Nominations for Steemit Awards 2021 || Best Author, Contributor and Community

6개월 전

Aslamoalaikum everyone. It's me hafizmanas. I have been inactive for some time, I see many people are nominating their favorite candidates. So now I am here to choose my favorite too.

Best Community

The best community is Steem infinity zone. Without any doubt, the admin has worked very hard for the community. The community's growth is the evidence of the hardworking staff member. I love this community. Firstly it was of a general educating community but now after a lot of innovations, it has become a tech and IT community. The contests are always active. The staff always responds promptly.

Best Community Contributor

The best contributor is @vvarishayy. Why I am choosing her? because she's been always working for the community. Always available for the community. She is the mod of different communities and she's the greeter and Country Representative of Pakistan too.

Best Author

The best author is @suboohi. I chose her because from the start I remember when I joined steemit her work always inspired me. The way she makes her posts attractive especially her diaries. she is the mother of 4 kids and @vvarishayy is one of them. I salute this mother for her work and managing her house, kids, steemit, and other chores.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked the nominations I have done. Leave your supporting comments.

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