Tips and Tricks to increase your Reputation Score from 25 to 65....

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Today i am going to write blog post on Steemit REPUTATION .
Steemit Reputation is just like we have reputation in our society place. The more REPUTATION you have , people will like you and trust you more. You will be seen as a figure of high status and responsible among Society.
Same applies to the steemit also, after all we are also a society, community here.
Below i am describing 10 simple tips/tricks to increase our REPUTATION score quickly, if we religious follow them :-


A very simple trick to increase reputation. before writing any blog or post; research, analyze and provide correct information, do not try to gain a popularity by sharing things on which you do not have any knowledge.Never copy paste someone's content, you will be flagged out by the bots and eventually it will result in loss of REPUTATION score.

2)Give yourself a target of Posting at least 1-2 posts per day


3)Comment on Good Posts

Always comment on the post which are really good and unique.commenting a post doesn't means to write a single word like "Awesome", "nice" ...blah blah..etc. try to make a connect with the person. ask questions, discuss this way you will be able to make your presence and get seen.

4) Always reply to the comments on your post
Reply to the comments shows how responsible you are, how much connected you are with your readers and responsibility will certainly adds up to your REPUTATION.

5) Interactive Blog
Interactive blog means to make it more understandable and easy to get . writing a plain simple blog will never help you more eyes. Add pictures and symbols to it. Ask questions in blog, make it more like a conversation with the reader.Images are always more progressive than plain posts.

6) Be Patient and don't expect
Best thing to be happy and keep you motivated on steemit platform is to DON'T EXPECT. just be clam and keep posting your unique high quality posts. Others users on steemit will not give upvote on your each post. It totally depends on them, if they like they will do upvote or might be not. but at this point your reputation plays a huge role. if your reputation score is good, random users will attract to you and will definitely gives you up-votes.

7) Steem BOTS and minnows
BOTS can be used to get good amount of upvotes from whales,use them wisely but not abuse them because they will charge you steem money.Minnows do not have huge voting power but they are still help full in getting you whales.

8) Treat you followers as KING
Always respect your followers , do not post anything which is making fun of anyone or hurting emotions.

9)Learn from the successful Steemians
Read their blogs and post. how they are presenting them, what topics they are currently making blogs on. what unique things they are doing in their blogs, follow them and learn from them.

10)Keep a track on your account

you can do this by tracking you rank and activities in platforms like
you can compare yourself to whales and get motivated.

hope you like the post and support if you like it.
If you have any questions, please ask in comments
sorry for typos and grammatical mistakes.

Thank you very much.


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@vander thanks buddy

Nice article....and very helpful information


@tonyrathore. Thank you and keep supporting.

Thanks for this article. I am new on steemit. I love to take photos but not a professional photographer. I am trying to post photos taken by me.


@ashikbd1 yes,show your talent amd you will definitely be loved.thank you for support

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Really such a very nice things you cover for your blog. And just real you full blog for this steem repo . Thank you providing such a quality content to us.


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very helpful..
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I truly found this to be insightful indeed

nice information, but i have one doubt about bots

Is the use of bot is authentic?
Will steemit block us, if we the new ones use bots?

I ask as it is a doubt in my mind...


@rupjo82 hey buddy, you can use them.its legal


Sir, thank you so much for your valuable reply.

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I have a doubt. Is there any difference of pasting the article from somewhere else and writing it mannually? Will steem ban if we fo copy/paste?


@the-real-man Honey for sure. they have bots like cheetah, which will flag your post withing minutes and you will lose your repo, if you post it from any website, blog or carefull. thanks for supporting.

Please source your images

This was indeed a well written post...for newbies like me..

I am just getting started

I have miles to go before I sleep
I have miles to go before I sleep...

i am new here i want to know more about steemit now my Reputation below 25 please tell me