@Steem needs to help with this? 4K worth of Steem for nothing

5년 전

Hi All,

About 2 months ago there was an update with the send steem box, where it auto populated with the past transactions.

This made me and many other send steem to the incorrect person meaning the guy who has not used his account in over 2 years, has profited over 3.5k worth of steem due to this new update with sending steem.


Surely somthing can be done from @steem , @ned , @dan ??

I have sent in multiple emails to steem support but I am yet to receive a response.

Any help in the return of the steem to the many users effected is much appreciated.

All steem was ment to be sold to @blocktrades but when you click @blocktrades when you type in block it never auto populated! So @block has well profited!



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Wow! very sorry. Am sure they will fix it soon enough.


Gutted is the word:(