FIRST STEEMIT MAKATI MEETUP! A chosen few, we all start somewhere right?

4년 전


What a memorable friday it was here in the small yet busy village of San Antonio, Makati, Philippines. It was a brief yet a very meaningful presentation just to give the new Steemians a gist what STEEMIT is about. We are maybe few in numbers, but with the simple talents and @teardrops they can offer, i see a lot of potential that will benefit the platform and make steemit an enjoyable place to stay. Just imagine these new members as babies which needs a lot of support, guidance, & especially LOVE, lots of LOVE.


Philippians 4:6 "In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God"

Always start everything with prayer, as prayer leads us to the right path, gives us a clearer vision on things to do, and brings us to an intimate fellowship with Christ.


I have been sharing to them what steemit is about for like 5 months now, circa 3rd quarter of 2017. They have some idea what is steemit (caused by my nonstop storytelling about my experience here. XD) but they need a formal introduction about the ins and outs and the basic information on how the platform works. So we cut to the chase and was straightforward as possible, POST YOUR BLOG, EARN, IT'S THAT SIMPLE.



Also gave them quick and easy tips what to do as they start their journey on their Steemit life.

  • Don't lose your password. Just don't.
  • Introduceyourself
  • Copypasta is discouraged. No to spam. Yes, we are not talking about food.
  • Proper tagging, max of 5.
  • Just enjoy and have fun! ;)

They may sound weird but these are the real deal and encompasses most of the essentials in the platform. Succinct and straight to the point. I also made a group chat in another platform so that they could easily get in touch with me. I am willing to help and answer any queries to the best of my knowledge, all for the growth of Steemit community. :)


Just want to give a shout out to the most creative and imaginative minds at @sndbox for letting me share an image from their very informative post about How Much is Your Post Worth? A Steemit Rewards Guide. Rather than creating confusion explaining it, the image said it all, no mess, no fuss. :D


I also presented them the Steemit interface and explained some details on it. Also shared to them alternative platforms aside from the blogging style we tend to do.
Different strokes for different folks!

  • Trending, New, Hot, Promoted Posts.
  • Overview of the Steemit Wallet.
  • Basic tips on enhancing their posts.
  • Steepshot for photography lovers, by @steepshot.
  • Dtube for those who are inclined on videos & videographers, by @dtube.
  • Dmania for the meme guys and gals like me! ;) by @dmania.
  • Dlive mainly for livestreamers and vloggers, by @dlive.



Awesome New Steemians from the Philippines! ^u^























If you want to get to know more about them, just kindly visit their page. They are brothers and sisters in Christ.:)

'No Man is an Island' - John Donne

What i love in Steemit is that there is no individualism here. We are here because we all need each other. All of us should support each and every one, whether you are a minnow like me or a whale like them, because it's such a wonderful feeling to encourage and uplift our fellow steemians and enjoy what they have shared to the community. We need not be too technical or aiming for high upvotes, what is important is the YOU, the person behind the username.

Just to coin what @surpassinggoogle has said:

with Teardrops; aim is to mine the human a bit more! - The Teardrops Smart Media Token

And i also want to share these inspiring words from @papa-pepper:

As so many of us have been blown away by the community here on steemit, I think that we've only just begun. Time and time again hopeless and desperate situations have disappeared, and the hopeless and hurting have been healed. Of course not every story has a happy ending, but we are working on it! - Proof of Tears post

So don't be afraid to let those exquisite @teardrops fall!


1 Corinthians 12:12 "For even as the body is one and has many members, yet all the members of the body, being many, are one body, so also is the Christ."

Praise the Lord! ^u^

Keep on Steemin'!


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I can see intro posts if i missed them, for those who are new. Well work. Stay awesome!


Thank sir @surpassinggoogle for resteeming this post.glad to see all the steemians here.even we are so far each others,we are not knowing each other in person but we are doing the same here in this group to build as.a big to biggest family group and im proud happy to be as one here.thank you sir.


@surpassinggoogle, hello Sir. I am very happy that I met Steemians from my church "The Lord's Recovery." It's awesome!


@cclcantos intro bro terry. I still have other brothers and sisters who are waiting for their email confirmation. Thanks for the unwavering support!

Blessings to you and peace be multiplied! :)

Nice Job on the meetup. It looks like you had a great time and everyone learned a lot. Congrats to the new members joining Steemit.

You can also join us in the Steemit Philippines Discord Server where all the PH regions are represented. We have a collection of over 900+ people and resources dedicated to helping everyone out.


Will check discord out bro, i'm so happy to see Steemit PH growing and active in the platform. So much talents and @teardrops we can offer in the community. :)

It’s cool how this community is tightly knit. Keep it up guys!👍🏻


an awesome bunch i could say! Thanks and God bless! :)

Great, we also have meet-ups here in cebu.. Wow I cant believe that steemit is growing all over the Philippines... I hope someday there will be a meet up for everybody..

Steem on @yukimaru



Hoping for steemit ph meet-ups too. 😂


I agree, Just can't imagine the number of attendee cause steemians are growing day by day..


It is really growing leaps and bounds! Regards to Cebu and hope to meet you all soon! :)


That is right steemit are really growing, even just here in cebu how much more all over the world so fantastic :)

Lol I didn't know there was an active community here in Makati!


Same thoughts here! Sana po we can join also. 😅


Yes surely you can. Just contact @yukimaru on steemit chat. 😊


It all starts from somewhere, and i'm happy naka join na din sila. :)
Kita kits minsan mga Steemph Makati! :)


That would be great and I would love to meet a couple of Steemians from Makati and exchange stories.
I'm in discord with the same name just drop me a message.

