365 Days of Gratitude: Day 14 - The Microwave

2개월 전

Do you ever feel lazy? Today, I felt lazy. When I got home from work, something happened with my doorknob where it actually jammed in the lock position. To get out of my house, I had to down into my basement and pop out a screen, slide myself out the window, and unlock my door from the outside position. It was one of life's ridiculous events that doesn't necessarily make much sense. After finding that I had a spare doorknob and swapping it in for the broken one, about an hour had gone by and I completely lost the will to cook myself dinner. Enter the microwave.

According to most folks, American engineer Percy Spencer is generally credited with inventing the modern microwave, or at the very least, the grandfather of the modern microwave. Named the "Radarange," Spencer's invention was first sold in 1946. However, in 1964, the Sharp Corporation changed the game when they introduced the very first microwave oven that featured a turntable. From that moment forward, cooking for yourself and your family has never been the same.

And because of Percy Spencer came up with the idea and others mass produced it, I was able to make myself something to eat after a frustrating battle with my front door. Was it the healthiest meal I'll ever make for myself? Of course not, Pizza Pops are barely considered food, but it was the kind of quick snack that'll fill the hole in my stomach until tomorrow... or later on this evening. Either way. Thanks, microwave, you've cooked more food for me than I should probably admit, but I'm grateful to have you in my life.

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