My cheetah blacklist. My apology to the Steemit community.

5개월 전

Dear Steemit Community,

I was informed by Steemitcleaners that the same song shouldn't be reposted over and over, like I have been doing for the past months. The posts are too many to paste here, so assume this SPAM was done many many times.

I would like to apologize to the Steemit community for this and assure that from now on I will only post original content.

I take this change to thank Steemitcleaners for their work for this community.

All the best!

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Hello :-) Yes, you should not repost the same material over and over, unless maybe there is an update to a song and etc. Maybe consider making posts about your process and how you create the songs. I was asked to help you out, so if you have questions, feel free to hit me up on Discord, inthenow#8900. Definitely stay off the black lists and avoid that trouble.

Have a good day.


Yep, had to learn it the hard way. Will do brother, thanks!

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