💸💲↗Why should I invest now, what will CRYPTO do for me?

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"To buy in or not to buy in, that is the question!"

In the past year, I've been obsessed with everything CRYPTO. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. It took some serious convincing and a tremendous amount of my own research, before I decided to get involved!

As luck may have it, I work in the perfect place to be able to talk freely about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. I'm in the service industry, and I'm employed as a hair dresser. I'm EXTREMELY blessed to be able to speak to all types of people from all walks of life, including those in the IT field. Obviously opinions varied from person to person, depending on their job title. Why is that, you think? I'm going to assume that the older generation is stuck in their ways, and it has brought them this far, so why would they need to change or conform? The answer....they DON'T NEED to, but they most definitely SHOULD!

Most people who own their own company or business, such as construction, roofing or anything involving manual labor, are not willing to even accept the idea that our current form of currency may seize to exist in the future. Seeing as almost everything is digital, or at least headed there these days, I believe crypto will take over USD and FIAT all together! If that's the case, I don't want to be one of the last people to jump on this wagon, I want to be ahead of the game and I'm gonna get a headstart.

The more people I talk to about crypto and the more research I do, the more I'm convinced that this is the right move for me. With every passing day and every new client I meet, I am able to gain that much more knowledge about cryptocurrency and the Blockchain. If i'm willing to take to the time⏰ to learn the patterns and research the coins, why wouldn't I INVEST and learn to TRADE, to earn my own crypto? I'd be a fool NOT to!

Lately, I've been talking to EVERYONE about Crypto, and just like I was, they were mostly skeptical when I asked them why they aren't already in on it. One of my clients, who is Vice President of a well known IT company all over this world, gave me this "Oh so obvious" answer. I asked him, "How would you convince your 11 year old to use his allowance to invest in crypto?" He thought about it for a minute and then said, "IT OBVIOUSLY WORKS AND IT'S BEEN PROVEN, JUST LOOK!" He bought into Bitcoin when is was two years old, thanks to the help of his brother in law. Since he was busy running his company, he hired a consultant to do the research and observe the patterns, so that he would know which coins will most likely be around for a while and would be smart to invest in. I don't know about you, but I believe in STEEM!! ♨


I've come to this conclusion, I'd be stupid NOT to invest at least $50. I am a firm believer in Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Steem, Weku or any potentially successful cryptocurrency, really. Once I was aware that I could generate my own currency, I WAS SOLD! STEEMIT was the very first platform/community I was informed of, so of course, I quickly signed up. You can check me out at https://steemit.com/@yoitsme , https://staging.busy.org/@yoitsme and now https://deals.weku.io/@yoitsme ! My Hope Is that I will become successful at blogging and also trading, once I learn how, of course!

Please feel free to join me on Discord's Steem School channel with @dobartim and @flysky https://discord.gg/5g6p7FJ ! Even though it's mostly about steem and all that steemit has to offer, there is an endless amount of very useful knowledge and so many amazing people willing to help, that no matter what, you'll be thankful you listened and joined our group!


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Hey @yoitsme, great to read your post. I have taken a similar way. I am tax advisor and auditor, started self-employed and in the meantime I have built up a small company with 3 people working for me.
Last year one of my customers came to me and asked if he could pay my invoice in bitcoin. In a first step I said no. I had already been interested before, but, to be honest, in literature you could read so many negative articles that I was still sceptical. But when my client came to me with this idea I started reading. And tried some things. I also started with steemit. And, as you can see on my homepage, since February 2018 I am accepting bitcoin, STEEM, Litecoin, Ethereum from my clients. All my clients can pay my invoices in cryptos, if they want to.
This is what cryptos need: Trust. From bigger companies. I try to do my best to build trust. And you are doing the same. Talking to people about cryptos. Finding the best ones and the scams. Keep on!
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@taxguy....I love hearing stories like yours....Everyone benefits!! A client of mine built an app for handling and managing the money transactions for realestate. He owns the company and also started accepting crypto and adapted their technology to do just that. He was like, "I'd be crazy NOT to incorporate all major forms of currenncy, including crypto!", and wouldn't you know he is more than just successful. He is very wealthy with an extremely lucrative business, and a service to offer that's in high demand! SMART and EVOLVED....he's figured it out. If we could all just follow by this example, or at least make a point to do their own research and investigations into Crypto and Blockchain Technology, then this world as a whole might just improve and even be brighter, one can only hope (Worth it, even if it's just a tad better, if you ask me)! I trust myself enough to research it and give it a whirl. Especially with STEEM, since I have never invested my own USD....yet!!


@byvt what is whaleshare? I've never heard of that before, but that's no suprise, because I am just now starting to somewhat understand crypto and I'm intrigued!


Well thanks @alfir89, you made my day with your compliment!

Gorgeous job, friend.


Why thank you @maksimle .....i'm trying to be more active on here and steemit!

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Thanks @followforupvotes....you've been a big help!

Great article, @yoitsme!


Thanks @renat, I'm trying! Unfortunately, I'm not very computer savvy so takes me forever to format and spell check Etc.

Glad you made the switch into crypto into Steem. We need more people like yourself to pass the word little by little. Steem is here to stay. It gives people drive to blog about whatever it is they love to do. Plus you make a little money out of it. Win win 😃 👍🏼

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Well thanks @wrecktangle27....I totally agree and I am addicted!


Haha Yes!! It is very addicting :)

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