Megalosaurus Steemit original content rules violations (UPDATED 2018-07-30)

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Please make sure to visit this Steemit blog’s front page where a link to the current policy on how I handle copycats and to an up-to-date version of these rule violations will be provided.

This is the set of categories I will use to classify a post which violates the Steemit community rules regarding contribution of original content.

  • C: partially or fully copy/pasted content of another website / post
  • C-O: copy/pasted content from earlier posts of the same user (i.e. the author's own posts)
  • C-I: copy/pasted image of another website
  • C-I-V: copy/pasted image of a screenshot of a video on a website such as YouTube
  • C-I-M: copy/pasted image which has been slightly modified, but not enough to be recognized as a new, original piece of content. Such minor modifications include images assembled from existing images, and applying simple filters such as grayscale / mirror effects / etc.
  • C-S: copy/pasted audio material (sound effect, music); applies especially to DSound posts.
  • C-V: copy/pasted / linked video material; applies especially to DTube posts and embedded YouTube videos.
  • C-GT: copy/pasted content of another “Google translated” website
  • C-RM: copy/pasted content of another website, with manually re-arranged paragraphs or with some changed words
  • C-RS: copy/pasted content of another website, auto-rewritten by using a service such as
  • C-C: combining copy/pasted content from several sources without contributing original content
  • T-A: Tag abuse: using an ‘artistic’ tag for non-original works.
  • P: Plagiarism: copy/pasted content of another website claiming to be your own work, either explicitly or implicitly by using an ‘artistic’ tag
  • S: Not listing all the sources of the original content
  • O: Not contributing valuable original content

Usually, multiple violations may be observed in a single post.

A list of the violated rules will be appended to every comment I leave in a post which violates at least one of those rules. For instance,

[C C-I P S O]

may be applied to a post with a copy-pasted image tagged with the ‘artistic’ tag “photography” without mentioning its source.

Update Note 2018-07-30: From now on, I will use the P (plagiarism) marker also for posts which fail to properly attribute other people’s work, not just “artistic” tag abuse. There’s a new, additional T-A marker for “artistic” tag abuse.

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Current Version 1.3, Updated 2018-07-30. Previous versions: 1.2, 1.1, 1.0

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