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Are you fed up and want your post to get the recognition it deserves?

Do you want to sit at the top of the HOT page? And get the maximum audience, people will automatically vote on the top posts for the curation it pulls in. In this post I will show you how to get your post right at the top as shown in the down below. 

Today I used @Minnowbooster as I do always, but didn't realise what potential, rewards, status it can bring to a post. I sent over 5SBD today and 1 min after I sat at the top of the "HOT" page in nearly all my tags! If I can do it you can too? 

Note: Its important to use the Booster immediately after publishing your post, this will have the maximum effect on the 30Min rule

Top of the Cryptocurrency page!

Top of the Steemit page!

Top of the Steem page!

How to send SBD to another user on Steemt? 

What's out there to help us with Boosting our posts on steemit?

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:) Thankyou!

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Good to know this tip @williams858 , so it is important to send the 5 sbd to achieve this, right? Do you know what means on the minnowbooster website that their is a RPC LAG ? Thanks. @gold84

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