Yensesa close private beta started and funding campaign started... support the campaign and join the close beta group.

4년 전


Today we are opening Yensesa up for closed private beta.
What this means is that only a few selected people will be allowed to test the system.
We will start of by setting a limit on how many steem a user can transfer per day and gradually increase the limit over the next couple of days.

We are setting this limit to allow us control our cash reserves as we start.

What To Expect

  1. Expect the system to work 99.99% but if you face any issues or bugs kindly report it to as on discord.
  2. There will be a limit on how much exchange you can do.
  3. All unprocessed transactions will be refunded automatically back to your steem or the wallet from which you sent it from
  4. There will be a 1% transaction fee and once we go public in May the transaction fee will be 2%.

How To Become Tester

  1. Go to our Hyperfund it campaign using the link here
  2. Support with a minimum of 5 Steem / SBD
  3. Connect with us on discord with your email address
  4. We will send you a login invite into Yensesa

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Good news might be something like this that is useful for others to get to discord


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Great trend, from a great keep up this trend we certainly will need more Africans with a creativity as yours. I'm looking up to a yensesa covered Nigerian community as well. GodSpeed and Steemon!


Thanks Kennyc