jpeg

Circulating 990000
Bought back
Remaining 990000

Steempower 3458
Previous 3349
HivePower 2298
Previous 2270

Sp back up to level before powerdown
Hp increased by 28

Requirements to curate

Anyone can curate.
Investment is needed whether this is by buying Sp/Hp and powering up or leasing amounts to make it affective.
Tools like steemauto and hive.vote can be used to automate the process.
Looking through posts and upvoting manually can be more profitable but can also be time consuming and is also dependant on luck.
Majority of the larger accounts are automated and this can me used to calculate which authors are most profitable to curate.
Happy Investing

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @votebetting, your post has been upvoted by the MAXUV token program.
You have also received some bonus tokens as part of our transition from a vote-bond to a rewards-distribution model.
Please read about these changes in this recent post and follow us to keep up to date with developments.

Thanks to @votebetting for burning 800 CT! You have been rewarded with a 80% vote. Your action makes this project grow and helps to restore a Clean Planet! Join us on our Discord Channel and on our website