Growing the community - Welcome to steemit @elstheardentblog!

4년 전

A quick post to introduce and welcome the very talented, exceptionally beautiful, Ellie

Ellie is an ex-airhostess, sister to @joham and and up and coming baker! She'll be sharing her drool-worthy recipes, along with her travellers tales. 

Ellie really is the most positive, beautiful soul with one hell of a lot of life experience already! It's great to see the steemit community expanding and welcoming some true gems!

Follow Ellie @elstheardentblog to be a part of her steemit journey!

P.s.. Ellie.. how there are no photos of us in existence is BEYOND me!


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Welcome! Enjoy the journey!

Welcome to Steem, @yasminep!

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A warm and hearty welcome ! 👋🏼

Amazing. Beautiful. Makes me smile. Love the photos.

Aww thanks @yasminep for the post! Really sweet of you. Ah I actually don’t know🤷🏼‍♀️ There must be one somewhere surely?! Xx


We need to take some this summer!


Indeed we do - thinking our couple name could be Yellie?? Or Yallie?


YALLIE! Love that!!!

Beautiful girls!

Yay - growing the community one family member at a time! Loving your work @yasminep, bloody inspiration you are!