100 Followers Milestone!

3년 전


Hello steemians today is a special today! We've hit 100 followers on the blog and for that I just really want to thank everyone one of you who have stayed here since the beginning. For those of you who're just seeing this I've been blogging on steemit since October 20th of last year, 2017. Since then I have posted many different things, gaming, short stories, and more. I've brought some of my friends over to the platform and I'll continue to try and bring more people to the platform in the many months to come. Right now I'm trying to get a new project going for the steemit gaming community. You can look at that here. Lets see if we can hit 200! Thanks again everyone for all your continued support, I really appreciate it, you all know who you are! :)

Stay tuned for more.

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Hey @xhodan, saw you in art and services in PAL/MSP and saw you did some work for @crystalize. Haven't seen it yet, but just wanted to drop by and extend an offer to you - from one creative to another..

Check out @steemfreelancers guild and see what we are about. Membership cost increases soon and I'm looking to help a few fellow creatives out with getting some #steemgigs rolling. I'd like to offer you a sponsored membership on my behalf (I will cover your lifetime membership cost).

If you are not interested, by all means, kindly decline and no hard feelings.

Stay Creative!
Best Regards,
Brandon / @grow-pro



Hey there! Definitely, I'm interested. Whats the best way we can get in touch, discord?


done! You're in. May the rewards always be with you and in abundance, my friend. Just help someone else down the line and continue the chain when you can. A little teamwork makes that STEEM work 🤟😎

Congratulations! I hope you grow to a 100 000 followers 🖤🖤🖤


Thank you @katrah! 100k would be insanely cool!

That's good, it's just a sign that you are moving forward, your determination leads to success.. Keep it up @xhodan


@warudo thanks bud, you too! Determination is key. :)

Didn't realize that we started around the same time. It's great to see that you are actively involved in many circles on Steemit, and I am sure as you continue to learn/grow here you'll hit that 200 followers mark in no time at all. The best advice I have had from people who have done well here is to keep supporting and helping other people and they will do the same too :)