Daily Flag Report 11.19.17

4년 전

$478 returned to reward pool.

Individual Posts/Comments:

Posters who will be regularly flagged:

So, you go around flagging posts yet upvote yourself on this post.  What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you @berniesanders?There is absolutely NO monetary incentive to flagging posts, like there is upvoting.  I could increase the Steemit circle jerk like many you see me flagging, or, I can take care of business and reward myself on this post.  Feel free to flag if you disagree with this approach and I will reconsider based on the response.

P.S. - Vote for my witness @nextgencrypto, thanks!

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I take back 93% of what I have said about you. Keep up the good work :)


Hey, I need your help. I am building a community "Steemit Moderation" discord channel to help whales find plagiarism and other abuse. Want to join and help? Invite link: https://discord.gg/6frydN9


I will indeed, bit busy atm will get onto you soon enough :)




I'm not sure if dealing with spam is your thing but this bot army(maybe squadron) that posts every 10 minutes is super annoying and wrecking the new feed.


Every 10 minutes those accounts all post at the same time.


Report to @steemcleaners.

So you flagged the bejesus out of one of Sweet J's avalanches of mediocre Travel photo posts and She's the #2 upvoter of this post?

Yeah that makes sense. Anyway Keep up the good work Bernie!


Beats me...lol


Maybe she thinks what @berniesanders is doing here is right and upvotes because of this? Her post still brings more than enough for one post ;)

Some of the reasons made me spew tea from my nose!!! hahahahaha

Keep flagging these bitches!

Big fan of your work over here👍🏼.

You need to flag his comments. He get 15$/comment.


Just flagged 2 of them that had rewards. Thank you.

Def agree flagging bs posts and comments. Do it myself.

so sad for this report, make more power,

thx again.. no that you make this post, i like it a lot and understand it

Hi @yougotflagged. Is there anywhere where we can get a general list of dos and don'ts on Steemit? I and everyone I know on here is flying blind. We don't even know the basic rules because whenever people post they post in jargon. I am loving this experience and things appear to be going well for me, but there is so much conflicting stuff out there. Any advice would be really appreciated. I have introduced about 5 people to Steemit and they keep asking my advice, I don't know what to tell them half the time. I'm so scared of getting flagged purely through ignorance. Thanks.

Im glad you are posting these transparency threads, instead of just announcing in the comment sections of post, with some bot, HEY YOU WERE FLAGGED BY BLAH BLAH, DONATE TO ME!
The Spam bot flaggers, who do it just to get a SBD are becoming part of the problem as well.


Flagged. $92.52 -> $41.17


You're a douche


don't scam...


@steemcleaners / @yougotflagged

Content Junkie you've outdone yourself!
Here's another silly post! 100SBD really?? https://steemit.com/steemit/@contentjunkie/monthly-steemit-top-100-power-up-list-october-2017


Silly post? You've really outdone yourself in picking a post that actually does deserve its payout without debate. I had to write a program to compile data from the blockchain over a month's time in order to publish a list that people like. That is original and useful content.


Fallow me. .. @jeygupt

that's a good image..inthis cryptocurrency.....
thank's for sharing