Go home, Steemit, you're drunk.


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With crypto values falling across the board, it's been pretty tough lately for all of us crypto holders. It seems like every time I check my balance I find that the account value is lower than it was before. I know, I know: 1 STEEM = 1 STEEM, and when the price eventually goes up we'll all be rich, yadayadayada. I'm a believer in STEEM as much as anybody, but I can't help being disappointed every time the price goes down, turning $5000 gradually into $1000. Well, you can imagine my surprise when today, only minutes ago, I logged in to find myself the proud owner of a 430 Billion Dollar account.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 3.01.19 AM.png

I'm no market specialist, expert investor, or professional gambler, but I know it's always best to quit while you're ahead... So on that note, if anyone has 430 Billion Dollars and wants to make a deal, drop a line and lets do business.


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Don't fret over a loss until you sell, removing all hope.

Amigo @youdontsay que esa si es una sorpresa que nos animaria a todos, por lo menos una alegria aunque sea momentanea luego de tantas baja de los precios tanto del STEEM como de los STEEM DOLLARS. Esperemos que algún dia de verdad se puedan llegar a tener esa cantidad de dinero de nuestras cuentas de STEEMIT

sure this is just a dream. or divert all bitcoin shares to steem.