I'm amazed over the fact that I have found a Steemian in the same Church "The Lord's Recovery." Seems like it was a successful meet up in God's providence. God bless you!


Hello! God bless you too. 😇


Yes it was all God's sovereign will! And a way to share Christ to all others! :)

these people are so lucky because not everyone started with better understanding about steemit. I started steemit just by myself and there is no one around to teach me. May all of you use that knowledge you learned on steemit.


Same here bro, i just saw a video about it on facebook. And i am so glad i signed up for it! :)

Hopefully his community is more compact, greetings from the NSC community in Indonesia


Hello! Please extend our regards too. 😊🤗

Good to see steemians gathering! I am a newbie and is still trying to learn how it works. Followed you po and upvoted. Looking forward of seeing your articles. Cheers friend!


Yes, just always check steemit out if you have time. In that way you will learn more on the ins and outs of the platform! Thanks and God bless!! :)


Thank you @yukimaru. I will. :)

Your work is amazing

This is awesome with time the number will increase

Job welldone bro, keep on steeming

your post is prestigious

What!? You held a meet-up at Makati last friday!? You haven't sent me an announcement...


Wait for the next time. And for sure @yukimaru will announce it soon.


All of us here are co-workers and friends that's why we had a simple meet up and presentation. Will be keeping you updated for the next meet! :)


@yukimaru and @christeldote: Is that so, very well then.

Great job! Keep sharing and steeming.

This is amazing! This post has given ne an insight on how to help promote steemit and help my community too
Thanks for sharing
God bless

  ·  4년 전

Well detailed presentation,you did a good job on bringing people together to teach them about steemit. keep up the good job

Am impressed with your innovation.Steemit is growing all over the globe.Your impact on the platform could never be overlook.Thanks very much.Since I have been following your post from this side of the world(Nigeria),I have never be discouraged.


Hello to all my brothers and sisters there in Nigeria! We are just a small simple bunch, enjoying the platform and sharing our life to all other steemians. A blessed life to all of us, keep on Steemin! :)

Wow! Amazing way to introduce your friends to steemit

Wow! I’m near the place. I hope there will be more meet ups to come.

Hope you guys had fun. Keep on steeming!

Omg!!! I’m so happy to know that there are members here who are Christ-believers! I am honestly grateful to find people like you here in Steemit! Hope to be able to join you in your meetups, too. I’m just from Mandaluyong and I normally go to Makati, just like tomorrow. I am a servant in a spiritual/religious community that’s why I was surprised to see people here who loves Christ too.

Note: sa Sobrang tuwa ko, I followed your friends na nasa meetup.


Thank you for following us. I followed you back. Happy to know you too Claire in Christ. You can contact @yukimaru on steemit chat. 😊


@christeldote i tried to search sa steemit chat, mejo hindi ko pa kabisado. Didn’t find him. Steemit chat username ko is claire.fabella 😀


@christeldote i tried to search sa steemit chat, mejo hindi ko pa kabisado. Didn’t find him. Steemit chat username ko is claire.fabella 😀


For now, keep on touch with our post. 😊


Wow!! Praise the Lord sis! It's all God's move! And if ever we have meetups again, we shall surely inform you. :)


Thanks a lot. On my next post i included some bible verses which are my favorite. Im just waiting for the bandwith to be full. I can’t post yet as per steemit 😅

Great guys keep it going and it will increase in numbers in the coming days :)
Hope you had a great time all of you Steemian !

Cheers guys! Funny gifs :D How often do you usually organize such kind of meetings?


That's our first. But now there will be more 😂


Cool! I think I'm among the ones in my city that should start initiating some form of meetings soon. Enjoy a great week you all! :)


It's our first meetup here, and i'm so happy these wonderful people came and i hope that they enjoyed the presentation! Epic gifs make the post awesome! :)

This is very awesome @yukimaru , you give me ideea, maybe i make a chat with romanian users to meet toghether, app you are great ! FOLLOW YOU <3

Sana may ganito rin sa Cebu , sana may group akung ma salihan dito T.T

Wow nice! I wish I could join future meetups. Mabuhay!


Mabuhay!! Yes if may mga coming meetups i will post para updated lahat :)


Thanks! Looking forward to it!

I know there has been an active Steemit group in Cebu, so I was looking for one here in Luzon! Very nice to see this post! I hope more Steemians can join the next one, if ever you will have another one. :)


Of course there will be more and more to come! As long as the schedules of the steemians are available, why not? Meetups are so much fun! :)


Definitely! Should you host another one, I hope you get to let me know! I'd really love to participate. :)

man I missed this. Im just from Mandaluyong. any upcoming meet ups again so I can join? I need to learn more of Steemit :)


If there will be upcoming meetups, (some meetups are just random and unplanned too XD) please do join us! :)


keep me posted the bro @yukimaru. really loved to meet new folks thru Steemit. looking forward on it. God bless!

a very valuable lesson, I will study with you, even from afar, without looking in the face,

thanks for this post @yukimaru.
i followed too all the newbies (like me) here.
i super love steemit!


Thank you for following us. I followed you back. 🤗😇

Cool! You are awesome guys. Nice to see you meeting up for colaboration. Is this group exclusive for makati steemians?


It's free for all! So if there will be ever another meetup, gladly join us bro! :)

Its awesome that we have some steemians who really doing there best just to share the knowledge they gained. Good presentation @yukimaru. Keep sharing and steeming bro.

This post has received gratitude of 0.92 % from @appreciator thanks to: @yukimaru.

Great! It is nice to see more kabayan in this platform. Keep steeming!

Job well done @yukimaru , it's nice to see steemians gathering in one place.. God bless to your community and keep steeming..

Wow! Praise God.