How to Earn Extra Steem Watching 20s Videos and finishing tasks | other cryptocurrencies available |

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I have found a new way to earn extra Steem by watching videos. As you might know, I'm into phone farming and have been doing so for about 8 months. I have found a site that pays you in Steem or other cryptocurrency for watching videos. Now you don't actually earn per video, but you earn a percentage from the ads that show in between the videos. Now you may earn more or less depending on your location because the ads are location based. Where I'm from the ads aren't that good at the moment, but they will pick up within the next month.

So this is how you can earn. JOIN HERE

From there you will create an account and you will see the site name on the top left. Now you can also earn by doing surveys, but I find it's a waste of time because I always get rejected with the information about myself that I provide. What I recommend is clicking on the top where it says Earn Steem, and then click Watch Videos. From there you will see the EngagemeTV options.

Click on whichever you want that says Earn Unlimited Points. In the screenshot below you would want to pick on the green button that says +0.4 . It will open a new window and videos will start playing. After you watch 3 videos it will be credited to your account. From there you can click on your username on the top right and then the balance. From there you will put your username, the amount, and a memo. Then click the cashout button, but remember there will be a 0.01 transaction fee. I hope this helps anyone needing some extra Steem.


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There you go friend! keep it up and keep posting. Nice pics by the way ;-) lol

  ·  5년 전

HAHAHAHAH... I TOLD YOU, I AM FAN OF YOUR BLOG :D, plus i dont get enough interactions here.
i will edit that it sourced from you.
my bad @duckmast3r


Actually I don't mind @ziad . Feel free to use any of my results or pictures if it will help you out :-) I want you to succeed as well.

Thanks for sharing this ! How much steem did you get over there? Have a nice day

  ·  5년 전

i currently have around 0.3 steem, finishing a couple of tasks only.
actually thank you for sharing ur thoughts, tune in for more my friend.

Thanks for your article am looking forward to read more of your posts!

  ·  5년 전

I am glad you like it my friend,and i am the whos thankful to you @cosmicboy123 for sharing ur thoughts.
Tune in for more

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