How would you get more bite ball tokens?

3년 전

How would you get more bite ball tokens?

Click this link and download app.
And then create your biteball account.
I will give you 50 percent of refferral bonus when refferral bonus come in to my account.
So you will get your own biteball tokens and 50 percent of referral bonus from me.
To do so,you need a steemit account with minimum rp of 30.
If your rp is lower than 30,use steemit bot like booster.
If you have any question,please leave a comment.

Note: If you have any steemit account with the minimum rp of 30 not using for byteball account create,I will give you 2.5 $ .You will give your steemit user name and post key only.
And more rp with steemit account like 40 50 60 and above are also welcome.

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